What are your expectations for 2.8?



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Oct 25, 2015
My hype for this game was pretty low at first, but the last few trailers have really won me over. This is probably the game I'm looking forward to the most next year now, so as a result, I've got some high expectations.
-I have a feeling that 0.2 will be one of my favourites in the series.
-It'll explore themes that haven't been touched on in the series and they'll be handled in a mature way (this one is more of a hope I guess, but the trailers have given that indication)
-It'll be longer than most of us expected (at least 3 hrs, but no more than 5)
-Aqua is gonna be escape or be saved by the end.
-I'm definitely going to enjoy DDD more now than I did a couple of yrs ago. I'll also be paying a bit more attention to the story (i was one of those ppl that had no idea what was going on in this game)
-Backcover will be a solid and well-paced movie, it won't be anything more tho
-0.2 will make me cry at least once


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Oct 28, 2006
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0.2 looks to answer a lot of unknown gaps in the story of the current games, like Mickey's time in the RoD and such. So I expect a lot of mysteries to be solved.

My biggest expectation though is that Back Cover is going to raise more questions than it answers, just like the ending of Chi did.