X-Blade, Dual Wield, and Other Such Wonderment's

Feb 10, 2019
So I have a few things I'd like clarified:

A) How can Roxas still dual wield?

B) Can Sora still Dual wield? I was operating under the assumption that he still can but didn't in this game since the rest of the hearts embedded in his were bound to make an appearance and so to avoid taking that ability away from the player later in the game they decided not to include it in the first place. That being said, those were my thoughts until Roxas showed up and threw me off.

C) Is Xion wielding a copy of Sora's keyblade? It doesn't make sense for there to be two of the Kingdom Key. I mean sure there are multiple Starlight Keyblade's in Union X but the Kingdom Key is rather unique. I had previously wondered how both her and Roxas used it in 358/2 days at the same time and wasn't convinced with the explanation they gave in-game but gave it a pass as they were a nobody and a replica and Sora was asleep, but now that she's her own person how is it so?

D) And lastly, now that the X-Blade has been successfully forged, does Sora own it? If so I would surmise it's more powerful than the Ultima Keyblade so will it be it's replacement or go alongside of it in rarity. It just seems like Sora would be too overpowered if he was in possession of it. That, and the fact that I have no reason to believe that it was sealed or broken or anything of the sort.

Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.
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Jun 23, 2017
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Roxas was just Roxas, so his connection to Sora's heart and awakening it thanks to Xion made it his thing. Roxas' heart is able to dual wield.

Sora is shown dual wielding guns in game so there's a chance he still could, but he lost all of his previous power so that might mean dual wielding also.

Xion's heart is pretty much Sora's heart so that probably explains why she has Kingdom Key. There's a Kingdom Key D and an upgrade that still looks like the Kingdom Key, so why can't there exist two of the same keyblade from the same heart? Same with Xehanort making copies of No Name to forge the X-Blade.

It's unknown right now, but I would think the X-Blade would disappear once its purpose is fulfilled and since the Kingdom Hearts Xehanort created is going to disappear or already disappeared, I imagine the X-Blade disappeared with it. Otherwise it would have still been somewhere for him to find instead of having to create a new one.

That's my thoughts on it anyway.