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Fanfiction ► We never die alone

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Dec 12, 2005
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After a long period of time of improving my writing, I think I hit a good story line. I hope you think so too! Enjoy!:blush:

When all things are wrong, we move along...together and never apart.

Act 1: Never could've thought

He store hard at the clock, watching the second hand tick slowly towards the twelve.

“Mister Hikari!” His teacher shrieked, slapping his desk with an oversized yardstick, snapping him out of his daze and awakening his newfound fear of this woman. He saw her glaring at him and un-slouched himself, grinning sheepishly, throughout.

“Sorry ma’am,” he replied through his teeth, and, to every student in that room, it was obvious he was not so much sorry, as proud of his successful infuriation of their devil of a teacher.

The P.A. started up with a crackle, then a voice called, “Sora Hikari, please come to the office.”

The teacher sighed, handing him a hall pass, then directing him to the door, as if he hadn’t known where it was. On his way out, he glanced over to Kairi Reid, a petite redhead and his best friend, gave her a smile, and then swiftly left the room, closing the door gently behind him.


I turned the corner, walking straight into the office. I can honestly admit, God as my witness, I had absolutely no idea of what I’d done, but I know it must have been bad, since when I gave the aid my name, she frowned and gestured grimly towards the principal’s office, as if she was wishing it wasn’t her that had to direct me. I was expecting him to be angry when I entered his office, but what I ended up seeing was far from angry, but more sympathetic. That’s like, what…the other side of the frickin’ emotion chain?! He had me sit down and he sat in his chair as well.

“Son, I have horrible news for you.” He said, sadly. Now I was positive I didn’t want to hear what he had to say.


I watched him leave, Sora, and looked back at the notes I had been taking only moments before this whole spiel. I couldn’t help but be bothered by the calling of Sora to the office, since I had been by his side, and he’d done nothing wro-…well, nothing to be in trouble for. I stood up, indicating that I needed to use the ladies’ room, and my teacher handed me a pass. Instead of the right turn I should have taken, I bolted left to the office, and could’ve sworn that I knocked that hall monitor off her feet.

But I’d have to apologize later…curiosity waits for no one. I nodded to the aid, pretending to have a stomachache, and turned left to where the health room and principal’s office were. I placed my ear to the door, attempting to make out some sound…anything, from calm conversation to yelling. I finally got something, but it far from helped me. What I heard destroyed me on the spot. Bawling. And it wasn’t the principal. I shoved my body through the door, more rash than knowledgeable I admit, but I won’t tolerate my friend being made to cry.


“Kairi…?” I sniffled, wondering why she was here.

“What’s the matter sir?” She asked, almost like she had no idea that she had just burst through the door of the principal’s office.

“First of all, Ms.Reid,” He replied, eyes wider than golf balls, “You just came unannounced through my door.”

“Erm…” She started, nervously.

“I told the aids to call her down when I went to get the tissue box,” I choked out, holding up the box, “sorry for not informing you sir.”

“Ah, well whatever the case…well, I suppose I’ll let it slide this time, since today has been rather hard for Mr. Hikari here.” The principal replied gently.

“Kai,” I said, choking on sobs, “ my parents died!”

Fear was striking into her eyes, and tears welled up, as she jumped on me in a hug. The principal got up and smiled sadly at us, then left his office, with the two of us sitting on one chair, in each others’ arms.


My life is falling apart. Literally. I find myself standing on Kairi’s front porch, holding my valuable possessions that are necessary for me to live in the next week, when my stuff finally gets to the house. Yeah, I live here now. Mrs. Reid was generous and took me in, after my parents died. We still have to make it legal, but I’m sure my parents’ preference would have been with her. Mr. Reid died of alcohol poisoning almost a year ago, so Kairi knows how I feel. We had left school right after the principal’s office insident, and went to get my things. I’m wearing my Dad’s lucky bracelet, and my Mom’s necklace, just so I know that they’re with me still, and when they’re cremated, I’ll have their ashes made into a diamond so I can have them with me.

Kairi opens the door and grabs a bag in my right hand, showing me to my new room with a smile.

“I’m sorry Sora,” She says, noticing me not smiling back, and grabbing my hand, “ I know this is tough…”

“It’s okay Kai,” I say, gently smiling at her and hugging her, “If we could talk to my parent’s right now, I’m sure this is where they’d want me to be.”

She smiles and kisses my cheek, which as unexpected as it was, feels so nice, considering what I’d been through. I might have died today without her.
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