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What do you see when the demons come

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Sep 26, 2009
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Diary of Dr. Roberts; Day 1, new patent

There was a new girl walking back and forth in my waiting room, a rare happening in this small town. She didn't look like she was related to anyone in a hundred miles either. She was tall, thin and had hair so red it looked like it was on fire. I couldn't tell you much else because she wore large sunglasses and a sweater several sizes too big. She must have walked through the woods behind the building because twigs were stuck in her hair and sweater, her feet were bare and filthy too.
She heard me enter and when she looked up I saw that she wore a large pair of sunglasses.
" Are you Dr. Roberts?"
" Yes I am, and you are?" I held my hand for her to shake, she ignored it and instead she took a step back.

I cleared my throat, " Would you like to step into my office?" I didn't have any patents coming for at least three hours.
She didn't respond, by now I was quite worried, but didn't want to jump to conclusions about this girl. I opened the door to my office and she walked in and sat down promptly on the sofa. I sat in my usual chair next to the sofa.

"Perhaps you should tell me your name?" I prompted


"Where are you from?"


"Alright, if you don't wish to speak, we can just sit here."

"My name is Ally" She broke the silence first, she did wish to talk.
" I can't remember where I'm going."

"Well, Ally, do you remember your last name? Or where you came from?"

"It dosen't matter unless I know the way." She began to rock in her seat.

"It does, if you know we can find your family."

"Family," she hissed the word, "Family dosen't matter" Her rocking intensified and she began clawing the edge of the sofa frame.
"Allow me to make a phone call, stay here" I had intended to call the police earlier but for some reason it had slipped my mind when she told me her name.

I rose to return to the secretary desk, where the phone was. Ally flew at me, knocking me back into the chair. Her hands were pressing my shoulders back so I was forced to look into her now revealed face. The irises of her eyes were white and the whites of her eyes where bloodshot red while her pupils were completely dilated. There were knife cuts all over her face, centered around her eyes in a web-like pattern. She began to shriek.

" THE DEMONS COME, BOW TO LEGION, SCUM OF THE EARTH," She then leaned closer to my ear and whispered words that chilled my spine, " What do you see late at night when the demons come? Me, I see myself reflected in their eyes." She then turned and sat back on the couch.

I was shaken and decided it would be better to call the police. It had been my belief at the time that she must have escaped from an asylum somewhere.


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Jun 1, 2008
Actually your story does have a moral, though you really haven't seemed to notice it. You are the worst evil you know basically.
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