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Fanfiction ► You Promised......

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Jan 6, 2006
AngelofDestiny said:
It's no problem. They're good. But if they're getting even better ... well, that's good.
Its just I found out that it makes the chapter longer if you make it up as you go along


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Jan 6, 2006
Right,Im going to start making this fan fic good now!

Chapter 7:Why Can't I go with you?

The Next day Sora went to school with Kairi...........It was hell,

He knew he would have to go with her, He couldn't live Kairi to suffer in school because everyone saw that Sora and Kairi had kissed.

As Sora and Kairi where walking down the hallway, Toby apeared out of now were and said with a sad face to Sora,

"Are you Really leaving today?"

Sora looked at his feet and then looked back up,

"Yeah,I am"

Toby put on his sadest face, but his insides where jumping up and down like mad,

"So...Not to be mean or anything,when are you leaving?"

"12pm,The headteacher is gonna say later that if anyone would like to watch me go,there welcome too go to the beach to say goodbye"

~{11.55am on the beach}~

Sora was standing next to the Gummi ship,

He couldn't belive the whole school had come to the beach, he thought only about 20 people would have come to say goodbye

Kairi was standing next to Sora, she didnt want him to go but she knew if she didnt let him, some worlds would be lost to the heartless.

Then an Idea came to her head,

"Sora!How about if I come with you?!"She said with a smile

"Kairi, I dont think you should come with me,theres too much danger in what I have to do"Sora said looking into Kairi's eyes,

Kairi looked broken hearted, tears started to stream down her cheeks,"W-why c-can't I-I C-come w-with y-you?" Kairi said betwen sniffs,

Sora got up and walked over too Kairi,

He put his arms around her,

She then put her arms around him,

Sora wispered in Kairi's ear "You can come if you really want to"

Kairi looked up, she started crying again,

but not because she was sad, it was because she was so happy that she wouldn't have to suffer the pain of leaving Sora again like she had too last year.

Sora asked somone what the time was, it was 11.59 they had to get aboard,

As Kairi was getting on the Gummi Ship she thought she saw somthing or somone run to the bottom of the gummi ship where all the food was kept,

Everyone got aboard,Kairi sat next to a window and waved too all her family and friends that were all on the beach,

She was going to miss them all, but at least she got to be with her one true love, and didnt have to leave him again,

What was that thing that ran into the gummi ship?Will Kairi really get to stay with Sora this time?Will they both find Riku?Find out on the Next chapter of "You Promised......"

So what did you think of that chapter?Im starting to get the hang of doing longer chapters!


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Jan 6, 2006
Keyblade_King said:
let me think ah yes Tobey that son of a B***h is a sneaky guy.
................................MUST KILL!.........................................

Dark mage231

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May 27, 2005
nowhere and everywhere sometimes at the same time
lol I aggreth always hear ye hear ye when teh next chapter is put up and if we find out that Toby sneaked on teh ship we will beat him with a bat and a hammer if he didn't sneak on we will beat teh Keyblade_Kingness... chickenwing
Dwane: o0.. yay!! *takes out a bat* batter upeth!


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Jan 6, 2006
Im ill at the momant(I was sick last night)but im still going to do a chapter!

Chapter 8:I'll always be there for you

Kairi was leaning on Sora's shoulder, they had left Destiny Island about three hours ago.

Since they had left all Kairi could think about was how much more happier she was going to be with Sora by her side,

Sora didnt agree 100%, He knew that Kairi would be in alot of danger by coming with him.

Kairi got up and walked around a bit, she was hungry,

"Sora im going to get some food,ok?" She said to Sora

"Ok,sure"He said almost falling alseep

Kairi walked down the stairs into the dark room,

She felt along the wall to try and find the light switch, but and she walked along she felt somthing other than the wall,

It was human flesh!

Before she could scream she felt a cloth being stuffed into her mouth,

She tryed to take it out her mouth but her hands were tied up with thick rope,

She try to free herself but she heard a deep voise wisper in her ear,"You coming with me and your little boyfriend can do nothing to stop me!"

She knew that voise!

But who was it?

"Toby!"She manged to say through the cloth

"Yep, you thought I would just let you go with him without a fight?Well you where wrong!"

Upsairs Sora was waiting for Kairi,

She had been gone for ages!

Sora got up and walked over to the stairs where Kairi had gone down,

He got inside the dark room and manged to find the light swich,

As the light flickerd on he saw Kairi tied up with Toby next to her,

Toby turned around so fast Sora almost couldnt see him,

"Toby, What the hell are you doing to Kairi?!" Sora yelled

Toby didnt say a thing all he did was look at Sora,

Then he saw a windw to his left,

He picked up Kairi and then jumped out the window,

"NO!" Screamed Sora looking out the window,

But all he could see was the sky and nothing else,

He had lost her...........again

Sorry if it wasnt very long, I couldnt think of what to do, but I hoped you liked it!
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