You can equip 15 lucky strikes at once! (Here's how!)



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Mar 15, 2019
There are 5 different ways to equip Lucky Strike in KH3, through party member abilities, a Keyblade, and two different accessories. You can obtain an infinite amount of one of these accessories, although it does require some grinding.

HERE IS A VIDEO Showing how to obtain all of these Lucky Strikes.

In Monstropolis, you gain 5 additional accessories slots because of Mike and Sully, allowing you to equip more Lucky Strikes for a total of 15. In other worlds such as The Caribbean or Toy Box, you can equip 13-15 Lucky Strikes as well.

Without any additional world-specific allies, you can have at least 10 equipped at any point in the game after completing the Toy Box world (in order to have the Favorite Deputy and access to the Verum Rex mini-game.)



Oct 22, 2018
Haven't seen the video, but I think I know what it is about (forgive me if I am wrong). It surely is great for completionists, but if the main reason to get so many lucky strikes is just completing the synthesis list, by the time it would take to farm so many accessories in verum rex, you could have farmed most of the materials instead. I equipped only 3 lucky strikes and I completed synthesis in less than 3 hours after finishing the main game. But I took a long time fighting and looking for chests and lucky emblems, so I already had a lot of materials. Probably having many lucky strikes makes it easier, but the verum rex game is too boring and frustrating to me to be worth bothering after beating the 12000000 points challenge. The only materials that gave me some trouble due to a low drop rate were the hungry gem and one of the unversed materials.