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X-Men: The Hunted

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Deception is Truth, Verity is Lying
Feb 15, 2006
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In and out of what is real and what is true
I know, I am still low on the totem pole here. But this rp, on another site, brought about my rise of power. I doubt it will do that here, but I'm going to try any whay. This is actually a revamped version of my X-Men: Sentinel Rising. Anywho.


The young boy ran as fast as he could carry himself. He continued down the cracked and unkept road that lay before him. He darted between crumbling skyscrapers, and the shells of old cars, as the sound of heavy boots followed him. He made a turn to the right, leading him into a narrow alley. He tilted his head behind him, looking to see if his pursuers had caught up. Then, *wham*, he hit an old rusty gate. It shook off its hinges and landed on top of the boy. He proceded to push it back up, but his tired body couldn't achieve the feat. Then the boots, and voices. "Over here, he went this way." The boy made a silent prayer and then closed his eyes, waiting for death to come. Then voices again. "Lift up the gate, he wants the boy unharmed." A bit of rattling and the gate came up, and the boy came out, three claws shooting out of his knuckles. Gutting the first two men, and then decappitated the next. Running over the gate and into a four way street. Then, a sudden explosion and dust billowed up around him. He turned back and the same happened. He tired the right, and then the left and both sides were blocked. Then he looked up, straight at a Sentinel. He pulled back in his claws and lay down, defeated. The giant hand picked him up and dropped it down its mouth, into a cage.

That was Fenris Howlett, Great-Grandson of Wolverine, X-23, and even Sabertooth. Fenris inherited all of his ancestors powers. But, there is someone who wants those powers for himself. He wants all powers, from the lowest form of telekinesis, to omnipotent phsycic. This is Gene, the ultimate mutant. Able to manipulate his D.N.A. to use any power imaginable, but only if he knows the configuration of the genetic pieces. Gene hungers for the one thing that will give him ultimate power, the Book of M. A book created 50 years before Gene's rise to power, almost 25 years ago. The Book of M was created by the Granddaughter of Sage. It has all information on every mutant that ever lived. Only two things stand in the way of Gene and the book. The first is a nation named after the all mutant country of 150 years ago, Genosha. Secretly it holds every free mutant known to humans and mutantkind alike. It also holds the book of M. Gene can not invade Genosha openly, because the advance mutant powers would devastate his army. The second takes the name of the mutant cherished team, the X-Men. THeir goal is to find a way to eliminate Gene's hold on his mutant "Hounds" and take down Gene himself. Will you join the X-Men to destroy Gene, or will you be a "Hound", and hunt down and destroy the X-Men?

SIZE="3"]End Story[/SIZE]

Basically it is 150 years into the future, and an evil mutant tyrant is trying to take over the universe. Just to make sure you got that.


No G-moding or P-playing
No Being Omnipotent
Be literate, Follow all set rp rules
Cussing and Romance is ok, but keep it PG-13
I have the abillity to decline any templates, or kick anyone out of the rp as I choose.
I am the only one who controls multiple characters, for specific reasons.
The password is "Wolverine", but write it in a sentence at the bottom of your template

Zephyr----- Roxas13

Fenris Howlett-----Roxas13


Age: (16-35)
Theme Song: (Optional)

Here's Zephyr's, I'll post Fenrir's and Gene's when we start.

Name: Alizé Delsoel
Codename: Zephyr
Age: 25
except his hair has red streaks, and is a little shorter
Personallity: Out-going, fierce and strong willed, Zephyr is a diffinet leader.
Bio: Born the same time as the start of Gene's wrath, Zephyr was made into a Hound at a young age. He was forced to kill his own parents, and friends. He soon broke free from the mind control from the help of a powerful telepath named Summer. Zephyr and Summer then founded the new X-Men and moved to Genosha. After a spy mission, all of the team was killed except for Zephyr, who went into a phycological slump. Soon later he recovered, and began to look for new recruits for his new team.
Theme Song: I Miss you by Blink-182
Extra: Zephyr has an entricate tatoo over his right eye, branding him as a Hound. It looks like a paw, with claws. It is blood red, and Zephyr keeps it hidden with a bandana over his right eye.
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