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Why do some fans hate the idea of Riku being a Keyblade master?



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May 23, 2020
(cont.) that is, Aqua fought for ten years (time dilated) and hasn't shown a SIGN of being physically overpowered. An Aqua that wandered on and on, whose last respite was just before fighting Terranort. She fought Darksides IN THE ROD, she fought demon towers, water/earth/flame cores, neoshadows, on and on and on. Her spirit nearly faltered from time to time, but 0.2 makes absolutely no mention of how shit tier heartless get a crazy boost. This plot point was brought up specifically to butcher the in universe fact that Riku and Mickey are above Sora in terms of Keyblade mastery, and to justify them getting bodied for no good reason.

Moving on, Masters Riku and Mickey try again to rescue Aqua, only for Anti-Aqua herself to appear in the midst of a poorly choreographed demon tower attack. This shocks Mickey, who laments that Aqua's apparent descent into darkness was his fault for not staging a rescue attempt earlier, but Riku seemingly displays some resolve to carry her back. I mean...listen to this.

(start @ 2:25) Riku CLEARLY understands Aqua's position, HAVING BEEN THERE, IN THOSE SHOES, HIMSELF. Like, Square, how do you mess this up? We all know what happens. Instead of Riku fighting AntiA, he gets c$#@blocked by the demon tower that he...loses to...for no reason. And what happens after that? The rule of SORA begins. Yup, everybody's favorite Keyblade Jesus (who is also an idiot per KH2-DDD) appears through a giant magic door, helps Riku use Nightmare's End, and gets to solo Anti Aqua ripping away Riku's agency, destroying the notion of KEYBLADE MASTER, and spitting in the face of DDD's ending. Forget what you know.

I could go on and on about how Riku didn't actually do anything in the Not!Keyblade War, how he was barely instrumental even in ReMIND, etc. But that would be a waste of time. My problem again with this Keyblade Master thing is that the title doesn't mean squat. It just doesn't. We know Sora got whisked away to a new world, but you know what? He'll just plot coupon himself back to the RoL one way or another.