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Waxing Nostalgic...



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Dec 23, 2010
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I'm sure someone has posted something like this before, but who wants to look at a 3 year old thread!

Anyway, as I've seen a lot of people say lately, it seems we're all starting to look back on our original experiences with Kingdom Hearts. So I thought I'd post a thread where we could talk about it. Call it a catharsis. I guess I'll start!

I know I'm starting to feel nostalgic because of the BBS V2 trailer, so many questions I've had for so long could FINALLY be answered! I think it's also because I can see the end now, let's face it we have BBSV2 , 3D and then KH3. Then... it ends. The saga that began in September of 2002 (for me anyway) will finally come to a close. I don't know if I'll continue with Sora's story. Part of me says "MOAR KINGDOM HEARTS!!!" The other says "It's time...let it go. It's time for a new generation to enjoy it."At any rate it's been a long road and it's not even done yet LMAO!

I didn't get to enjoy video games as a kid (typical sob story: divorce, bad parents, no money I could write a book blah blah blah...). I had a GBA that my grandparents got me, but that was it. Anyway, in 2002 I finally was able to afford a PS2 and kingdom hearts. Well, the game was actually a late b-day present since mine's in August. As my first console game since Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, I was very impressed! My money was little however and my dad never really wanted to buy me things for entertainment (said I should be cleaning...) so I had to spend my money wisely. So no CoM, no Days even though I had a DS, and a heck of a time getting KH2. Things changed for the better(on all fronts!) when I finally moved out at 19 in '08. Had a job at Walmart and was able to buy a 360 and a 60GB PS3 as compliments to my Wii and to replace my busted PS2. I was able to finally play Re:CoM (not a big fan), but Days still eludes me.

I quit my job a year and a half ago to concentrate on school, making the purchase of a PSP for BBS a little scary, but I wanted Dissidia too!

So, here I am. Finally in possession of the tools to feed my hobby, yet still lacking funds... lol. My after college plans did not go as intended, so BBSV2 and Dissidia 012 will be hard buys. Not mention all the other games I want... like Skyward Sword.

Maybe I feel this way 'cause I'm back at the beginning, just in a new way.
Sounds like the secret movie doesn't it? The beginning of the saga, from a different perspective.

Someone once told me, "Every beginning has an end, except when it's the same place."
So, I think I'll stop typing now (you've all read enough!!) cue up the orchestra ending piece from KH1 (I have an obsession with VG music thanks to that game too!) and reminisce... Almost ten years... because of one game.

Starting a new journey may not be so hard...or maybe it has already begun... I think I'm obligated to follow Sora's journey now. After all, I think it's mine now too!


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Mar 28, 2010
I can't remember what came first, the tv commercials or seeing CoM in the store. Anyway, one of those got me interested, and I bought CoM. Loved it. My friend owned KH1 and every time I went to his house I asked him if we could play it. I wanted a copy but didn't have one because I had a Gamecube (and later an Xbox as well), never acquiring a PS2 at the time. From 2007 to halfway through 2009, Kingdom Hearts floated to the foreground of my interests. However, in mid-2009, I saw Days in a Gamestop, and bought it. I was sucked into the series again and, being older and more financially independent, bought a PS2 for myself, along with KH and KHII in early 2010. I got the BBS bundle back in September and plan on sticking with this wonderful story.