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z0mg l00k \o.o/



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Oct 13, 2004
this is not a fanfic >>;

liek z0mg at duh endz of r0x0rz storee he liek totally has seckz0rz wioth axel and axel burns him you like so know right? zo anywayz r0x0rz is preggers and he gives birth but he has aids liek oh nuuuz so r0x0rz diez and then s0ra wakez up and is liek who duh hell is this n00b? so s0ra tells g00fy to rape teh dead bodee and he d0ez it doggy stylez then donal is liek japaneseian and is liek oh suck my rooster and s0ra is liek wtf then DiZ comes in and takes off his mask and mickey is liek z0mehgawd itz mikel jaksun so n e wayz r0x0rz sun pops out of no where and he breathes fire liek i so totally know den he bites s0ra and s0ra is liek wtf then nobodies come out of no where and then axel diez cuz he liek zo totallyu loves rox0rz dead bodee and he don want nobodies to take it to be bodies so he liek diez then goofee rapez0rz his dead bodiez. den s0ra goes to twilight t0wn and den he and hayner liek totally have 0rangies wit dat brown haired girl and kairi and selphie is like i want to play and the fat kid kills her and wakka slapz0rz him den i c da b d ii's and den aerith kills sephy n takez0rz his sword and stabz teeffa in her g!g1 and she liek z0 totally rapez0rz cloud on teeffa's dead bodee and she is liek wat now bitch3z and den rikku killz yufie and da world is savedz0rs by duh poweh puffy girlz which riku eats with his mouth and the organizasion dies from axel'z aids cuz he wuz a whore. DE ENDZ0RZ

TOTALLY NONSENSEZ0RZ!!1111!!1!1!!!1111 aND dat is duh realz dealz