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What’s a KH moment that doesn’t feel real?



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Oct 22, 2018
Any Xemnas speech, he's like half drunk everytime he speaks. Hard to take the dude seriously.

Sully yeeting Vanitas and throwing him through the door.

Atlantica songs, and specially Sora, Donald and Goofy singing to say goodbye before they leave.

Winnie the Pooh saying somebody-I-don't-know to Sora like a hundred times.

I'm going after CLU.
Do yo know where he is?
Nope, no idea.

Meow Wow's whole existence.

Ventus trying to reach to Terra AGAIN when Terra-Xehanort appears after the time rewrite.

Chirithy's noises when he appears in the Final World.

Donald's serious voice when he says Let's get it before fighting Skoll and The Keyblade Graveyard when arriving there.

Dumbo summon.

MoM spoiler:
Spoiler Spoiler Show

The fact that someone took the time to divide 99 dalmatians in groups of three, locked them in chests and we still don't know who or why.

Special mention to Kairi's underwear being actually visible in the original PS2 version of KH2. That was so weird and unnecessary.


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Feb 6, 2019
That place. The place with the thing.
Near the end of Days where Xion suddenly turns into Sora while talking, with her usual voice coming out of Sora’s face.

I’ll never forget when I spoiled myself by watching the Japanese version of that scene online, and my “what the actual fudge just happened?” reaction.


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Apr 27, 2018
I'm also gonna add another one: The opening section of Dream Drop Distance where you fight Ursula on the raft at Destiny Islands. Everything about that section just felt bizarre.


Jan 2, 2013
Goofy's speech in Monstropolis about Ven and Vanitas striking each other down. Despite Goofy long being established as a Knight in a fantasy setting it still felt bizarre to hear those words come out of his mouth


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May 23, 2020
•KH3's release still doesn't feel "real". A bone in my body is still waiting for KH3 to come out, mainly because of that 2FM secret ending that was FULL of hype.

–Team Light getting BONKED by team dark also doesn't feel real. The execution was okay and I feel the emotion behind it, but damn they should've had a real fight first.
—Kully embar zim quar rek or suo


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Feb 19, 2020


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Sep 16, 2020
The scene where everyone dies.
Aqua has that weird delayed reaction.
I mean, this is addressed in ReMind, I guess. Still pretty weird when playing III for the first time.

ooh but there are so many moments that i both hate and treasure at the same time.

"I knew when I met you. You and Kairi smell the same."
//proceeds to sniff his fingers//

Xigbar, revealing a major plot point in the series: I'm already half-Xehanort.
Sora: That's... nUtS!

"I've heard that the keyblade can open all sorts of locks," said Yuffie, sitting on the bed. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.


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Nov 4, 2012
- Most of Maleficent's and Pete's scenes don't feel real because, like, how can she bear to even be speaking to him without her mind snapping in half?
- Riku lifting Mickey Mouse (who's doing a figure skating pose) in the KH2 ending cinematic.
- Squall desperate for you to rescue the dalmatian puppies.
- Oogie taking the potion in CoM and having a mental breakdown.
- When Sora falls on his knees and cries to Riku in KH2. That still feels so surreal all these years later. That scene was so much greater than my mind could've ever conceived as being a part of reality. lol
- The CoM plot of Hollow Bastion that involves Maleficent with Belle and Beast was so weird and yet so good.
- Lion!Pete. Octopus!Donald.
- Scar's freaky, bendy face. Like he's having a stroke or something?
- Symphony of Sorcery feels unreal altogether. I think it has to do with the fact that they actually took the orchestral music from the film and put it in the background.
- The tea party when Riku wakes up at the end of 3D. God, that was so funny.
- The KH2 Atlantica scenes are so cringey, and I'm not sure why... A lot of it is in the way the models are just kind of...off? Eric hearing an echo of the horrid "Finny Fun" and rushing out into the waves... Triton blasting Ursula into a canyon that's...really far off for some reason? I especially get a laugh out of Sora jumping out of the water to clash Keyblade with the giant trident at the end. And then Osment's snappy queen read of, "It's over, Ursula."
- How about Maleficent trying to kill Santa Claus?


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Jan 4, 2018
Oh goodness this thread XD

Maybe I misunderstand the meaning of "not feeling real" but part of the reason why I love the KH series in general is because of these absolutely ridiculous scenario/scenes that always make me laugh at their sheer...absurdity? Maybe it's because I am fond of the uncanny juxtaposition, I dunno, I kind of low-key love moments like those. But, uh...here are some things I can remember standing out to me off the top of my head (not including some of which were mentioned earlier):

Across multiple titles:
-The stupidly wide gap that exists in all cage bars that means all the people "trapped" could very, very easily just slide sideways through and escape if they didn't purposefully stick one arm on each bar and woefully bemoan their predicament. (Ven in BBS and Kairi in KH2 in particular)
-The empty bleachers in Olympus Coliseum. WHERE IS THE CHEERING COMING FROM!? Worst offender was in BBS. "We do it for the fanz~!" -Zack, gesturing out to an empty arena.
And actually, while I think about it...
-nearly every scene there are supposed to be "npc" and there just ...aren't. Like Cinderella's "ball", the "festival of fools", etc. Like...as much as Frollo loved to ramble about the menace of "undesirables" on Paris...I only ever just saw him pacing around places ranting like a crazy person yelling about invisible people. I guess unless Esmerelda counted for the entirety of her troupe. I suppose we can give places in the dream world a pass, though because...dreams?

Other moments from BBS (for some reason it feels like this game has the most for me):
-The existence of "break time" ability. I wasn't expecting it the first time I used it and just randomly seeing Terra stop everything he was doing mid-battle to just start doing push-ups had me like 0_0...
-Terra gets "arrested" on the alien spaceship and just...walks out. Because the Keyblade. That will always just be hilarious to me that he's like "I'm being put in jail? Er, okay?.........bye."
-The way Braig jumps away after his confrontation with Terra in Radiant Garden and getting his eye shot off. He does like...five consecutive back hops up the stairs. "Gotta bounce" taken to the max.

ALSO Xehanort's pathetic "heeeeelp I'm tied uuuuup" in that scene (with chains that are barely even over my hands...)
-Terra going on a rant about his darkness and how he failed at controlling it while standing like...half a step away from a bunch of cheery Disney characters all excited about their carnival games and they all just kind of awkwardly stand there waiting for him to finish.

In KH1:

-During the final boss fight with Ansem, part of the very last "phase" when he is wielding that giant spear thing. There was something weirdly unintentionally comedic about the way he would still go "argh, ugh, ack" when you damage him, but his body didn't really react to the hits, keeps floating there, and he only just sort of moves his mouth. And then of course him just blasting himself in the face with light still kind of cracks me up. (Don't get me wrong, the "light" reveal is still pretty epic....but it IS funny.)
-Standing just to the side of any of the "traps" in the cave of wonders and watching your teammates all get smashed by a giant boulder and plummet into a bottomless pit with absolutely no reaction at all.

KHCoM (original gba):
-Vexen's voice/attack sound. I had to pause the game because it made me laugh too hard the first time I heard it.
-Axel saying "hell" and being astonished that they allowed a "swear" word into a Disney game.

-This one is a little different, but when you return to Land of Dragons and confront the "organization" member at the top of the mountain (aka obviously Riku) and it is SO OBVIOUSLY Riku (if the weapon or moveset didn't give it away, his general behavior does). That fight isn't so much about fighting the guy as it is about the heartless, but HE CAN ACTUALLY KILL YOU. I tested it once out of curiosity and Riku is ACTUALLY willing to leave Sora cold and dead on that mountain to get picked off by a Heartless. Thanks, buddy.
-The fact that the org's stupidly tall chairs in that meeting room actually move up and down for reasons that are technically canon thanks to Days.
-Maleficent trying to "sacrifice" herself to buy Sora time to flee from the Nobodies in the canyon after the 1000 heartless battle but Sora just stands there and argues with her the whole time and then she just "dies" and he's still standing there like >:[
-That creepy guy obsessed with Struggle Battle in Twilight Town that wanted to see Seifer's "super cool moves" and of course this little gem of a quote...

-Santa claus "losing his way" after walking literally five steps forward into a forest with a total of maybe 9 trees where the exit is in a STRAIGHT LINE from where he came from.

-Sora sitting in an onsen/hot tub with a penguin while the whole hot tub itself flies around and decks enemies in the face.

-Tangled world, Sora actually did a "your face" joke to Donald.
-Elizabeth's 'inspiring' speech about going to war to fight to the death with Goofy and Donald just sort of...cheerfully hanging out in the crowd, encouraging her on in the background. TO WAAAAAAR!!
...actually pretty much all of the PoTC world(s) as a whole.
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