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Which Princess world in KH3 did it better, Tangled or Frozen?


The overall better KH3 Princess world, Kingdom of Corona vs Arendelle

  • Kingdom of Corona

    Votes: 16 88.9%
  • Arendelle

    Votes: 3 16.7%

  • Total voters


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Jan 25, 2007
Greetings everyone! Just like in my other thread with Toy Story and Monster's Inc., two worlds with similar themes that have their pros and cons. Toy Story is winning by a land slide so far in the other thread, however I expect this one to be far more mixed given the problems both Corona and Arendelle have. Which one is the reigning, defending, new Princess of Heart world? Ok here we go, on to the criteria to judge this properly.

Which one had the better level design?
Which world had the better world music? Best battle music?
Which world contributed more to the new Princess storyline?
Which world better incorporated SDG into the story of the world?
The better party members, the team of Rapunzel and Flynn or Marshmellow?
The better end boss battle?
Which of the Princesses seemed to have (though brief) connection to Sora? Was it Rapunzel? Or was it the combo of Elsa and Anna?
Which world had the more fun minigame? Dancing with Rapunzel or searching for Olaf?
Which Organization member had (while small at best) more of an impactful role in the plot, Laxrene or Marluxia?
Which was more disappointing, not getting to fight Mother Gothel or Hans or both?
Which Keyblade you gained from the world was the better one?
Which world had the better ending/send off?
Which world has far more replay value?

Finally time to decide once and for all which of the two KH3 Princess worlds takes home the championship of being the best overall world.


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Dec 20, 2018
Both had problems but one of them I could overlook and have fun in, and the other brought a tear to my eye for how much wasted potential it had. To your points

Better level design: Both were pretty and fun to look at. I'll give it to Tangled's kingdom-that-shall-not-be-named.

Better level world music: Giving it again to Tangled.

Which contributed more to the Princess stuff: They did that evenly. One was not better then the other here for me.

Which world incorporated SDG: Tangled, but even that wasn't perfect. Still Rapunzel and Flynn feel like Sora's friends unlike the Frozen cast

Better party members: This is tricky. Marshmellow is better then both Flynn and Rapunzel in battle due to his combo teamup, but Sora's can interact with Rapunzel and Flynn more outside of battle. I'll give it to Marshmellow.

The better end boss: I didn't like either that much, but I'll give the point to the wolf Heartless. It's design is awesome.

Which Princesses had better connection to Sora: Rapunzel easily. Again she feels like Sora's friend by the end.

Better minigame: Dancing in Tangled's kingdom-that-shall-not-be-named was more fun for me. The Olaf game is good for trolling memes though.

Which Organization had more impact: Hard to say. Neither accomplish much. Larxene was more in the way though, while at times I forgot Marluxia was even around, despite making contact with Gothel. I guess Larxene? She did make the ice prison so I'll give it to her, but her role sucked too.

Which was more disappointing not to fight: Gothel because she teamed with Marluxia so you'd think she'd get some kind of boss fight. Plus she could have used dark magic of some kind if creative. Hans likely would have just been another Clayton.

Which Keyblade was better: I dunno, I didn't use either all that much.

Which world had the better sendoff: Both underwhelmed me but I'll say Tangled was better.

Which had more replay value: I was forced to go back to Arendelle for Ultima Weapon purposes but I didn't enjoy any of it. Tangled by default.


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Nov 4, 2012
Better level design: Arendelle.
Better world music: Arendelle
Contributions to the storyline: Tie. They both contribute to the theme of sacrificing one's self for your loved one which connects to Sora's sacrifice at the end (Flynn dying to save Rapunzel; Anna freezing to save Elsa).
Incorporation of SDG: I'll agree Corona wins this one, simply because you get to travel with Rapunzel to the kingdom.
Party members: ... I'm leaning towards Corona for this one, but it's close to a tie. Marshmallow is fun even though I was really disappointed Anna and Kristoff weren't party members at least (with Elsa being blocked off for story reasons). I give Corona the edge because you want to play with the protagonists of the film. Plus, Marshmallow can't talk while you're walking around like other party members. Of course, you lose Rapunzel as a party member forever even before the world story ends...
Better final boss: Arendelle. I hated that Heartless at the end of Corona. Gothel should've been a boss (perhaps aided by Marluxia) even more than Hans. At least when it comes to Heartless, I enjoyed Fenris more because it was more challenging, whereas Gothel's Heartless was just annoying. On top of that, the Gothel Heartless has to be one of the series' uglier designs.
Better minigame: Arendelle. I consider sledding the minigame, not searching for Olaf...
Org. Member: Larxene was more fun than Marluxia, hands down.
Keyblade: Corona, but I love Arendelle's, too.
Re-play value: I suppose Corona is more fun in re-plays simply because it grows on you. It irritated me the first time, then I enjoyed it more the second time, and now I look forward to it whenever I re-play the game. Whereas the boosts in flowmotion that come during Arendelle made me love the world design in the first play through.

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Mar 22, 2013
Corona California
- Level Design: Arendelle Corona had great forest detail but it was ultimately just a straight linear path.
- Music: Arendelle (field and battle)
- Princess Storyline: neither - That storyline was a half baked attempt to make the worlds relevant to the story but there was ZERO payoff
- SDG incorportation: Corona - It's not even close
- Party members: Marshmallow - Rapunzel disappears after the world is done
- Princess connection to Sora: Rapunzel - Helping her see the world, swinging through the gaps, the dance.
- Better Mini-game: Corona
- More disappointing non-boss fight: Neither - Gothel and Hans aren't fighters.
- More impactful org. member: Marluxia - He actually talked to the world's characters.
- Better keyblade: Corona
- Better sendoff: Corona
- Better replay value: Corona. Between the bad story and the repetitive mountain climbing, Arendelle is tedious to go through again.

While not perfect, Corona was a much better and more fun world than Arendelle. The restrictions Disney put on that world made it an embarssment.

My rankings of KH3 Disney worlds
1. The Caribbean
2. Olympus
3. Toy Box
4. Kingdom of Corona
5. Monstropolis
6. San Fransokyo
7. Arendelle
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Better level design: I like both worlds. I really like the labyrinth in Arendelle but I would give it to Corona for the diversity of scenery: the tower, forest, marsh, quarry, the city.

Better music: Tie because I am virtually tone-deaf.

Contribution to Princess storyline: Corona. Arendelle mixed the Princess theme with an Elsa/Riku parallel about his choice between light and dark, which was okay but I didn't feel it was a big plot theme in the main game this time around. Also I liked how schmaltzy Flynn's sacrifice and revival was.

Better SDG incorporation: Definitely Corona but I kinda enjoyed how Arendelle leaned into Sora not being allowed to interfere by having Larxene magic up massive labyrinths and gales to knock him away.

Better Keyblade: Arendelle. I used that Keyblade a lot on my first playthrough and new game +, though maybe just because it looks cool and I like it's transformations.

Better party members: Arendelle. It's a close one but I liked how Marshmallow was used in the final battle.

Better final boss: Arendelle. I really liked the Fenris battle. It was so cinematic and Fenris literally eclipsed the sun and brought the sky down on your head.

Better princess connection: Corona. I really liked the scene when Rapunzel leaves the tower and freaks out and it made me feel more connected to her, anyway.

Better minigame: I agree with Tartarus that the sledding is the true minigame but would still favour the dancing in Corona. I really hated getting the Orichalcum + in Arendelle.

Organization member impact: Tie in terms of actual plot impact but I preferred Larxene's personality so would pick Arendelle.

More disappointing not to fight: Mother Gothel, as she is a witch. I can't imagine a fight against human Hans being that fun. I honestly liked both Heartless boss fights though.

Better send-off: Neither wowed me but maybe Corona just for Maleficent mystery stuff.

Replay value: Tie as I am unsure and enjoy both worlds.

Overall Corona I guess but I enjoyed both.


Jan 2, 2013
Level Design: Corona easily. That had a forest, swamp area, and even the actual town. All Arendelle had outside of the icy mountains was the Labyrinth
Battle Music: think I would pick Arendelle's score
PoH contribution: neither of the world's contributed much to that plotline since the new PoH don't really matter to KH3's story
SDG inclusion: Corona wins. Sora, Donald, and Goofy actually felt like that had a tangable affect on the plot of that world. They interact with the heroes and Mother Gothel
Better Party members: both suffer for different reasons. Rapunzel leaves near the end of the world and Marshmallow doesn't come until the end of Arendelle. Still Marshmallow has a good moveset and limit attack.
Princess interaction: Sora and Rapunzel. No wonder people ship them.
Organization member: Marluxia. He actually interacts with Rapunzel and Gothel and plays a part in turning the later into a heartless. While all Larxene does is keep SDG from interfering to much.
Disney Villain: I think I was more disappointed in not fighting Hans. He could have been like Shan Yu or Scar.
Ending: Corona again. It always bothered me that we never got a scene with Elsa and Anna saying good bye to Sora like we did with Rapunzel and Eugene.
Keyblade: Crystal Snow is one of my favorite Keyblades and the blizzard blade transformation is epic


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Feb 6, 2016
Arendelle is literally the worst world in the
whole franchise thanks to Disney’s limitations


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Feb 19, 2020
Better level design: Corona
Better world/battle music: Corona (not that any of the tracks from either are bad mind you)
PoH contribution: Could hardly tell much if you were to ask me.
SDG contribution: Corona easily wins. Watching them get hardly anything to do in Arendelle made me feel like I was watching one of those weird Pooh's Adventures videos on YouTube (that type where they add in Pooh and millions of other characters into some random movie and they just do nothing... which makes the movie even longer...)
Party members: Enjoyed both, no problems with either... well other than Rapunzel magically getting Thanos'd out of existence once you've finished the Corona world.
Better boss: Arendelle and the Fenris battle.
Connection to Sora: Felt nothing for any of the Frozen cast and again, Sora getting hardly any time to interact with them didn't help matters so Rapunzel wins it.
Better mini-game: Corona. Because at least it doesn't literally force you to look for various parts of a snowman if you ever head back to the world again.
Org XIII member impact: Neither did it for me. Larxene (as good as she still is) was all talk and hardly any bite and the whole Marluxia thing at the start of Corona intrigued me at first... only to then go absolutely nowhere afterwards.
Which was more disappointing not to fight?: Can't say since I don't have much connection to either films, sorry.
Better Keyblade: Never used the Corona one so Arendelle wins this one.
Better ending: Corona
Replay value: Corona, because again it doesn't force you to hear Donald constantly telling you that everyone looks like Olaf. We get it Donald, you might as well be Olaf.

Enjoyed Corona more than Arendelle. What an absolute afterthought the entire world felt which is beyond embarrassing for something as big as Frozen.

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Jan 5, 2020
Better level design - Tangled
Better world music - Frozen
Princess contribution - Tangled
SDG incorporaton - Tangled
Better party members - Tie. Both are honestly good
Better end boss battle - Frozen. Tree Gothel was moreso uneventful while Wolf Hans was more challenging
Connection with Sora - Rapunzel
Better minigame - Tangled. Dancing with Rapunzel and the villagers was pretty cute
Organization member - Larxene. She was trying to get across to Sora to butt out and let Elsa make decisions for herself. I just wish she popped up more in the ice dungeon. Marluxia kind of just felt like he was there.
More disappointing boss fight - Both but this is moreso a Disney issue. Had they given more creative freedom, then we might've gotten something different.
Better Keyblade - I really didn't use either one very much so neither. Look wise, I like the Frozen one better.
Better ending - Tangled
Better replay value - Tangled. I'll take exploring the woods, swamp and castle town over just a frozen mountainside.

Each world overall has their pluses and minuses but I think Tangled was a better presentation. I think Disney just had way too much creative control over these two IPs, especially Frozen. Like they gave Square the go but they probably went through so many rewrites/changes just to get some sort of approval. Like we can't show our heroes "killing" the villains or Elsa potentially showing a dark side, so just add a dungeon, turn the villains into different beings, and we'll be all good. Maybe next time we'll get more leniency.