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Dec 15, 2004
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I am sure you have noticed that we have significantly improved the quality and speed of our news posting these past few days. Due to our ongoing improvement in the news department in anticipation for TGS, as well as incoming traffic from both KHInsider.com and FinalFantasy.net during the event, our servers simply could not sustain the traffic and for a long period of time, the forums were either down, or you guys simply could not post. The short explanation is simply that all the incoming traffic at once could not be sustained. For those of you who are more technically inclined, here is a detailed explanation:

Issues said:
There appeared to be multiple queries being executed simultaneously against
the khinside_forums2 database , which caused the slowness you were
experiencing. It is not possible to execute INSERT queries against a table if
another query has already locked the table.

The condition worsened as more queries attempted to be executed against the
already-locked tables, generating high load on the server. It became necessary
to restart MySQL on the server to prevent it from entering an
'out-of-memory' state.

Unfortunately, during once during high loads the post table got corrupted and needed to be repaired, which meant nobody could post on the forums for hours.
Edmunds said:
so yeah, we crashed it by trying to post all at once
like I thought we would
except I didn't think we'd be so effective
The good news is we are all back up, although do not be surprised if slowdowns do arise (we'll try to take care of that more efficiently this time around).

I'd like to take the time out to personally thank Edmunds, our wonderful site owner, for taking the time out getting everything taken care of. For those that don't know, Edmunds lives in Eastern Europe, and he has been up until 4:00 AM within his timezone trying to get everything fixed.

And the good news is we are only half way through TGS! Expect the same quality and efficient news posting from us throughout the week as well as some exclusives! In case you have missed the Kingdom Hearts news for the week, we have a great wrap up of the week's news available here: and of course, FinalFantasy.net is also available to those who are inclined to Final Fantasy. :)

This is also a great chance to give a huge big thank you and shout out to both Lancelot and Sign for making the news rounds these past few days. I am so proud of you two. And an extra special thanks for Shamdeo for running the show, for two sites at once. That isn't easy. Thanks to krexia as well for representing KHInsider in person at Tokyo Game Show this year. Thanks goes out to the graphics team for keeping the site looking fresh as well as our always patient mods. :) These are the amazing folks who get stuff done around here, I simply relay information.


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Apr 12, 2005
^uh oh.

Well done guys! Thought it was my awful study-abroad-housing internet finally failing on me :<