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What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?


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Apr 27, 2018
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I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said better, but I think it's hilarious you consider Bernie Sanders to be Venezuelan levels of left. You are blinkered sir, Bernie's political stance is very much slightly left of centre. Just because America's entire political spectrum is situated on the Right wing, does not make Bernie some crackpot communist. Your Overton window is just very askew.
If Bernie was a UK politician, he would probably be either a Liberal Democrat (centre party) and looking at his stance on other things, he could even be a Conservative (Right) politician, he certainly wouldn't be out of place there.

@Michael Mario I would greatly advise actually learning a thing or two about world politics before you try to so confidently assert such things. Frankly, the situation with your politicians is really abnormal. It cannot be healthy to have almost every single politician be on the centre to right wing. No wonder you're terrified of the Left, you've never experienced it. Perhaps if you had you wouldn't be so volatile to it
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Oct 22, 2010
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Bernie Sanders is not some far left extremist. Many of the things he wants to implement or demands to be done are perfectly reasonable in many other parts of the world and, at least in parts of Europe even already reality for years. I know that because I come from Europe and follow the news from different sources here. A politician like him would be perfectly possible as a head of government in many western, southern and northern European states. More on the left than most moderates for sure, but nowhere in actual dangerous territory.

It's hilarious to see a take that the Scandinavian countries Sanders apparently often uses as examples are not close to his political stance because those countries would make him chancellor very likely if he would run for the office there, same goes for France, Spain and possibly also Belgium and Portugal.
I do get the impression that some people living in the US don't know the difference between a left-leaning socialist government (which in Europe often means a social democratic government, sometimes also a social liberal one when a coalition is formed with a liberal party) which stands left from the center and an actually dangerous extremist far left regime which often calls themselves communist.

The Scandinavian countries are also repeatedly voted to have the most happy and content citizens of the world which is owed a lot to their effective, well-funded and fair social welfare programs.