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Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

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May 25, 2005
Yo mama
I fell down 7 chapters ago, and nobody bothered to pick me up. Shame on you all, even after I gave yall my moogle band-aids.

Good chapterZ KG.
I'm ignoring your signature, cuz I'm not competing against you.


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Dec 23, 2004
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let me get this straight...AKIRA IS GOING TO DIE!....that's not very nice Gabe! killing off a 3 year old (is she still 3?) who is most peoples favorite character!

nice chapter by the way! *sits on the floor and waits for next chappie ^.^*

are you seriously banned from your comptuer till christmas Gabe! but ..but....who'll rpg with me in the vbchat! and who will write delicious, fabulous fics! and who's lepchrecaun will i be if you go away till christmas! and who will take care of ned when your gone! ...:(


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Jun 11, 2005
u can be my lepchrecaun!!! O wait, i already have one. Darn, sry red, i am sure u would make a nice lepchrecaun though, mine is always mean to me and nvr shares is dang gold. stupid fricken green midget.

gabe, dont leave me with "these" ppl!! i cant handle them without u!! they r monsters


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Mar 6, 2004
GET AWAY BITCHES!!!!!!! MAGGIE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hypervenalates) MINE!!!!!!! MINE!!!!!! MINE!!!!! (grabs Maggie and huggles her) ^.^

=P My mom backed down on the punishment. Im not banned.
So yeah, Ive introduced Rin into teh story! Get ready to laugh ...more...and...stuff.


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Aug 29, 2005
Somewhere up high...getting ready to snipe your as
oooooh a moogle!


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Mar 6, 2004
Yes, its a KH type moogle. =P I actually havent played FF at all.

Akira: stares)
Rin: ...(wiggles nose)
Akira: stares)
Rin: ...You’re short...
Akira: I’m only three!! (holds 4 fingers up)
Aww Akira’s so cute.
Akira: …Come on!
She takes Rin to her play room.
Rin: hides) Gasp! ?!?!?!
Akira: Crayons! (picks up a purple crayon) See?
Rin: Crayon?
Akira: Yeah. (draws on a sheet of paper)
She draws a picture of an apple.
Akira: See? (hold pic up)
Rin: Ohhh...(takes picture)Oooooooooooooh. Ahhhhh.
Akira: Hehehe!
Rin: Hmmm...Hahaa!.. (studies picture) Haha!
Akira: …Give it back!
Rin: studies it) Ahahaha!
Akira: Sniff...Give it back! It’s mine!
Rin: No! (chews up the paper)
Akira: Why are you being a bully?!
Akira starts to cry.
Rin: ... (gets crayons and paper)
Akira throws a babyish fit and gets under the covers and cries. Rin draws her a picture.
Akira: cries) Mommy!
Rin: colors) (squeaks)
Rin is drawing a pic of Mona Lisa. He gives Akira the pic.
Akira: Sniff. (peeks out of covers) What do YOU want?
Rin: gives her picture)
Akira: …
She puts the picture in her diaper.
Akira: Wanna be my friend?! What's your name?
Rin: ??????????????????????????????? Rin.
Akira: I’m Akira!
Akira drags Rin to the bedroom.
She crawls on the bed with Riku and Myra. Myra wakes up.
Akira: Look mommy!
Myra: You got a new toy, sweetie? (yawns)
Akira: He’s not a toy!! He's a moogle! (shakes Rin)
Rin: wiggles nose)
Myra: He's a cute moogle.
Myra: What the- It talks!
Rin: squeaks)
Riku wakes up.
Riku: ....Look, it’s a giant marsh mellow!
Rin: .... (snorts)
Akira: Rin's not a marsh mellow!
Riku: Aren't moogles supposed to stay in traverse town?
Rin opens his mouth and makes siren sound.
Akira: Can we keep it?
Myra: You can keep it if you take care of it!
Akira: I’ll feed it!
She takes Rin to the kitchen.
Akira: runs into R-mom) Oof!
Rin: falls and bounces on butt)??????
R-mom: picks Akira up) Who's your little moogle friend?
R-mom: ...HELLO! (sets Akira down)
Akira: Come on! (runs into kitchen)
R-mom: Such a cute little kid!
In the kitchen....Akira gets a bad of popcorn.
Akira: looks at package)...He...Heat..?...I can’t read this.
Akira: ....MOMMY!
Myra crawls in, half awake.
Akira: Mom's a pro at this.
Akira climbs on Myra’s back.
Akira: Make us popcorn!
Myra takes the bag and Akira scurries back to the table.
Akira: Watch as she amazes us!
Myra pops her knuckle and does a few stretches.
Rin: ????
Myra: opens cabinet)
Akira: Gasp!
Rin: ...(wiggles nose)
Myra gets a bowl and spins it on her finger like basket ball.
Akira: Gasp!
Rin: ...?...?...???????
Myra sets a bowl on counter and rips the popcorn bag open.
She hums the "Mission Impossible" Theme song.
Akira: Yay!
Myra: pours popcorn into a bowl)
Akira: Yippee!
Myra: slowly puts bowl in the micro wave)
Akira: WEEEE!
Myra: turns microwave on) And now we wait. So, what ya gonna do today?
Akira: Me and Rin are gonna play outside!
Myra: puts arm around Akira)Okay...
Akira gives Myra a little kissey on the check.
Rin: ..(squeaks)..(chews on table)
When the microwave goes DING!-
Myra: takes bowl out)
Akira: Mmmm! Smell it!
Rin: covers nose) ...
Myra: puts popcorn on table) Tada.
Akira: Yay!
They start to munch. Myra goes in the din.
Rin: smells popcorn) ???...????????


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Jun 11, 2005
hey gabe, can u give us some chapters on pirate??!!! please please please

o and can u try puttin tidues selphie sora and kairi in there too?


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Aug 29, 2005
Drooling over Myra's sweet bod
HOLY SH*T THAT TOOK ME 18 hours to read! I have failed a school test to read this instead of studying but i dont care this fan fic rocks!!!! Gabriel you are the best man! YOU ROCK!!! and i did shed a small tear on that sad part were you made sora die *Sobs a bit* This fan fic was the reason i joined the forums, just to be able to post here!

Now i want to comment on some people here and on the characters(Or at least ill try hehe)

KingGabriel: Makes the BEST fan fics ever!!( if anyone says otherwise ill call eughey and get his mob)

RedHarry: I thinks i love you...in a healthy not stalking you in any way kind of way of course, hehe.

Eughey: Dude your a riot! you make me laugh like nuts!

now on to the characters....

Sora: Well theres plenty i would like to say about sora right now but i will say the first thing that comes to mind...*thinks for a bit*..ummm....*thinks harder*..well...*Thinks so hard his head is gonna explode*...ahhh...well i think hes kinda a wuss, he cries to much and pisses his pants to much, and hes not as agressive i though he would be. But i laugh so hard when he gets kicked in his privates its worth it!

Kairi: Well i guess we all know who controls this relationship right? The way you did kairis attitude is perfect! Shes so dam tough and kicks everyones ass it rocks!
But i wonder if anything more will happen between her and Riku later cause if i remember correctly she liked it when riku was touching her *snikers*

Riku: I think Riku has been very very naughty trying to get down with kairi. I wonder if he will try again...

Tidus: Wow i feel really sorry for this bum lolz. I dont think he has control over his own life, and hes just a horny little bum who only got it once and probably didnt last a minute lolz!

Selphie: I dont really like her....she dont trust tidus v_v but i dont blame her...

Wakka: Wow i have nothing to say here and if i try to think last time....well lets not think about that hehe.

Myra: Shes one of my favs mostly because of her memory problem and how they can pull pranks on her and wont remember lolz

Akira: Gabe you must be psykick cause she is my favorite character!

Marylyn: Wow it must suck to be the devils daughter. Must have been hard on sora to be with a girl who was never satisfied. *Shivers at the though*

Pirate: My second fav character! I love this dam bird. She is just as funny as when riku got his hotdog smacked...ouchies!

Well i think i have covered everyone important(if i forgot someone good please smack me in the back of the head and tell me, just not to hard lol ).

Well i look forward to reading the next chappies! Hope you write soon!

sorry i wrote so much but i feel like i need to make up for the last 83 pages i didnt post in.
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