Were Ventus, Terra and Aqua's keyblades "true keyblades"



May 14, 2017
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On the anniversary of one of the days i spent pouring my heart into 100%ing this game, I thought about the protagonists keyblades and wondered, "are they true keyblades"
By this I mean in the classic sense like Sora's Kingdom Key, able to universally open any lock, dispel dark magic (As seen in Atlantica by destroying Ursula's illusion) and fire a beam of light from it. Sure, they can open any chest in the world, but that's something that even those without keyblades can do (like Pinocchio in the first game) and they can also defeat creatures of darkness, but that's pretty much it.
And i have a feeling if they were, a lot of the world's issues would be solved quite effectively.


Jan 4, 2018
Sure, they can open any chest in the world
This isn't exactly the topic you were going for, but for some reason you saying this made me realize just how absurd getting the chests in every world actually kind of is. I know, it is a bit of a video game troupe that taking treasure is a bit ridiculous and we gotta suspend disbelief in that area, but if you actually think about it...

Our keyblade heroes are trying to stay on the down-low, not disturb "world order" and then they are also just pilfering every single treasure chest they come across. Some guy locks up his life savings...gone.

Committing breaking and entering everywhere...

Anyway, back to your actual topic, I think each Keyblade has default properties like you said, and there is no reason to believe that any wielder wouldn't be able to do those things. I mean, about your firing a light beam thing...let's take transformations into account. Both Terra and Aqua proved themselves able to briefly transform their keyblade into a bow and arrow of sorts and shoot a light beam from it as an arrow. So I don't think the fact that Sora shot a light beam at Ursula is something only he can do.
I think whether or not a person with a keyblade "can" do something comes down more to their own skill level and talent at using the Keyblade, rather than the Keyblade being unable to do the action itself.
As for why the BBS didn't solve the issues in the worlds more effectively...I think that just has to do with some very obvious issues with the writing itself within that game. From my personal opinion it seemed like the writer wanted something to happen and made it happen, regardless if it actually made any sense at all. So yeah, there are a lot of times they should have just "dispelled the darkness" or something but didn't for...reasons.
I think that was more due to poor writing than Aqua Terra or Ven having "faulty" Keyblades.


Oct 22, 2018
Terra could open the door to Aurora's bedroom when it was sealed by magic and he could use the keyblade to steal Aurora's heart when Maleficent pulled the strings of his darkness. The keyblades of BBS trio are just as good as any other to me. TAV can open chests, channel magic though the keyblade and shoot light (and Terra darkness too), just as Sora's and Riku's.


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Sep 8, 2016
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Sure, they can open any chest in the world, but that's something that even those without keyblades can do (like Pinocchio in the first game)
There are two types of chest in the first Kingdom Hearts: those with a magic lock (the blue ones) and those without it (red and green)

Pinocchio opens a red chest, and that's something even Sora without a Keyblade or the knowledge to use it can do.
Sora can open green and red chests before Yuffie and Leon tell him he can open everything and when he has the wooden sword, but he can't open the blue ones cause of the lock.
So, it's not like everyone can open chests, it's just that some can be opened by everyone because they're not locked and you just need to flip the lid up, and the others are only opened by a Keyblade due to the lock

And from KH II onwards, all chests have a keyhole on them, which makes me assume they're all locked and need the Keyblade.

Also, Terra uses his own Keyblade to open the door to his cell in Deep Space, something I'm sure not anyone could do or the whole concept of the cell wouldn't have any sense.
So yeah, they're all true Keyblades. I don't see any reason for them not to be.


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Oct 22, 2010
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Furthermore, all three are officially training under an official acknowledged Keyblade Master and formally called Keyblade Wielders, so why would out of all people their Keyblades be fake ones?
Ven's Keyblade is shown already in the Prologue shooting that "beam of light" into the sky and there are multiple examples of them being used to unlock a myriad of different things throughout all three stories.