Where exactly are all 13 darknesses from in KH: 3D



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Jul 30, 2015
Hey everyone, I'm new here and I wanted to ask a bunch of fans like myself these questions (since no regular person could answer them) :
So near the end of dream drop distance, Sora gets saved by Lea, and the 13 darknesses "run out of time" and leave in darkness. Re watching that scene made me bring up these questions : Isa. How did he run out of time if he was resurrected when Lea and the others were also resurrected ? Xehanort said that he brought different versions of himself from the past right ? But since Saix was beaten by Sora, and now that I think about it, Xigbar as well, they shouldn t have came from a past timeline, they should exist as full, whole people in the present. It s kind of confusing, but unless Young Xehanort brought Saix and Xigbar from the past before they were eliminated, how did they come from the last? And where are the whole people, Isa and Braig?(Although I m pretty sure the person we saw was Isa since Lea called him by that name) and since they all came from the past apparently, are the hooded members we don t know about just different versions of Xehanort, or people who have already become part Xehanort?

Sorry if this is confusing. I tried explaining the best that I could. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 5, 2015
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Since Xemnas, Trollanort, Ansem SoD and Xigbar and Geezernort were all there at the same time, it can be assumed most of them were able to be present because of time travel shenanigans. "Running out of time" might have been the writer's way of conveniently making it easy for Riku and co. to pull a Big Damn Heroes act, but in-universe, they literally ran out of time before everyone had to return to their original time periods.

It looks to me, judging by the secret movie in the 2.5 Recoded selection, Braig ran off to set his own little plot into motion, whatever that is. The Xigbar we see in most of DDD was likely pulled out of the past. Dunno if the same can be said for Isa, though.


Mar 9, 2008
I saw one member post something on here that they are out of time because the original old Xehanort is back and thus the time travel affect wore off........but personally I'm just calling it writer convenience and unstated limits to time traveling Xehanorts way.


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Apr 29, 2015
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Yeah it was really just a way to stall the confrontation (and put an end to their plan to get Sora) til KH3. Basically, not every Darkness is there via time travel but the ones who are returned to their proper eras in that moment. I think just for the sake of convenience they had all of the darknesses, even the ones who didn't time travel, leave all at once just to make it easier on the plot (not that they would have had anything to gain by sticking around without the rest of the Darknesses anyway...)