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I think this subreddit will help you out.
Hey there v4vendetta, hope you're enjoying your time at KHInsider.

It's fairly quiet right now because there's not much news but it'll become busy once the next Union Cross/Dark Road update drops.
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I will be I'm sure!
I am running through every single game in chronological order rn just trying to really understand the lore.
I played some of KH1, most of 358/2, and most of KH2 as a kid, but video games were never my specialty back then so most of what I learned was from roleplaying with friends and nostalgic moments in the games.

Now I'm just getting a comprehensive grasp so I can map out the entire plot and then I'll probably be narrowing in on things that still don't make sense and coming here to pose questions.
If you ever wanna just chat about the games or characters though feel free to DM me :D I'd love someone to buzz about the series to as I play through.
Alpha Baymax
Alpha Baymax
I assume you're either playing 1.5+2.5 HD Remix or The Story So Far, either way, you can share your experiences or questions here so that others can explain or give their thoughts.
Welcome to KHInsider Aster.

It's a little quiet right now because news is non-existent but it does get active whenever we get a new Union Cross and Dark Road update.

I hope you enjoy your stay around here.
you know, ironically i'm still on here from time to time. hope you been doing well brother.
What game is that in your signature? Mickey and the Castle of Illusions?
Oh my God, my signature picture disappeared 😭
2 quid is good
2 quid is good
Well I fixed it, but I guess it was my own fault for using the same 9 year old image link rather than having a local copy I could always upload and use for myself