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Fanfiction ► When Worlds Collide [A Traskix and DJQuackQuack Collab]

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Oct 27, 2008
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This fanfic is brought to you by the collaboration of:​


Box Of Kittens Studios



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Hello there casual and elite gamers alike! Are you tired of arguing over who the best video game character is? Tired of magazine articles listing ridiculous top ten heroes or villians? Do you wish every day that your favorite side character gets a more important role in the sequel?

Well, I have great news for you! No more shall debates, words, or hypothetical fights determine the winner. Oh no, it is YOU, the gamer that will decide which character reigns supreme! In this newly developped When Worlds Collide, the gamer will be granted control of a vast amount of characters, extending across all major and minor series from any and all consoles and handheld games!

Who will you choose to reign supreme as the champion? Will a hero vanquish evil? Will a villain achieve world domination? Or will a support character finally step into the spotlight for themselves? YOU decide!

But alas, I am afraid there is some bad news. Such a game with so much to play and involving many companies, it is impossible to sell in mass production. So, only four copies have ever been made! Now, it has been decided that these games will be given to four lucky winners! Look it up online and enter to win today! Who knows, maybe it will be you who gets your hands on When Worlds Collide.


Video Games.

You play them for hours. Many lives were lost to beat that one hard level or get that last little trophy to give you a 100% completion. You've suffered much from lost social life to broken controllers and televisions to sleepless nights. From franchises with what seems like hundreds of sequels and spin-offs to those one-hit wonders that entertain millions, there is one for everyone to enjoy. Since their birth, it was easy to see they would be around for a long time, new ones being made to keep up to the demands of the devoted fans and casual players alike.

The question is...which one of our beloved characters...is the best?

Many debate over it's who has the most games or who has the coolest moves. Entire forums revolve around argueing such things, resulting in no true answer. In the end, however, it's not up to us who reigns supreme over the gaming's most elite characters. No, it is up to the characters themselves.

Tired of the constant debate of this unknown question, it has been decided by a mysterious figure that a game of sorts is to be held. This game will be like a free-for-all tournament, placing the gaming world's most iconic characters up against each other in deadly combat!! From old to new, and protagonist to antagonist to even side-characters, all have been summoned to partake in this battle. But only one will win. Only one will take his/her/its place as the one and only, Games Champion.

However, this is not a tale of the victories of one character. Nor does it follow the tragic tale of another. The stage is a vast world full of many environments, and the players are all those from video games. But...a lone person will find themselves thrusted into this epic battle. This person will be unlike all the rest, a mere human like you and me. Facing many a trials, he will bare witness to a clash of titanic powers, finding himself in the midst of something even the more creative of minds fail to think up. This is what happens when the best fight it out. This is what happens when a normal man is placed in an abnormal situation. This is what happens when friends become foes.

This is what happens, when worlds collide.


Chapter 1

When Worlds Collide​

Forum messages @ Gamefreaks.com between 3 p.m. - 5.pm.

BarbieXKen: Omg! U signed up right?

AdamXEve: yeah But idk what I signed up for :/

BarbieXKen: *face palm* it’s a new game called When Worlds Collide. Only 4 are being release worldwide :O

AdamXEve: wow that’s insane

BarbieXKen: they say on one thread that different characters from so many different games are involved

AdamXEve: So like super smash bros?

BarbieXKen: Exactly! But way more epic!

AdamXEve: who are the characters??

BarbieXKen: from pong to frogger to spyro to FF to KH to Mario to everything we play!

AdamXEve: it’ll be like heaven :D

BarbieXKen: Exactly!

Instant messages between 7 p.m. - 12 a.m.

WhoKilledKenny!?: OMG U SIGNED UP RIGHT!!!

AdamBomb91: Yes I did! Calm down

WhoKilledKenny!?: I cant I cant! I’m just so excited!! :3

AdamBomb91: Just don’t get your hopes up, we might not win at all

WhoKilledKenny!?: don’t say that! Ur ruining the moment :C

AdamBomb91: *sigh* sorry, ok we’ll think of the what ifs, that kool?

WhoKilledKenny!?: Yes! So what if we win, we’ll be the only people who get to play it

AdamBomb91: and 3 other people

WhoKilledKenny!?: we’ll be the coolest 8D

Adambomb91: *face palm*

WhoKilledKenny!?: XD

Text messages between 1 a.m. - 5 a.m.

Ken: tomorrow is the day!

Adam: don’t you mean today is the day

Ken: o_O oh yeah lol

Adam: so any new updates?

Ken: I hear its virtual!

Adam: :O how is that possible

Ken: Idk it’s a secret, but when we win we’ll find out!

Adam: IF we win

Ken: don’t ruin my dreams!! :C

Adam: im sorry!

Ken: its okay :D

Adam: ur such a freak

Ken: maybe I am, but ur my friend so ur a freak too

Adam: 2 freaks, what a bad combo

Ken: haha xP
Beep! Beep! Beep!

Adam groaned, it is way too early to wake up now. I mean it's only nine o’clock right? Adam un-covered his face from his blanket. His phone vibrating violently on the night stand next to his bed. Adam smacked his hand against the night stand, trying to find his phone without opening his eyes.

Adam squinted as he held his phone.

Incoming call from Ken.

Adam and Ken are best friends. They've been waiting months for a new game to be released. But this game isn’t just a normal game. It has tons and tons of characters from different generations all rolled into one big juicy game. The only problem is that not everyone gets to buy this game. Only four were made and only four people are chosen randomly to win it.

“Hello.” Adam answered his phone drowsily.

“Dude! Where the F are you!” Ken shouted over the phone.

“Uh, sleeping. It’s a thing I do over the weekend.”

“Get your ass up! You're going to miss it!”

“Miss what?”

Adam could hear Ken mumbling and stomping on the ground. “Are you serious! They’re going to announce the winner in ten minutes!”

At that moment it hit Adam like a ton of bricks. They’re announcing the winners of the game today! “O my gosh!!” Adam yelled.

“I’m outside your house. Your mom saw me and made me walk the dog.”

“Ha okay I’ll be right there!”

Adam jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. He examined himself in the mirror. His brown hair all messy from sleep, but oh well. Chicks dig messy hair right? Next Adam opened his mouth. Eww! Chicks don’t dig stank breath. Adam quickly brushed his teeth.

Adam examined his fresh smile and clean face. He smiled at himself and ran out of his bathroom. Adam could hear Ken honking the car horn. “I’m coming!” Adam yelled out his window. Ken leaned against his small faded blue car. He held a leash, on the other end sat a small black poodle.

Adam quickly ran to his closet. Immediately he threw dirty jeans and stained shirts. Success! Adam found some clean jeans and a nice green shirt to match his eyes. Adam stripped his sleep ware and put on the jeans and shirt. Next he slipped on his converse shoes with a red and blue sock. It doesn’t match, but whose going to see it?

Adam smiled at his accomplishment of getting dressed. He snatch his phone from his bed and ran downstairs.

“About freaking time!” Ken shouted.

Adam blushed, “Sorry, I didn’t know what time it was.”

“Here put your dog inside.” Ken held up the leash.

Adam sighed and picked up the little black poodle name Susie. Little Susie Q barked as Adam ran back to the front door of the house. He gently set her down and slammed the door shut. “Okay lets go.”

Ken sped down the streets, Adam held on for his dear life. Ken wasn’t the safest driver out there. “Slow down!” Adam shouted.

“No! we’ll be late!”

Ken swerved the whole car and amazingly he parked perfectly. Adam exhaled, he always held his breath when Ken did these crazy stunts. Adam and Ken nearly jumped out of the car and ran outside of Game Stop. People lined the store outside. Game Stop isn’t the biggest store in the world. Outside they set up tables with microphones and a giant TV screen.

Ken and Adam of course were in the back of the crowd. A man who strangely had the same figure, look and almost everything of Albert Einstein started to speak into a microphone.

“Are you ready for the winners to be announced!” he said in a funny accent.
The crowd cheered, Ken screamed while Adam stayed silent.

“Before we announce the local winner here, lets see who won already!”

Everyone turn their attention to the TV screen. Names popped up. Adam wasn’t paying attention, but he did catch the names of the people. Judas, Karla and Lily. Everyone cheered as they watched the lucky winners' reactions. The TV went dim and the Albert Einstein duplicate began to talk.

“Now to announce the first winner from the Western United States!”

Everyone cheered, and even Adam joined in, for he was truly excited. He just hides his emotions. He doesn’t want to get too hyped up and then get disappointed. So then if he doesn't wins, he won’t feel as bad. Of course Ken is the total opposite. If he doesn’t win he’ll cry in his bed for days, maybe even weeks. It’ll take a long time for him to recover.

The Albert Einstein twin began to open an envelope. Ken had his hands to his face. His face so red, looked like he was about to burst.

“And the winner is…”

Total silence, drum roll please. “Adam Macario!”

Adam’s face dropped, his mind went blank and breathing was almost forgotten. Ken shook Adam to get him out of a trance. Adam shook it off, Albert Einstein shouted over the microphone to come to the front.

Everyone in the crowd cheered and made a path for Adam. He squeezed through people, everyone touching his shoulder and saying congratulations. Once Adam made it to the front Albert Einstein held the game up high with one arm. Everyone gazed at it, it was beautiful. It shone brightly in the midday sun, the gold cover blinding the crowd of game addicts.

Albert Einstein lowered his hand, him and Adam made eye contact. Adam knew this man freakishly looked like Albert Einstein, but he also looks like someone else. He couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Congratulations young man.” Albert freak man Einstein said.

Adam couldn’t help but smile, he extended his hand and took hold of the game. When Worlds Collide, the title of the game in big bold letters. The golden packaging stunned Adam and once again he forgot to breathe.

Once the announcement of Adam being the winner was over, everyone left for home. Ken dragged Adam to the car and raced home. For others they stuck around to buy a game for themselves, though they would never experience When Worlds Collide.

The Albert Einstein twin slipped from the front to the back ally of Game Stop. He examine every inch of the ally, making sure no one could see him. Once clear, Albert Einstein took a glance at his watch. He smiled a very evil smile and pressed the side button on his watch. A beam of light extended out from the watch and engulfed the Albert Einstein look alike. A second later the light flashed, fading into nothingness and Albert Einstein was gone, disappearing in the light.

“Didn’t I tell you! I told you!” Ken yelled to Adam in his room.

Both Adam and Ken began jumping up and down, celebrating in their own weird way.

“I know, I know! You were right!” Adam bounced, while balancing the game disc in his hand. Adam pressed a button on his PS3 and the tray slid out.
Adam’s hands started to shake but he gently put the game in. The tray closed and began to load the game.

Adam and Ken sat on the floor, inches away from the TV. Every moment of this game must be savored. Adam held the controller, it shook from nerves and happiness.

Starring your favorite video game characters!

Adam and Ken’s eyes popped out.

Such as Mario, Zelda, Cloud, Pikachu, Rachet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Kirby, Pac-Man, Pong, Sonic and many more!

Adam and Ken started to drool, as if they were looking at a beautiful girl walking down the street.

With new technology the newest character is you!

Both Adam and Ken pointed at themselves, like the game was speaking to them. As the graphics and fancy lettering fade, the game went to the START menu. Adam and Ken won’t admit it, but both screamed like girls at this point.

“You ready!?” Adam asked Ken. Both smiling crazy. “Yes! Press start!”.

Adam grin even more and gently press the start button. The screen went blank, then a swirling vortex sort of look came onto the screen.

“Wow that’s so cool!” Ken said.

The vortex spun faster and faster. Both Adam and Ken felt a wind, but the window wasn’t open. The wind grew in speed, papers being picked up in Adam’s room and swirled around the same direction of the vortex. Both Adam and Ken started to panic.

Adam could feel the vortex pulling him in, “Ken!”. Ken grabbed Adam’s hand as his body stretched out, getting closer to the TV. The vortex made haunting noises and Adam’s foot entered the TV screen. Ken’s grip started to loosen as the wind grew stronger. The vortex pulled harder and Adam’s body started to strain.

With one final pull the vortex won the tug-of-war with Adam’s body. Ken watched as his friend was being pulled into the TV screen. Once Adam completely disappeared, the wind stopped and the TV screen went blank. Ken ran to the TV, nothing unusual about it now. But what just happened totally defied the rules of reality.
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Jul 3, 2009
after reading this a million times, its still funny and epicly awesome lol

i so look forward to more ;D


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Wow, now when i started reading this, I wasn't completely sure. However, after reading it now, I must say.




That was one of the best fanfic's i've ever read :D.

I am epically waiting for Ch2 :D


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Jul 3, 2009
after reading this a million times, its still funny and epicly awesome lol

i so look forward to more ;D


haha i just quoted myself! xD

^ addams face.

lol I like this. Cant wait to see where this goes.

i think u'll like it ;D

*facepalm* of course you would lowl ;D

hahahahaha that made me actually lol!

i cant wait for more! :D

lol i did xD

Wow, now when i started reading this, I wasn't completely sure. However, after reading it now, I must say.




That was one of the best fanfic's i've ever read :D.

I am epically waiting for Ch2 :D

ah yes we are, u may bow down to us

LOlLLOLLOLOLOL Great. Just great. This rocks.

ha thanks ^^


A strange feeling it is when speeding through a vortex of doom. Adam flew through an endless sea of colors swirling around and blending together as he kept spinning on through. He would be screaming right now, but it took enough of his effort to keep himself from getting sick…

Faster and faster he spun, reaching his limit to hold down his non-existed lunch. Finally, a bright light began to grow from the direction he was going towards, Adam raising his arms over his eyes so that he wouldn’t go blind by it. Before he knew it, however, the light had vanished and he found himself in a completely new setting.

Before he even had a chance to take any real glimpse of the area, Adam flew forward face first and skipped across a hard, metallic floor. The clanks and thuds echoed throughout the entire building, causing a few of the inhabitants to turn their heads or whisper comments about the new arrival. But overall, no one seemed too shocked, or even cared for that matter.

Curled up in pain, Adam’s eyes slowly re-opened and adjusted to the new lighting. He slowly got up to his feet, glancing at the new surroundings. The place he is in now was a rather large room, no structures located anywhere aside the 4 walls, floor, and ceiling. The light blue, metallic room stretched in all directions, a good two or three football fields. Yet, despite this size, the place was almost completely packed!

But it wasn’t the place that caught Adam’s attention. Instead, it was the people…or things…that occupied the place.

“Video…video game characters?!” Adam exclaimed in a combination of shock and utter joy. So many characters littered the area. From gigantic villains like Andross to the miniature hero Kirby, such a wide array of characters talked, moved about, and stood waiting, all right in front of Adam.

It was amazing, like a dream come true. How he got here, and what was going to happen next did not matter to him. For all he cared, this is what Ken meant when he mentioned the virtual reality part of the game. Still though, it did feel strange earlier…the feeling of being sucked into the TV was so real, and terrifying…

“Guess I should try to find out what’s going to happen next. Wonder if any of these characters are going to talk to me, sort of like NP-”

WHAM! Before Adam could even finish his thought, he found himself tumbling back down to the ground. His rear landing hard on the floor, he winced in pain before looking up to the source of his pain. In a hurry, he noticed the familiar red hat and blue overalls of the famed hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario. His face looked flustered, searching the area for something it seemed. Quickly, he assisted Adam up onto his feet before giving him a tip of the hat in apology before sprinting off once again.

“Ha…I was just tackled by Mario…and he…touched my hand…that. Was. Awesome! I‘m never washing this hand again!” Adam shouted. His excitement was like that of a child finding an unlimited source of candy. And his maturity was like that of a child as well at this point…

But before Adam had any more chances to squeal embarrassingly like a fan girl, a loud voice echoed throughout the entire room. Every single character became silent, looking towards the center where a stage began rising into the air. On it stood a lone man, one with freakishly long legs in black pants, a very round and large upper body dressed in a red jacket with gold buttons and white stripes. What stood out the most, and made it clear to Adam who he was looking at, was the bushy and wild brown mustache that decorated his face.

“Dr. Eggman?!” Adam shouted, feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. He was a villain after all, who knows what he’s up to.

He stood before a microphone, seemingly ready to address the large crowd. Behind him two more infamous bad guys with PH. D’s in evil deeds. Dr. Nefarious, a robotic genius with a green glass dome on his head and a thin, dark blue body frame with reddish-orange glow here and there. His claw-like hands glistened in the light as he lurked behind Dr. Eggman. The third, dressed in the average lab coat, was none other than-

“Dr Wily! Wait a minute…he looks just like that guy! The one who announced the winner and handed me the game!! That…can’t be though. There’s no way, Dr Wily isn’t real…none of these characters are real…right?”

He became more confused by the minute. It didn’t help that his questions were going to be left unanswered as Dr. Eggman finally spoke up, hushing the last of the whispers as his wicked voice reached every ear in the room.

“Heroes! Villains! And all those in between! I am positive it has crossed all of your minds just why exactly each and every one of you has been summoned to the same exact location? Well, the answer is so simple, even those of you with brains the size of a hedgehogs can understand!!”

A large shout from the crowd broke the silence from the speedy enemy of Dr Eggman. But before he could continue his speech, the mechanized Dr Nefarious took the stand to speak out.

“Shut up meat bags! While I detest most of you are not immaculate robots like myself, all of you are going to be given an equal chance to prove yourself to stand above the rest! This tournament will put you all up against each other, and in the end only one of you- “

“Oh Janice, please tell me you love me!”

“Richard, you know I could never love another man!”

“Janice, kiss me now! I never want another-”

SMACK! The soap opera interruption was cut off as Dr. Nefarious returned to his normal self thanks to the well timed hit to the head by Dr. Eggman. Walking up to the microphone, last but not least, was Dr. Wily. An evil grin forced itself upon his face as he overlooked the scene. From the crowd, Adam stared in confusion as to what all this meant and how he got here.

Before the evil Dr. Wily could speak a large screen popped out from the floor and rose above the villains. Names filed across screen at too fast a pace for him to read. But many of the names he did notice were very familiar to Adam.

Contestants: Mario, Zelda, Wolf, Yuna, Master Chief, Spyro, Pikachu, Samus, Balthier, Rachet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Kratos, Bass, Peach, Kirby, Lulgi, Browser, Cloud, Pac-Man, Pong, Gandorf, Clockwork Rebirth, Saix, Sora, Jak & Daxter, Sackboy, Rufus Shinra, Frogger, Sonic, Judas, Lily, Karla, Adam.

Adam took a glance at the characters, they all stood in a row. All looking at the screen with their names on it. Adam recognized the names of the other kids who won the game. All three were at the opposite side of Adam. Judas (well guessing he is, since he’s the only other human male besides Adam), stood with courage. His arms crossed in front of him. Judas looked perfectly fit, his muscles toned and his dark hair spiked up a bit and some falling over his face.

The other humans were the girls of course. Adam didn’t know who was who, but one stood in fear, while the other stood like Judas. Very courageous and not scared at all. The one who stood bravely caught Adam's attention the most. She had short brown hair and had her hands on her hips. Like Judas, she was also fit.

Adam looked back before any of the other humans caught him staring. The three villains stood front and center, Dr. Wily hushed the crowd and began to talk.

“As my two colleagues have been attempting to explain, this is a battle royal! It is time to test which one of us is the very best! Who among us all deserves the praise and honor of being the most powerful and unquestionably elite character of all the video game worlds! This is a no rules, free-for-all fight to the death! Once knocked out or deceased, you will be warped back to wherever you came from! Now then, Dr Nefarious, will teleport our combatants randomly across the world we have set up. Good luck to you all, and let the games begin!”
“Crap! What am I going to say? 'Yeah, Adam got sucked into the TV and I have no freaking clue how to get him back!'” Ken paced around Adam’s room. He bit his nails, nearly pulled his hair out, worrying about Adam.

Finally Ken plopped onto Adam’s bed and pressed his palms onto his face. He was trying to think of something, anything that could help. But what can he do when something so un-real happened?

As Ken thought silently the TV turned on, the sound broke the silence and scared Ken. He jumped, now looking at the TV, unable to believe what he was seeing. Adam stood there on the screen, while to his right and beyond stood all the characters Ken loved so much.

Ken almost squeed his pants off till he covered his mouth as Dr. Wily began talking. Ken’s fan boy moment melted to shock and confusion as Dr. Wily explained the purpose of the games.

“Holy sh-” Ken covered his mouth, “No way!”

Adam and the other characters warped away and Ken panicked as he couldn’t see Adam. The next second Adam appeared in a swamp. Ken glued his eyes to the TV screen. “Oh great, Adam better not die.”

Before Adam could think or say something to get himself out, a light engulfed his body. The next thing he knew, Adam (more dazed and confused than ever) stood before a dark swamp-like setting. Green illuminated the sky and crickets sang a sad tune to match Adam‘s mood.

“Okay, I’ll be okay. Of course I stand no chance against any of them! Well maybe one or two but not all of them!” Adam rambled on with panic, “I don’t know how to fight, why did I let Ken talk me into this!”
“Excuse me! Not my fault!” Ken shouted at the screen, of course Adam couldn’t hear him. Unless…

Ken ran around Adam’s room. He began to throw stuff around, looking under Adam’s bed. Eww dirty underwear. Ah-ha! Ken found a PS3 headset. It could work, right? It works all the time when him and Adam play games, and this IS a game right?

Ken’s shaky hands held the headset and managed to put it on. Once connected and ready Ken shouted, “ADAM!”.

As Adam examined his surroundings, an orb of light appeared in front of him. Adam backed away, watching as the light faded away and a headset was left floating in midair. “Adam!” a muffled voice shouted.

“Ken!” Adam ran towards the floating headset, his hands scrambling for it. Finally he put it on. “Ken! Is that you!?”

“Yes you idiot!” Ken shouted over the headset.

“Did you see it! Can you see me?” Adam asked.

“Yes I can see everything!”

“Well you’re going to have to help me!”

“Don’t worry, I am here for you. I can see everything where you're at.”

“Really? That’s good, just don’t leave my room! Oh and feed Susie.”

Ken smacked his forehead, “What am I? The freakin doggy sitter?”

Adam laughed, “So am I safe where I am now?”

“Uhhh…” Ken stared a few inches away from the screen, on the top left corner was a map. “Oh, that might help.”


“There’s a map, and I’m guessing you’re the blue dot.”

Adam moved side to side, so did the blue dot. “Ha you are the blue dot!” Ken said.

“So no one is near?”

“Hmm well I see a green dot and a pink dot.”

“Lulgi and Peach?”

“I don’t know, but both are gaining speed.”


Apr 9, 2009
Contestants: Mario, Zelda, Wolf, Yuna, Master Chief, Spyro, Pikachu, Samus, Balthier, Rachet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Kratos, Bass, Peach, Kirby, Lulgi, Browser, Cloud, Pac-Man, Pong, Gandorf, Clockwork Rebirth, Saix, Sora, Jak & Daxter, Sackboy, Rufus Shinra, Frogger, Sonic, Judas, Lily, Karla, Adam.

not a bad list and you listed quite a few of my favorites too but you mispelled Ganondorf


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Jun 9, 2009
*faceplams* i forgot to comment lowl. Nice chappy again, I'm looking forward to the next one.
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