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Digital Media ► Would anybody be interested in a podcast style video series covering the story of KH for new fans?



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Sep 29, 2017
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I initially got the idea from my girlfriend who wanted to learn more about Kingdom Hearts but is too lazy to drive over to my parents' house to pick it up (I'm away at college in another state so I can't bring it to her). I plan on making videos on each of the Kingdom Hearts games, going through the entire main story of each game. I know there are other videos like this that try to cover the entire story of KH all in one brief video, but I was planning on taking my time telling the story. I'm basically going to attempt to give the general feel of playing Kingdom Hearts by just listening to the story instead of playing it.

A podcast style, by which I mean the videos focusing on the audio and not so much on flashy effects or animations, would make it a lot easier for people to listen to it while doing other things. I think it would provide a nice way for new or returning fans to get a grip on the full story before KH3 without having to put in a couple hundred hours and $$$ to play all the games. I'm planning on releasing a video (or two depending on how long the game is) on each game about every month starting in December, but I may make shorter videos, funny videos, or videos on other games in between. This isn't just an advertisement of my upcoming YouTube series but a sincere inquiry as to whether anyone would actually be interested in seeing this happen.

If you have any inputs or suggestions, or if you just want to let me know if you like the idea or not please do! I am very open to considering anything anyone has to say. Thank you for taking the time to read this, looking forward to your reply!


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Apr 29, 2015
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I think it's a decent idea. You're right that most videos summing up the series do aim to do it in a way that is as short as possible, which makes sense for some people (those who want to catch up quickly) but there isn't really anything for the fan who wants a deeper look. I guess the biggest question is just how long would they be? Because if they are so long as to be close to the running time of just watching the cutscenes, then people would probably be better off just watching them. It would definitely need to strike a good balance.

I also get what you mean by being podcast-style, so to speak. I mean I feel like a true podcast style would probably have more than one person talking and discussing, but you're basically just saying something that isn't dependent on watching the video itself to get the meaning. That being said, I think it would probably still benefit from having a decent video attached to it that matched the dialogue for those people who /would/ want to sit and watch it. Having visuals that explain or illustrate what you're talking about would be beneficial and a bigger draw, letting more people attach to the videos for their specific needs. You could open with an explanation that the viewer can just listen to the audio and do other stuff while they listen, but that there would also be related visuals happening if they chose to watch. If you skimp too much on the actual video content I worry it might seem like it has low production value and might turn off some people (i.e. if you're just talking over a slideshow of still images, or no image at all). So I personally do think some good video content is necessary, but like, as you said, it doesn't need to be overly fancy.

I realize this thread is about a month old and that you said you were aiming to start releasing the videos this month. Have you made any progress on this that you can update us to?