Was the Apprentice, later Ansem, a product of "norting"?

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Yesss it's another thread but like I said I aint stopping till I get you all talkin!
So your probably thinking "what next? we already did a Xehanort's memory bit". Well this isn't so much about memory as it is about how Xehanort seemed to transition from "Apprentice Xehanort" to "Ansem Seeker of Darkness".

The Apprentice was formed from Terranort turning the keyblade on himself locking away both Terra and Master Xehanort and their memories with them (supposedly) And since Eraqus isn't stated to have had influence by Nomura or the games let's take the assumption he was already dormant.

These facts leads many to believe that a new personality was born in the void. A fourth one with the consciousness' of Terra and MX locked away in the heart they all now shared.
A theory many back up by pointing out his eyes which are brown, a color that is neither Terra's nor Xehanorts.

However somewhere along the way something....changes in the Apprentice, let's call him AX for short, a change which we see taking or having already taken place in the reports of kh1 and finalizing in the opening scene of DDD.

So to get into the point of this thread, take note of this:

Nayru's Love said:
So perhaps there would be no difference in mind between AX and Ansem, and at the same time there is; Ansem would be the "same" as AX after taking the name, yet different from the AX before taking the name.

In a way, AX becoming Ansem looks a lot like the Xehanortification process.
As discussed in this thread here: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-hd-1-5-remix/192533-ansem-apprentice-truly-different-people.html
"Ansem" and the Apprentice don't really seem to have any, if at all, differences in their dispositions or mindset.
Something we see in the KH1 Ansem reports: Ansem Reports - KINGDOM HEARTS - Kingdom Hearts Insider
Namely from this line of report 12:
I have transcended to an existence of only the heart. I should have come back as a Heartless, but there is no sign of such a transformation.

My body has surely perished. However, I am different from the other Heartless, keeping the memories of before, and I have not taken on the form of a Heartless. It is clear that there are still many things to be studied.
And from the opening scene of DDD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucb9qe4dC5Y

If anything his state of mind at the time of first plagiarizing Ansem the Wise's name and writing those reports seems to be nearly identical to that of Xehanort's heartless "Ansem.
He doesn't talk as if he's any different mentally from who he was prior to becoming a heartless in the reports and in the DDD opening scene the Apprentice openly states he is "Ansem".

But this much is part of my other thread let's take into account of the line in bold that I quoted from Nayru's Love at the very top.
"In a way, AX becoming Ansem looks a lot like the Xehanortification process."
This strikes a cord because of this here:
— What happens to the hearts of those who have had Master Xehanort’s heart planted within them?

Nomura: They’ll gradually be swallowed by it. As for Master Xehanort, he plans to control them completely. The planted parts of the heart are captured rather than disappear.
All bearers of Xehanort's heart, whether it be a seed or whole, are eventually swallowed by him. They become him mentally with the person they were being imprisoned/trapped/dormant.

With that in mind maybe this is what were seeing here. Perhaps rather than memories resurfacing or the Apprentice forming some insane persona confused by his influx of two consciousness' trying to take hold maybe what we're seeing here is "norting" in action.

This transition from amnesic scholar, to plagiarizing Ansem, up till reaching finalized stages as Xehanort's Heartless all do eerily come off as what brief personality the Apprentice had being swallowed by MX over time.

Basically speaking rather than all the complex reasons we theorize over multiple personalities is really just MX slowly, but surely, turning AX into himself like he tried to do prior when he was Terranort.
The only difference being that this time Terra and Eraqus were finally in no position to resist leaving MX free to swallow and assimilate the new personality retaking control of the body this time completely unopposed.

If my words confuse you still what I'm saying is that the Apprentice truly did forget and was a mind all his own but that version of him was swallowed and overtaken by MX who lied within.
MX's control and dominance being finalized by the act of AX turning all the apprentices and himself into heartless.

From that angle it'd make sense why Xehanort's Heartless "Ansem" was so MX-like in his attire and actions and why his nobody, despite remembering things of Terra, was also Xehanort dominated and most importantly it'd explain why they remember being Xehanort after being split when AX didn't.
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This is a very good theory! It makes a lot of sense and I could see something like this being canon in the future. I like the concept of Apprentice Xehanort being himself but then being "norted", it's a very good interpretation and explanation to what happened.
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