"You're right...you know, I never thought of it like that before."

May 8, 2007
Sora says something along those lines in response to Hayner arguing "Of course we did! Kairi's our friend too, you know!", and I never quite got what that was supposed to imply.
Did Sora not comprehend the idea that Kairi has other friends besides him? That other people care about her besides him? Or, to be less cynical, that he doesn't have to carry every perilous responsibility as much as he pressures himself to?


Jan 4, 2018
This is the scene outside of the mansion on the final visit to Twilight Town, right?

In the Japanese scene the dialogue is:
ソラ:おい大丈夫か!どうしたんだ?(Sora: Whoa, are you okay? What happened?)
ハイネ:カイリを探しに来たんだ。そしたら、あの白い奴らに襲われてーー (Hayner: We came here to find Kairi. Then we were attacked by that white guy). <-- this sounds super funny out of context ^^;
ドナルド:危ないなあ (Donald: That was dangerous...)
ソラ:ハイネたちが責任感じることないのにー (Sora: You guys really shouldn't be feeling responsible for all this...)
ハイネ:そんなんじゃないって友達がひどい目にあったんだぞ?(Hayner: That's not it, our friend was in trouble okay?)
ソラ:そうだよなーーみんなもカイリの友達なんだよな (Sora: Ah right...I get it now. You guys are also all her friends!)

My horrid translation aside, I think that perhaps this is more of a case where Sora hadn't realized that they considered her a friend.
When he bugs Hayner and the others about not feeling responsible he says it in a semi-chastising way, because it harkens back a tiny bit to the last time he visited. (After they explained how Kairi got kidnapped). At that time, they apologize to Sora for "letting" it happen, and he quickly corrects it saying "it isn't your fault, it's mine."
He was trying to let them know they shouldn't feel responsible for what happened. Then, he goes and finds out they were going out of their way to try and correct the situation anyway and he's like dude...I TOLD you not to feel responsible for this. Why did you put yourself in danger again?
Then Hayner quickly corrects him by explaining that they weren't putting themselves in danger because they still felt guilty, or "responsible" for her being taken, but they wanted to help her because she is their friend.
Sora immediately understands this and is like Oh! Well that makes much more sense then! You weren't acting hastily because you were feeling guilty, but because you genuinely wanted to help her as a friend. I get that.

I mean, that's how I read the scene anyway.
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May 8, 2007
Interesting. I indeed figured it was a matter of translation.
And those darn white guys! Always attackin' folks and takin' our women! :p