Whats in the box



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Aug 24, 2018
first of all I would like to say that the MoM could be playing tricks and the box is just a red herring by nomura so we may overlook some other details.
but I was thinking most Keyblades are created from the person that summons them and can be modified as in an interview with nomura states, some weapons are intermediary forms before the person is strong enough to summon their own keyblase. With that in mind where did the 3 other Keyblades come from?

the kingdom Key was in destiny islands and the Kingdom key-D was in the Dark realm through the artificial kingdom Hearts at the end of the first game which was through Destiny Islands (seen in 2.8 chapter prologue). The third was presumably summoned by Riku with the power of ansem during his possession so that may not be in the running but how did the other two get to destiny islands (both versions). If the box is opened by not Luxu but another character the were placed in the same spot. Maybe both keyblades were whats in the box.

When thinking about what it could be what seems most puzzling is the reaction Luxu has, "but why?" If the MoM did put 2 keyblades in the box obviously Luxu would be suprised because why store away there weapons, which as you know are unique as they can be modified through keychains. without a weilder the keyblades are plain but anyone could potentially weild it and call it their own. this way MoM could have foreseen the future and knew he had to send these Keyblades to there rightful place so sora and mickey could pick them up. Even if he did not tell Luxu what to do or where to go maybe his forsight powers told him they would get to their rightful place.

nomura did mention that even if Luxu and the box do not appear explicitly in KH3 they would be mentioned or touched upon in the third game.

thanks for indulging my theory, and yes i know its not "correct" so :p