Would Final Fantasy worlds actually be too hard to put in a Kingdom Hearts game?



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Sep 8, 2018
I used to want Final Fantasy worlds in the Kingdom Hearts games. But now after thinking about it, I think that would be pretty hard to do.

I mean the story in the Final Fantasy games are WAY bigger and longer than the stories in the Disney movies are. And usually when Sora, Donald, and Goofy visit a Disney world, a lot of story elements from the Disney movie that the world is based off of is used for the world.

So it's
a lot easier to turn a 1h 30m movie into a short side story with extra KH elements than it is with a 60-hour game. Also the worlds from the Final Fantasy games are very big, and would require a lot of locations from the worlds to be cut down in order to fit the world into a Kingdom Hearts game, which would make ruin the world.

However I still wish that Square would put more elements from the Final Fantasy series into the Kingdom Hearts series besides just the characters, like I wish they would put monsters, summons, airships, and Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series into the Kingdom Hearts series.



Aug 29, 2016
i agree that having more FF elements like chocobos would be nice but yes, putting an entire world directly based on an existing FF game would be too much. it's the same reason I don't want a marvel or star wars world, because that series already has its own massive universe of many different installments.
maybe a smaller world heavily inspired by various FF games starring a mix of different FF characters (but as their KH-universe equivalents, not Literally The Original Characters) would be a neat concept for a future game, but putting a watered down version of an entire FF game into KH would just be needless self-promotion frankly. Not to mention it would break the rule that all FF cameos in KH are in-universe versions and not at all intended to be the same characters as their original counterparts. (the only character allowed to break that rule is Gilgamesh by nature of his existence, as well as the fact that he'd recognise a bunch of the other cameos from Dissidia which would make for some funny interactions :p)
Unless they picked a very specific FF game that has always been extremely short and not very fleshed out on its own, like the equivalent of a world based on a RPG Maker horror game or something like that.


Jan 4, 2018
When Nomura said that there won't ever be a final fantasy world, I initially was a bit disappointed, but realize as well that this is probably for the best. I think it is very different turning a film, in general, into a video game than it is turning a video game into a...different video game. It's just a bit strange.

Now, if they decided to do a "world of final fantasy" type thing with some final fantasy "hub" as a "world" then, sure that might work out okay. But having a "world of Spira" for example? Bad idea. For the main reason that, if they did something isolated like that for all the FFX characters, you would then establish that this is where the FF characters for that game would have to come from. This would basically nix them from appearing in any other place unexpectedly which is honestly half the fun of having the cameos in the first place. If the ffx characters all have to be from "spira-land" then it would be weird to run into them in some future game at, say, radiant garden or something. (ignoring, of course, that wakka, tidus, auron, yuna, rikku and paine all have already appeared before and have established roles...)

like I wish they would put monsters, summons, airships, and Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series into the Kingdom Hearts series.
Well, technically I still argue that Parasite Cage in Monstro is basically a cameo of Prison Cage from ff9, I agree there should be more subtle cameos in terms of heartless designs. They have done a good job of implementing some fun little shout-outs in the gummi ship models at least. And speaking of gummi ships, that's why I don't think they would really bring in airships ever (unless it was another gummi model). But I would be down for chocobos somewhere.

Personally the one summon I want to make an appearance is Carbuncle because he's always been my favorite and I think he would fit in just fine into the KH aesthetic. Though I know through hacks they were able to figure out that Bahamut was at least on the cutting room floor at some point for the first game. So there's a possibility they will eventually put it in.

However I still wish that Square would put more elements from the Final Fantasy series into the Kingdom Hearts series besides just the characters,
I did just want to point out, though, that there are plenty of FF elements other than the characters. I mean, from the very first game the reason they have the "command box" interface in the bottom left corner is to mimic the old atb turn-based style of older final fantasy. That's also not mentioning the magic system and items all using FF terminology. BBS's ability acquisition method is the exact same style as FF9, and in the coliseum Sora mimics quite a few victory poses from other FF characters (Squall, for example). One could even argue having "summons" in the first place is because of it being a FF troupe. Quite a few of Sora's move sets were named after FF terminology (Zantetsuken, for example). And in a few of the handhelds we saw the appearance of a few status ailments/spells straight from the FF black mage handbook like poison, sleep, bind, etc with esuna coming hand-in-hand to save the day.

So, from a gameplay perspective alone there are quite a few elements of final fantasy sprinkled in like a nice little spice. KH obviously functions in its own way, but it absolutely has drawn from FF as its clear origin source in ways beyond just throwing some cameo characters in.

Also, it is worth mentioning nearly every FF has an element of "friendship/teamwork" that is played up to a greater degree in KH, but I can see quite a lot of the same themes repeated in both series'. FF4 in particular meshes very well plot-wise with KH in the struggle to understand the line between our personal darkness and light. To me, they basically took the themes from FF and stuck them in a Disney playspace and came up with something unique and wonderful, but the ideas were definitely spawned from a FF egg (if that makes any sense).

Without Final Fantasy, not only would KH likely not play the same, the themes might also have ended up being vastly different, with the game being undoubtedly much less complex than it is now. If we removed FF from KH it wouldn't just be erasing a few character cameos, you would be losing much more.

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Sep 5, 2015
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Nomura mentioned that when Final Fantasy characters cameo'd in Kingdom Hearts, it was during a time when Final Fantasy characters did not cross into other franchises. Now that all these Final Fantasy spin-off, and amalgamation games exist, a Final Fantasy world in Kingdom Hearts would be pointless.


Jan 5, 2017
I think the first 3 FFs would be ideal because their plots arent as dense as later games. So its easier to weave them into the larger plot.

The MMOs might also work better because they don't have a central cast/plot so you could introduce SDG easily and have a new plot etc.

The Bouncer would also be easier to bring in. Although its plot is more T+ rated to KH's 8-13 demographic so some changes are in order.

Not gonna lie tho, if Nomura gave us a prequel with Leon and Mickey set before KH1 I'd play that over the Xehanort saga.