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Fanfiction ► You Promised......

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Mar 31, 2007

Chapter 21 ~ You Promised......

“I OBJECT!” Sora Boomed throughout the Room, Kairi Smiled at her Lover and Ran towards him, Tears of Happiness floated out of her eyes. Soon enough she got to Sora, he opened his arms and she quickly rapped her herself around his chest, now she felt safe.

Safe From the evil.

Toby Glared at the Boy who had just disrupted his Wedding, he could have been married to the girl of his dreams right now, but no, Sora just HAD to come and steal Kairi away from him.

Kairi finally let go of Sora and she turned towards Toby, Sora’s arm was still around her shoulder, still protecting her from Toby.

“Its one thing to steal Kairi away from me, but to Marry her when Im in the building? Are you some sick minded Freak?” Sora shouted towards Toby.

“How dare you call me a freak!” Toby screeched back at him.

“Ha! Trying to make it look like you’re not a freak or something?” Lilli laughed at her brother “Well Your Right! Your Worse than a freak! You Stalk People! You Kill Living Creatures! You Kidnap People! You Try and Marry People that Hate you! I mean, there is No word to explain what the hell you are!”

Toby’s face reddened with Anger “SHUT UP!” He Yelled, He raised his arm and tightened it into a fist.

A Black slime of darkness rapped itself around Lilli’s neck, so tight she couldn’t breath at all.

Toby raised his arm and Lilli started to float up towards the ceiling, everyone was frozen in shock, not knowing what to do.

Zi was the first to react and quickly jumped up and tried to cut the darkness, but it didn’t seem to work.

“Its too hard! I cant cut through!” Zi shouted as he landed by the side of Roxas.

“We have to think of something or she’ll run out of air!” Namine shouted.

Kairi thought for a moment, what could she do?

“STOP IT TOBY!” Kairi yelled at the boy.

“And why should I?!” Toby Yelled back.

“Because……Because If you do…I’ll marry you…” Kairi said looking at her feet.

Toby stared at her in shock, and then smiled, he was about to answer back when Sora’s voice rand through the room.

“No! Instead of wasting away Kairi’s Life…Take mine…” Toby looked at the Brunette Confused, then a grin appeared on his slimy face.

“But that wouldn’t be any fun would it? So how about we fight instead…” Sora Nodded in agreement “…To the Death”

Kairi’s face filled with worry, “Death…?” She Turned to Sora “No! I cant afford to lose you again!”

“Who said I was going to lose?” Sora said staring down at her; Kairi looked at her feet, what if she lost him again? And this time it would be for good!

“Muhhmmmm!” Everyone looked up to see Lilli’s face had turned quite a purplish colour.

“Ok! I’ll Fight with you till the death! But just Let Lilli go!” Sora Yelled.

“And the winner gets Kairi?” Toby added.

Sora nodded.

Toby slowly opened his fist, by doing so making Lilli fall from the air, landing with a loud thump.

Namine, Zi, Roxas and Riku ran over to her, Riku gave a thumbs up sign to Sora and Kairi showing she was still breathing.

Sora turned back to Toby just to watch him swish his hand around making all the chairs around them vanish.

Sora and Toby both walked to the middle to the room, they stared at each other for a while and then Toby quietly said “Let the game begin…”

Sora quickly summoned his Keyblade and backed away from Toby, so he wouldn’t attack him.

Toby Laughed at Sora’s retreat, a few seconds later a sword appeared in Toby’s hand, it was a long silver sword with Golden Handles.

Lilli finally awoke from her slumber only to see everyone’s eyes glued to to Toby’s and Sora’s Match.

Lilli glanced over at the sword that had just appeared in her brothers hand, she scanned it up and down.

“That…” She said quietly “Mum’s and Dad’s…”

Lilli rose from the spot and stared at the sword, “Why does he have that? He hated mum and dad! Why does he have the sword they created with there love towards us?”

The 5 other people looked at her, “What?” Roxas asked.

“That sword… Mother and Father created that for us when I was 11 and Toby was 10… They told us it was created just for us with there love for us, and that no one evil could ever touch it…” Lilli said looking confused, “Unless…Toby really did love everyone, but got consumed by darkness, and the reason he is able to touch it, is because he still has love inside of him…”

Everyone turned to Toby and stared at him.

Toby ran towards Sora and swigged his sword at him, Sora quickly dodged the attack and ran to the corner of the room.

Toby followed and swung again, ripping the sleeve of Sora’s outfit.

Sora quickly ran at Toby and swung it at him about three times, each time he missed.

“Come on Sora you Can do it!” Kairi shouted, Sora turned to her and smiled, then his face was shocked, he looked down at his chest just to see a sword right through it.

Toby smiled as he watched Sora fall to the floor, Kairi stood there in shock with the other 5 people around her as she watched her lover fall to the floor.

Toby turned to Kairi smiling “Well I guess your mine now! I beat your worthless boyfriend without a single scratch on me!” Toby’s smiling face soon went pale as a sword sliced through where his heart was, and he fell to the floor.

Kairi watched as the boy fell to the floor in front of her, and there behind the now dead body was Sora, half dead with a giant Hole from where he had pulled out the sword and stabbed Toby.

Kairi ran over to the boy, the other 5 stood back apart from Riku who walked up weak legged and stood behind Kairi.

Kairi kneeled down beside to Sora and Picked up his head and put it in her lap.

Tears flowed down her face like a river, she quietly said “Im sorry, it was my fault you got stabbed…”

Sora reached up and wiped away a few tears but that didn’t stop them “No, it was my fault, I let my guard down.” Sora replied.

“Sora…Please don’t die on me…” Kairi said to her lover.

“Im sorry Kairi, my wound it just too bad, Im going too…” Sora said sadly.

Kairi cried more than ever, “But Kairi, promise me one thing…Don’t take your life…And please...Whatever you do...Dont Cry...I will come back to you I promise…Just wait a little while.” Sora added.

Riku walked in front of his best friend, Sora looked up at him “Time to return the favour Riku…Look after her…” Sora held out his fist, Riku then tightened his hand into a fist and there fist’s touched, Sora smiled, his eyes started to droop close.

“Goodbye…Everyone” Sora said as loud as he could with his last breath, his head then fell back against Kairi’s lap as he laid there still as ever.

Kairi lunged herself at Sora’s body, getting blood all over the wonderful dress she had on, but she didn’t care, she cried more than she ever had before.

Riku stared at his dead Best friends body, it started to fade away, Kairi rose her head from Sora’s Body as she watched it disappear.

Lilli watched as he brothers body also disappeared, leaving only the sword. She walked over to it and picked it up, not letting go of it at all.

Roxas, Namine and Zi all had a shocked yet sad face, as they watched what happened.

Kairi slowly rose from her spot and stared up at the see through ceiling, she looked up at the now dark sky and Whispered,

“You Promised......”


Preview for The squeal to You Promised!

A Promise Too Many

Kairi stared out at the Ocean, she watched as the sun started to set, So many colours all in one.

She counted the seconds until the sun would disappear…

5 Seconds… Now it was 4, 3, 2, 1…

And it was gone…

Kairi sighed… she turned around and started walking towards the docks, if she was out for too long, her mum would ground her for the weekend.

She untied her boat, jumped in, and started to row towards the Main Island.

A tear fell from her eye; she quickly wiped it away and carried on rowing. She wasn’t aloud to cry. That was another promise she made to him.

She sighed again. His face appeared in her head, she smiled, it was only last month he had died, when she had returned to the Island she told everyone he had gone on another journey and would be back soon.

Know one dared to ask where Toby was, well really, they didn’t want to know where he was.

Riku had come home with Kairi; he thought it would have been better if someone was with her that knew what happened so if she was to randomly burst into tears he could comfort her.

Zi and Lilli had gone there separate ways, Zi had gone away looking for more adventure, While Lilli on the other hand, had wanted to have a bit more of a peaceful life since what had happened had been quite a lot so she now lived on the Island with Kairi and Riku.

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May 13, 2006
Awsomeness! Yay!

I got the first post too! ^-^
Poor sora, Poor Kairi wahhhhhhhhhhhhh so sad!!!!!!!

It'd be sadder if i havdnt know Sora was going to die in there. LoL

cant wait for the sequal!

Post in Chasing You!


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Mar 31, 2007
Just so you know people! I DONT have a Brother called Toby in real life, my brother is called Henry and he is older than me....

Just thought Id tell all of you.

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Nov 30, 2006
Okies. To be honest, I never thought about that, even though there's a Lilli in there =P

Wow, I'm surprised. I'm yet to post a sugar-hyped celebration about how my username is more reddish than usual. Has that taken away my insanity? AH!!!!!!!


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Mar 31, 2007
Okies. To be honest, I never thought about that, even though there's a Lilli in there =P

Wow, I'm surprised. I'm yet to post a sugar-hyped celebration about how my username is more reddish than usual. Has that taken away my insanity? AH!!!!!!!
Of course it doesnt! And because its red it means your more Unique, and the more Unique you are, the more INSANE!


Mar 27, 2007
Awesome chapter, I really liked the many emotions and expressions that you used and I hope that I can read more in the future.
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