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War Against Our Own: Mistaken Reactions

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squall leonhart

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Apr 26, 2006
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The year is 2034. The Earth is at war with itself. The Northern Hemisphere vs.
The Southern Hemisphere. Here is the reason:
It was reported that on August 4, 2034 a missle was fired from Brazil towards
Washington D.C.. The missle was eliminated before it caused any damage,
but this was a sign Brazil wanted war. What the Government didn't know
was that two hours before Antarctica had fired a missle at Mars. Well
what do you think the Martians did? They retalliated.

Mars overshot the missle and it was headed for Washington D.C..The
missle was eliminated before it caused any damage,but the government
thought it came from Brazil. The North responded. The South responded.This
soon turned in to a very violent war. Other countries such as Asia and
Russia joined forces just to attack to Australia. Saudi Arabia set ships
out to attack the southern half of Africa. Africa turned against it-
self! Soon the Northern countries shot giant hooks at each
other to form one enourmous super-country. The South did the
same. It's late November and the war is still on. They are now
recruiting anyone in both induvisual Hemisphere's from 14 - 40
years of age. You are one of the recruits. You pick which side
you're on. You pick your own weapons. The Earth is your battleground.
You decide your own fate.

(this my template,this is also the design you should follow)
Name: Shuya Barzhad


Gender: Male

Bio: Shuya's parents died when he was four and he has no memory of what they looked like. His sister has taken care of him ever since. When they assigned sectors in the war. He and his sister were seperated. He is currently waiting for his first battle.

(Sargent,General,Colonel,Soldier = not all of the rankings. There are several,but everyone starts out as a Soldier. You move up later in the RP depending on what you do. Also,everybody has already completed training.) Soldier

Personality: Shuya has quite a sense of humour. Not refusing to go,(not that they give you a choice) it is very obvious he loves violence.

Appearance: Rusty orange spikey/wavy hair sticking out of a black beanie,light brown shirt,dark blue baggy jeans and skater shoes.

Weapons: Giant Lance strapped to his back and some back up Shuriken's


Blue Aura:
(can only do this while wielding his lance)
His whole body glows blue including his lance,all the energy goes to lance and a giant blue sphere fires from the lance toward his enemies.

Thousand Shuriken Strike:
Throws a bunch of shurikens toward his enemies.

Tornado Lance:
Puts lance sharp side pointing down and spins it. It forms a fierce tornado that blows his enemies away.

Hemisphere: North (you can pick North or South,you do not have to pick the one you're actually in)

Absolutely NO God Moding or Power Playing
Please No Profanity
No OOC/(( )) chat,only say things OOC/(( )) that are important

If you have read the rules please put WAR in bold at the top of your post

Thank you for serving your Hemisphere
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