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What is it about kingdom hearts...

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Dec 11, 2004
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TwilightRiku146 said:
Are you sure there are even cheats for Kingdom HEarts? I never got any. I tried bu tthe game was too easy. I just need to get Ultima Weapon though.

Sorry. What I meant was hints and tips, secrets and yeah pretty much how to get the easiest way to get goos and stuff.

Anyways, I finished the game when I ws in first year. Im not sure which year in the calendar was that and now I'm about to become 4th yr. The reason it was just this year I got to know the asas and simple and clean is because my cd would hang everytime it played fmvs and I had to move the ps2 up and down to get the game continuing which ws reaaalllllyyyyy annoying. So I never got to watch the intro, do some side quests, and watch the ending wtih pleasure. In fact I never did get to watch the ending.. until my brother bought another cd 2 years later!

The first cd broke eventually so there ws no hope on playing kh again for me until that fateful day. I ws thankful when my bro bought another cd because I finally got to play the game without it hanging on me and see the intro and endings with pleasure. It was in those times that I ws really into KH.

I wouldve been here a year in length earlier if there wasnt any problem with the forums back then. So I just joined the art galleries critics here a year before. When the days went by, I became busy and I wasnt able to get here anymore and almost forgot about it. So, thinking that KH2 was almost released, I remembered about this site and since the forums could be entered already, I joined Dec 2004.
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