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All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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This was normalcy, at first thought to be an average life. Men that clutch at power are the ones that are ensured to go the farthest in life, which brings us to this wasteland. It was no different than the white expanse created in the wake of infinity and oblivion's countless trials against the other. A couth, knowledge endowed into the two prodigious and prestige awarded pupils that sought apprenticeship as the image of these two masters.

If one is to understand the role possessed by either, one is to pay homage to their own individual origins. Drawing upon four major names that come to mind.

Altoforge of Chaos.
Galforge of Inertia.
Agaforge of Obscurity.
Maleforge of Omnisciety.

The original map was drawn from the four major entities, acknowledged as Orsa's sentinels. A sentinel was the equivalent as the limitless overseer. Responsible for the creation and end of days, worlds, planes, and realities as we know them today. Altoforge, the eldest son of Orsa, his younger siblings Galforge, Agaforge, and Maleforge where a bi-product of the omni-expanding existence of Orsa. Orsa has never been acknowledged as "alive" yet has always been recognized for the four children it's delivered to this sanctum. Altoforge was responsible for the creation of several other Sentinels, which were later used in seeding The Garden below, Eve.

The world below had been split into five major layers.

The Throne of the Sentinels.
The Den of the Demi-Sentinels.
[Eve begins below here]
The Upper Garden.
The Lower Garden.
The Dark Garden.

As the seeding took place, Altoforge, the strongest and eldest of the sentinels broke his creations that came after his brothers and sister into the offspring that came to inhabit Eve below. Upon seeing them inhabit the levels below, the sentinel of chaos too underwent a separation unto two major manifestations. Half Oblivion and Half Infinity, these manifestations appropriated opposite poles and were to be forever drawn into each other. With it, Reforge and Garforge came to be. They awoke in the den of the demi-sentinels, originally in the form of mature humanesque children.

As the den began to populate so did the curiousity of the fawn. Reforge began to contemplate his knowledge that possessed absolutely no known depth. Garforge spontaneous knowledge, and distance between all except his brother was also troubling. There was an alter that existed within the den, a way of communicating with the unknown that Reforge called "Orsa" as if he already knew it's name. It relayed signs to them passages of visions that the den would fall when the incarnations of Altoforge would finally awaken and assume their roles over Eve.

The day finally came, when Garforge and Reforge came to realize their destiny. Like night and day, they were bound, their eventual forces are what brought an end to the Den, and forced the other demi-sentinels to fan out and divide yet again into the world below. The name Demiurge, and a tier being placed upon them. As the brothers looked at each other, the manifold of their forces when united wrought a temperence of utter chaos, and for a time they departed and went along in their own ways.

With many an eon passed, the brothers reuinited, times of war had been upon the lower levels of Eve. Though broken, the demiurges formed what they called "Legions". The legions that came with an imperialist state of being, to conquer and control territories beyond what they'd accumulated. The introduction of Ombronius, how his betrayal was an iconic point in history. Ombronius drifted in between Reforge and Garforge's sentience and was a bi-product of the brothers, Garforge sharing no particular interest and Reforge all and more. Potentially the first time Reforge had ever discovered true suffering, his pain was directed for Ombronius' life and Garforge to no avail stopped his brother from attempting to end his life.

His fist was strong, Reforge's leg was completely eviscerated, as he felt the twinge of the blood being dislodged from its cavity. A heinous and frightening expression, even disabled he reached for the traitor and off came Reforge's arm. The hall wrung with the exasperation of Reforge's voice as their men watched in complete horror as he began to bleed out. This event was the acknowledgement of the first true contrast between the brothers of infinity and oblivion and would only further stem along their relationship.

The time of war would soon end, Garforge had emerged on the opposite end unveiling that the'd been the leader of the Legions that sought to conquer the soils. With his army reduced to ashes, their souls contrived and in ruin, he battled reforge alone for the second time midst a mighty downpour of rain mixed with sorrow. The thought alone, how long it had been and how much time had gone by since he dismembered his limbs was a prudent thought. Garforge fell upon Reforge with the weight of Oblivion's Wrath and made his brother the ultimate Martyr in the wake of their battle. Slicing him in half and holding his body as his essences expunged from the dismembered half of his corpse. Where this could've been seen as a moment of triumph, their connection, even stronger when touching, Garforge shamed and wrought forth tears as he screamed into the higher planes for this unfolding tragedy.

Reforge would soon recover, finding the exit between Orsa and the human world, where he would move to inhabit powerful figures throughout history. Garforge his brother, undying to do the same thing, exploiting the minds of kings and rulers alike. This continued all the way unto the present day, which is where our story begins.


[Ozma vs. Garforge]
[Rien vs. Reforge]
[Rien&Ozma vs. Reforge&Garforge]

Continuum battles.
Deciding on dates for these to start, and will begin at the sametime.
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May 10, 2006
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- It was here that I came to have the visions dearest brother. That our offspring would leave us and our lieges finally did manifest unto the positions we'd left behind after the reset.

* I've done this far too long, witnessed the terror of each plane and as the true harvester I realized long ago that we were the keys to Caterbous...Land of the Deprived.