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What if kingdom hearts paired up with Nintendo and cartoon network.



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Jan 5, 2017
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Nov 18, 2021
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Acme Acres Castle: A large Castle that displays Acme Acres is seen when Daffy Duck (The Royal Magician) Is Walking down the aisle going to a room. He then knocks on the door and opens it and calls for King Bugs. He is shocked when he does not see him oh his chair. Hector the bulldog is then seen holding an envelope with a bugs sign on it. Daffy starts reading it and starts running in panic. Porky the Pig (Captain of the royal knights) is seen resting on a tree when Daffy is running towards him as he is now trying to wake him up but to no avail. He then uses magic as in lighting to wake him up when he is finally awoke he then starts greeting him but Daffy tells him they have a problem but to keep it a secret. Porky asks about Queen Lola as Daffy tells him to not even telling the queen. Porky asks Queen Melissa and Daffy tells him no as it's top secret. Porky greets them not knowing to Daffy that they were behind listening to the conversation the whole time With Daffy now chuckling being embarrassed. A Letter explaining king bugs disappearance is shown by explaining how the stars have been disappearing and so their is trouble on the way. He advises Daffy and Porky to find this person with a "key" and to stick by him or her no matter what as it is the key to our survival. He instructs then to go to Unity Town and to find Guile as he would point them into the right direction. He also asks Daffy if he could apologize Lola on his behalf. Queen Melissa asks what this all could mean and Queen Lola says that it means that we all would have to trust the king. Porky worries that if the king is alright.Daffy assures Queen Lola to not worry as they will find him and this "key. Queen Lola thanks the both of them and to assure their travels someone will also accompany them. A little mouse was wavong jumping up and down and introduced himself as sniffles. Queen Lola hopes for their safe return and to help the king. Porky salutes Daffy but he tells him that he is coming as well. Porky is shocked to learn that sniffles world was destroyed as well and sniffles says how it was horrible and that they were scattered and he remembers being the only one making it to the castle. Porky suggest that when they are traveling to go to other worlds they can't tell them where they are from as they have to protect the world order. Daffy calls on the radio for the launch crew which are two mouses named hubie and Bertie that they are ready to take off. Hubie and Bertie start pulling the rocket from underground on the top platform while Porky and Daffy are in it along with sniffles not knowing to them that Hector the bulldog has also jumped in to join them as they are ready to take off it has a little malfunction as the ship starts going down when suddenly they pop out from their world and the rocket starts launching at a fast pace to Unity town.
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