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What to do?!?

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Apr 12, 2004
I think I need some advice, and a ton or prayers please. Here is my situation:

My mom and I never had a family- my dad was a verbal abuser. He died 2 years ago. A year ago, my cousin, his wife, and their threee kids came to live with us. My mom considers my cousin like the son she never had, and his wife like a second daughter.

The problem is with his wife- she is my best friend, and I love her to death. Well, she is bipolar, and gets really, depressed at times. We do not have a lot of money- we even need food stamps. We have all become a "family"

It is nice because my mom and I finally have a family. Every other week, my cousins wife- she has these wild mood swings. Last week, she tried to OD on her pills. She was sent ot the pshyche ward, and given pills. We thought, ok, the storm has passed. We were wrong, obviously as tonight proved.

I have No idea whatsoever that causes her mood swings. It seems more mental than bipolar. There is a lot of "f" this, and all kind of screaming and yelling. Mainly, she bitches about me- but, always in her room. She does it so loud though, that everyone hears her. (as she once said, she does it on purpose so she knows I can hear her)

The family is great- my mom is a new diagnosed diabetic, and confined to a wheel chair- I can not take care of her by myself, even if I wanted to. I need the help of my cousin and his wife.

Yesterday, she started acting funny, and would barely say two words to me or anyone. Tonight, she decided (because my mom asked for money for a pack of cigarettes) to just start bitching about me. It was a non-stop tirade. I asked her if she actually hated me that much, and her response was "no, I hate Fing living here so much."

She won't talk to us to work out the problems either. What do I do?! She is lying, and being cruel.

I hate having this constant fear that she can take the family away at any time. I know I won't be able to take care of my mom by myself- we barely have any money, and I can't drive. I can't lose anyone else, I just can't.
Please give me some advice, and pray. Thank you.
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