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Who wants to translate?



Hey, here's a quick translation I did. I'm not sure about a couple of words because the kanji were kind of mashed and there were no voices. But even if the exact wording isn't right, I think the meaning is still the same. ;)

I started where the fight with English voices leaves off:

Unknown: You want to know?

You don't feel anything. You don't have feelings. You want the meaning of it?

Roxas: 'Roxas'...

Unknown/Ansem: The new you.

Axel: So you finally woke up?

Roxas: Axel..

Axel: Or maybe you're going to sleep, huh...

Pretty soon, we won't even be able to meet like this in our subconscious.

Roxas: I'll be returning to my original form.

Axel: All this time, I've been thinking. Namine said it too. Roxas...you have a heart, don't you? That is, Namine and I...we really don't have hearts, right?

Roxas: That's... Even I don't know that.

Axel: You're probably right...

Roxas: But a heart isn't something you can see. I've started to think, 'What if it's something you can feel?'

If that's the case... No, let's stop this for now.

Axel: What? At such a vital point?

Roxas: Sora will find the answer. He is me, after all.

Axel: Yeah...

This is so nostalgic... Do you remember? The first time we met, the day you got your new name. We watched the sun set from here, just like this.

Roxas: Yeah... my hometown. Everyone... Hayner, Pence, Olette... I wonder if they're happy.

Axel: Maybe you can meet them again. Once you have the answer.

Roxas: Yeah... So, I'd better go. Sora's waiting.

Axel: Yeah...guess so.

This ice cream sure is salty.

Roxas: See you later, Axel.

Axel: See you later, partner.

Hope that helps!