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Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

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beginning and end
Jun 22, 2005
yeah! Riku is a hero! he went to save Akira! how sweet....

they should all gang up on Eugene and beat the living daylights out of him XD



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Jun 11, 2005
ok, i just had a moment of genuis. U should put eugene in a situation where he is trapped and about to die........

and the only who would be able to save him is akira(using her powers) but she is like "no u didnt save me so, die!!!"

i am evil, mwahahahaha


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Jun 23, 2005
*blocks fans from Akira* STOP PUTTING MEAN THOUGHTS INTO HER MIND! JEEZ! *gives Akira some toys to play with* Yes, ignore the dark thoughts from these people. Muahaha-I mean... Um... SHUT UP!


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Mar 6, 2004
HEY! Eugene IS going to die! Someone is going to kill him! Everyone try and guess who. You post enough and I might just let you to that chapter... =P


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Mar 6, 2004
Myra: Akira!!!
Riku: uses CPR) Wake up, Akira!
It doesn’t work.
Eugene: Hehe. That’s the bad thing about kids. (smirks)
Riku loses it and socks Eugene in the face.
Myra: No, Riku!
Riku: You wait until I get back!
He carries Akira to the hospital. Myra follows.
The fire fighters come and try to extinguish Eugene's house...Haha! His house got fried! At the E.R...Akira is asleep.
Doctor: I remember you!!! I helped deliver your baby!
Myra: Is she okay?
Doctor: Oh, yeah! She's fine. The smoke and congestion is all cleared out..
Myra: Thank God.
Doctor: Yep, but if she starts wheezing, bring her straight here.
Riku: Oooook...Is there something you can do about my eye?
Doctor: I don't think so. Not really. No. (walks off)
Nurse: Your daughter wants to see you two.
Riku and Myra go see Akira.
Myra: Hi, sweetie.
Akira: Mommy, I saw a bright light!
Riku: Maybe it was fire.
Akira: Your eye is discolored daddy.
Riku: A spark flew into my eye.
Akira touches his eyelid. Her gentle touch heals his eye.
Akira: giggles)
Riku gives Akira a big hug and then Myra joins in too.
Awwwwww. So cute...Meanwhile...
Eugene: How much is this gonna cost?
Cop: If you have insurance, a lot. If you don’t have insurance...a whole lot.
Eugene: I don’t have insurance!
Cop: Doesn’t matter. Even if you did, they wouldn’t pay for this because it was YOUR cigarette that set the house on fire. (gets in car)
Eugene: What can I do?!
Cop: Get munny! Don’t steal it! (drives off)
Eugene: Munny....No problem.
Later...In Sora’s and Kairi’s hotel room....Myra is talking with Kairi.
Kairi: Seriously?!
Myra: Yah! He walked rite past her!
Kairi: What a jerk.
Myra: I know!
Kairi: ...Myra, I wasn’t going to say anything but you don’t really seem to have a temper...When something upsets you, you get all teary.
Myra: …
Kairi: Your dad beat you when you were young! You need to strike back. You need to get angry. Once he takes that step too far, you need to SNAP!
Myra: Snap?
Kairi: Yeah…Like I do.
Myra: I’m not sure I can do that.
Kairi: Well then think of the most important thing in your life...
Myra thinks of Akira, of course.
Kairi: You gotta think about the sickest thing you would do to protect that thing.
Myra: day dreams)
Myra is day dreaming about her chopping up her father into little pieces. She starts to giggle.
Myra: Hehehe.
Also Meanwhile....On the streets of Second district...Eugene is selling pot and crack.
Eugene: Tobacco! Marijuana!!! Cocaine! I have imported drugs!
Person A: Get a life!
Eugene: You too!
Person B: How much?
Eugene: Fifty bucks or more. What can I get ya?
Person B: 50 bucks?! (scoffs) Loser. (walks off)
Eugene: COCAINE?!!! What about this weed?! I got it from Olympus!
A person comes up behind him and runs off with some of his weed.
Person D: throws a water balloon full of pee at him) Haha!
Eugene: Gasp! I just got this shirt! BASTARD!
Person E: calls police) Hello? There's a guy here selling illegal drugs!
Police: Ok, thank you for calling. (hangs up)
5 mins later...A cop tackles Eugene.
Cop: Illegal drugs, eh?! Come with me...Man you smell like piss.
Eugene gets arrested.
Later...Back at Sora’s place.....
Myra: -at all-
There's a bang on the door and then crying.
Myra: (opens door) Tisk, Tisk. (picks Akira up)
Akira: cries)
Tyra: Eugene is in jail.
Myra: Good…That’s where he belongs. What did he do?
Tyra: Selling illegal drugs.
Riku comes into the room.
Myra: Let’s leave then!
Tyra: What about putting the past behind you?
Myra: I can’t. And I won’t!
Tyra: Well, he needs someone to testify for him.
Myra: scoffs) Don’t look at me, sis!
Tyra: If YOU testify, maybe he'll show you some respect.
Myra: Whatever.
At the trial....
Tyra: whispers) Just read from the note card I gave you.
Myra: This sucks.

COME ON POST! I wanna get to the part where Eugene is killed! MAN POST!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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Mar 6, 2004
On the day of the trial…
Lawyer: Calling Myra to the stand.
Tyra: Go.
Myra sighs and goes up to the stand.
Security: Raise your rite hand.
Myra: raises rite hand)
Security: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and noting but the truth?
Myra: Yeah whatever.
Security: Ma'am?
Myra: Yes.
Lawyer: Myra, what can you tell us about Eugene?
Myra: …
She rips up the note card that Tyra gave her.
see why were even debating on whether or not he should get locked up...Eugene is a jerk. He's a low down loser and I think he deserves to go to jail. He's a child abuser, a careless thief, pothead, and a murderer. He-
Judge: A murderer?
Myra: Yes.
Tyra: Huh?-
Myra:16 years ago I helplessly watched him batter my mother to death.
Tyra: ...You killed mom?!
Eugene: She's lying.
Judge: Forensic files show that your mother committed suicide.
Myra: What do they know?! My mother didn’t do that! He framed it all! He made me watch too!
She starts shedding tears.
Judge: ...-
Myra: He beat the shit out of her and then dumped her in the lake-
Security: Watch your language-
Judge: Shhh! ...Myra, why didn’t you tell anybody?
Myra: I was 6! No one would believe me! My sister had no idea because she was at the park for some community field trip! And as I got older, I just forgot! You know I have a bad memory.
Eugene’s lawyer raises his hand.
Lawyer: I object!
Judge: You can’t!
Myra: He told me that he would kill me too if I told anybody!!! ASK HIM!!!
Lawyer: Eugene?
Eugene: gulps) Heh?
Lawyer: Did you murder your wife?!
Eugene: clenches teeth) .... Yes.
Tyra’s jaw drops and she scoots away from Eugene.
Lawyer: Are you confessing?
Eugene: YES!
Lawyer: Why did you murder her?
Eugene: ... (shrugs) ...I was high I guess.
The judge bangs the little wooden thing.
Judge: Absurd! Eugene! I can’t believe this!
Eugene: Then don't –
Judge: I will make my ruling!
He goes to the back and the jury starts yakking.
Eugene: glares at Myra)
Myra: stretches) Ahhhhh.
When the judge comes back out…
Judge: bangs wooden thingy) Eugene, you have been sentenced to life in prison! Court dismissed...Now I can go to McDonalds. (stands up)
Two police officers escort Eugene to the door.
Myra: Have fun in prison, DADDY!
Eugene: You’ll pay for this! I’m gonna-
Myra: Blah blah-
Eugene: -kill your dumb baby!
Myra: gasps) What?!
Eugene: Kiss her goodnight, Myra! She's maggot food when I get her!
The police officers take him to jail. Myra's heart starts pounding in her chest. She stands there with her mouth wide open.
She sprints out the door.


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Ah! I hope Tyra kills Eugene, because she needs to get over how perfect she thinks her dad is. Poor little Akira! But she could kill Eugene five times before he hit the ground, right? RIGHT?!


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Dec 23, 2004
in a world of small minded people
whew...i just got done readin 7 pages...and they're all FABULOUS! i laughed, i cried, i cried some more, i ate a hot dog and then spatt it out while reading the chapter involving riku's "hot dog". funny stuff Gabe, funny stuff! :D

*bites nails* o jeez o jeez o jeez....akira cant die! no no no! she's my fave. character! she runs into walls! she cant die!...damn eugene >.<


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Mar 6, 2004
redharry123 said:
whew...i just got done readin 7 pages...and they're all FABULOUS! i laughed, i cried, i cried some more, i ate a hot dog and then spatt it out while reading the chapter involving riku's "hot dog". funny stuff Gabe, funny stuff! :D
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can make me laugh like you can, Maggie. WELCOME BACK, WOMAN!


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Tyra: Myra-
Myra: runs past her) He said he's gonna kill my baby!
Tyra: What the-?!
Reporters come up to her with cameras and stuff.
3: Hey! I’m from Channel three! Can you tell me-
5: No! I’m from channel five! Tell ME-
10:Ma'am! Ma'am! Hey-
13: I need to know what-
Tyra: Leave me alone! (runs by)
Sora and Kairi are watching her on TV.
Kairi: YEAH! He’s going to jail!!! HAHAHA!
Sora: smells socks)
Myra runs to her hotel room. Riku is playing with Akira.
Riku: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. (puts Akira on the top of the couch) Humpty dumpty had a great fall. (rolls her off the couch and catches her)
Akira: giggles)
Riku: And all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn’t put humpty together again. (tickles and pokes her)
Myra comes in.
Myra: pants)
Riku: What’s up?
Myra: He said he's gonna-...
Myra walks up to Riku and whispers.
Akira: listens) …Who’s gonna kill me?!?
Riku: No one! Nobody is going to kill you! Not while I’m here!
An hour later...Riku and Myra are sitting in chairs guarding Akira's door.
Riku: Yawn.
Myra: You’re not gonna fall asleep are you?
Riku: No, no. I just need to-
He goes into the bedroom, trips and falls on the bed and is immediately knocked out.
Myra: sighs)
Myra goes in and pulls the covers over on him.
Akira: E' Shan se' vao ne ti...He's gonna kill me.
Myra and Akira hear the door unlock.
Myra: ... (whispers) Riku…Riku!
Myra gets up and hides around the doorway.
Akira: Gasp. (sees through the door) Mommy?!
Before Myra can take another breath, Eugene is holding a gun up to her head.
Myra: gulps)
Eugene: Where is she?
Myra: I’m not telling you.
Eugene: cocks gun)
Myra: Shoot me then.
Eugene; If I shoot you, I’m still gonna shoot her...Where is she, Myra? You don’t wanna loose your life over a kid, when you can have another one, do you?
Myra doesn’t say anything; Only accidentally glances over at Akira’s door.
Eugene: Ha. She’s in there, right?
Eugene slowly backs to the door. Myra slips a knife out of her pocket and tries to stab him. He stops her and pushes her in the bathroom and locks her in it by shooting the door knob. He then proceeds to Akira’s bedroom.
Myra: No! Please! Riku, wake up!! HELP!!!
There's a gun shot in the background.

Myra: AKIRA!!!!!!!!!!
Myra breaks out with tears. She curls into a little ball inside of the bath tub.
Myra: cries)
Akira is sitting in the tub, curled up in a little ball, hiding.
Akira: hides face) Mommy?
Hehehe Akira teleported herself to the bathroom too.
Myra: Akira!!! (picks her up and hugs her)
Myra gives Akira a big bear hug.
Akira: Where's daddy?!!!!
The bathroom door is unlocked and Riku opens the door holding his dad's shot gun.
Riku: I told you no one would hurt you while I was here.
Akira: Daddy!!!!
Myra: Daddy!!!!!

You think Im gonna let Akira die this early? What the hell kinda person you think I am?
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