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We're Shipping up to Boston [An interivew with the voluptuous hunny, Stephaknee]

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Optimus Rhyme

Better than Ken at LoL
Jul 31, 2008
Sorry gang, pretty sure this was supposed to go up last week or a while ago anyway. Regardless; here it is.

So, Steph, despite being one of the more senior members on the site, many of today's members don't really know too much about you. Care to give a slight introduction; tell us a bit about yourself?

Hihi : ) Let's see.. I started off at KHI (when it was still kh-2) with the user name baka ushi. It was really lame and I was 13 so that later changed to Ecstasy. And now I'm stephaknee. To be honest I never really give a shit what people are studying or doing so I'm going to feel like a total hypocrite but yea: I'm a senior at Boston University and currently studying cognitive Neuroscience. Snorefest.

When I'm not working two jobs, I like to play WoW :< I'm a level 85 unholy Death Knight. PvE is for homos. My boyfriend and some e-net friends are trying to get me to play LoL but holy bawls I'm awful. Maybe because I've only been picking the pretty female champions. :<

I'm also a big advocate for sexual health and awareness. I've talked at a few high schools around the Boston area trying to promote safe sex versus abstinence. I think I've mentioned it on here a few times but I do like dem girlie bits, too. I guess this relates to some INNER TURMOIL OGM: I've been trying to find a balance between exploitation of female sexuality and expressing my own sexuality in a healthy way. Derailed!

Uh. I like wheat beer.

And I have nce bewbs. ( . Y . )

This is an undeniable fact; I've seen them in person. Anyways, for those of you who don't know (probably 80% of the site), neuroscience means she studies the brain. Basically, she could diagnose what's wrong with all of you.

Right, moving on. Now, speaking of how you've been here for so long, what brought you to the site? And more importantly, what the hell are you still doing here? Also, are you still a fan of the series/have you played any of the more recent games?

I think most people will have similar answers for this question. I had just finished kingdom hearts and I was googling information about kingdom hearts 2, and I stumbled on the main site. I had been on other forums before so I joined this one. I'm barely active now, though, but it takes up some time when I'm bored and/or procrastinating.

I briefly played that one game that came out on the PSP :< I don't remember what it's called so that shows how uninterested I've become in the series haha.

Ah, yes, no better way to kill time than trying to decipher the meaning behind the incomphrehensable posts here on KHI~

Have any memories in particular that you're fond of? Maybe that you're not so fond of?

Hmm. I have some fond memories staying up late in the vb chat/talking to some members way back when. Corey, Ty and Mexican Sam were probably the three I talked to the most at various times. I kind of blocked out my "I'm a crazy teenaged girl getting attention on the internet" phase that I went through on here. Kekeke.

Speaking of him, Corey mentioned that you promised him a kiss on the cheek that he wanted upgraded to... nevermind. It' s best for the kiddies out there if we just drop it.

As KHI knows, You, trag and I had a crazy awesome party meet up a couple of weeks ago that totally rocked and should happen again. If you had to pick one KHI member to meet with IRL, who would it be?

Definitely Sam (Sammy!). He's adorable, intelligent, and could hook me up with an enchilada.

sam's mexican charm wins him women once again; no surprise here folks

ok, put on your thinking cap; where do you see yourself in ten years?

I am hoping in ten years I will be at least working as a post-doc at a university. For those that don't know, a post-doc is basically the step in between getting a Ph.D and becoming a college professor. You run a lab, or run your own experiment in another lab, and the university sees if they like you. Not really interested in marriage, but I'd like to have a kid by 30. I really don't know how to make any of that sound interesting, sorry :'<

A kid, huh. I know at least a few KHI members who'd be happy to help you out there... So, I ask on the behalf of thousands upon thousands, if not FIVE members, how do you feel about that?

lmfao. uh. well. If I was in a stable relationship with them, then sure. =p

ok, cool, now that we know a little bit more about you, we're gonna do a few 'quick-hitters'. Just questions that have much simpler answers.

What would be your dream job?

Researcher. You make your own hours and design your own experiments and you get to investigate cool things. :>

If you could live ANYWHERE in the world, where would you live?

Anywhere warm and near the ocean minus the obnoxious people. I'm like a goddamn old lady.

Whelp, that's enough of that crap. If you discovered that you only had around 6 months left to live, what would you do?

Film a porn movie. See as many countries as I could. And of course boring stuff like spend time with friends/family etc.

If you could meet any famous person, living or dead, who would it be?

Sylvia Plath. I am in love with her <3

Ok, great. I think we're just about done here. Before we go, anything else you'd like to add? Shout outs? Sister's phone numbers you'd like to give me? etc.

Um. I'd like to tell Thomas I still want to hang out with him again =p Haha, and we'll see about hooking you up with my sister ;)


If anyone would like to conduct an interview, please feel free to PM Silh. (read: not if you think you deserve to be interviewed; that's up to whoever does the interview)


May 25, 2009
I think we need a pic to confirm this "I have nice bewbs" statement. *creepstare*

Seriously though, I really enjoy these interviews, makes the guy on the other side of the screen more human to me. Also, he's been mentioned enough so I think Mr. Mexican Flair (aka Sam) needs to be interviewed.
Jun 14, 2004
As KHI knows, You, trag and I had a crazy awesome party meet up a couple of weeks ago that totally rocked and should happen again. If you had to pick one KHI member to meet with IRL, who would it be?

Definitely Sam (Sammy!). He's adorable, intelligent, and could hook me up with an enchilada.

I was having a really shitty day before I read this. Made me smile.


Oct 15, 2008
PvE is for homos.
You confirmed that you were a phaggot while you were leveling.

EDIT: I just got the green proto drake in the tank satchel....b...hahahahhaha!

Good choice on Death Knight though.
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Oct 1, 2007
We definitely should plan to hang out, and let's hope it doesn't rain again p: Also looking forward to playing WoW ;D

Amae, you're down with maryjane? why haven't we hung out


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Feb 4, 2009
She sounds like an awesome person :3
You guys were lucky to meet her


Princess of Heart
Jun 17, 2007
also coulda done without the banal khi-bashing from the interviewer

no hard feelings but yeah really
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