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Walkthrough/FAQ On How To Beat Xemnas (Note: Contains spoilers:()

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Apr 20, 2006
Walkthrough/FAQ On How To Beat Xemnas (Note: Contains spoilers)

Hi! Here is the guide on how to beat Xemnas. (Note Again: Contains Spoilers)

First things first, here are some useful things you need, although they might be hard to get.
Keyblade: Oblivion, Ultima, Fennir either one is fine with me.
Some Helpful Abilites: Trinity, GlideLVL1, Explosion,Item Boost, Combonation Boost
Items Needed: Hi-Potion, Ether, Elixers, Mega-Potion
Sora's LVL: 45-58 (Reccomended to be LVL56)

First Fight (Sora Is Solo )
Health: 1500
His Attacks: Dual Laser Sword Combo, Dark Crystals
Anoying Abilities: Dark Shield

Xemnas starts out by using the anoying Dark Shield. Apparently this makes him invincible for like 10 seconds. If you want retreat to avoid the most likely Dual Laser Sword Combo. Then he will use the Dark Crystals. This attack is his stongest attack. It slowly saps Sora from his health. To stop this attack run up to the building(A.K.A Memory's Skyscraper). Then a reaction command pops up (Facedown). Then use the clash but if you land the reaction command right it will be Finisher instead of Clash. Finisher is stronger than clash but harder to get. So if you think you can't do it stick with Clash. He'll do this a few times. So when you get a chance bash with a Trinity Limit. After just do some combos. Keep doing this untill you beat him.
End Of First Battle

Cut Scene1
Here they THINK Xemnas has been defeated but they are DEAD WRONG. Yadda-Yadda-Yadda happens and door way to final 4-step battle opens. (Note: This is your LAST CHANCE to do anything before the last battle.(or you can beat the game and go back where you saved to finish the game with 100%completion of Jimmin'y Journal.) So anyway you should try to finish with 100% for a special ending only for Standard Mode though)
End Of Cutscene1​

Second Battle (4 Parts)

Strategy For The "Journey"
You start out in a part of the Dark City away from Xemnas. The first ot the fight part is more of a journey than a fight. So anyways start forward. Xemnas will start to throw buildings at you. When you encounter one of them use the Slicer reaction command to dodge it. Keep going forward. Head overto the next area. Use the Escablade reaction command here. Keep going forward. Here you have to use the Sky-Scraper reaction command to continue on to next area. Now here is where you do some actual fighting. the objective here is to destroy enemies, knocking them it to the cylinder to destroy it. after every about 5-8 enemies the cylinder uses a beam to attack. You have to use the Stunt Dodge to dodge it. You have to destroy two cylinders knocking enemies into it. In the next area you have to destroy the Energy Core. Its pretty staight forward, but I'll explain anyways. All you have to do is destroy it. But inbetween a barrier appears. So you need to fight the enemies that are in the area. Plus Xemnas will hit you with his sword from above. Repeat this untill you beat him and use the Proceed reaction command. Here comes the REAL boss fight. Oh and remember to use items to heal
End of Strategy For The "Journey"

Xemnas Boss Fight (Part One)
Health: 1500
Attacks: Water Clones, Spears, Giant Sword
Anoying Abbilities: Shield

In this part of the battle you have Goofy or Donald. Well any who keep Riku in your party at ALL times. Riku's limit, Sesion works awsome against Xemnas. So does Trinity but only use it if you have Combonation Boost. If you do want to use Trinity swich in for a party of Donald and Goofy and use it if you choose. Unleash strong combos at him when you get a chance. He still has his shield and his attacks are way stronger, so be careful. So this fight is really easier than it looks.
End Of Xemnas Boss Fight (Part One)

Cut Scene2
They AGAIN think Xemnas is defeated still they are DEAD WRONG. So they all come and meet up trying to find a way out of the "Realm Of Darkness". Namine pops up outta no where and opens a portal to the light realm. Everyone leaves CEPT for Riku and Sora. The portal closes before they can make it. Then Xemnas comes back up. You know whats next!
End Of Cutscene2

REAL Boss Fight (Part Two)
Health For 2 Engines (each): 1200
Health For 2 Wings (each): 1500
Attacks:Lasers and summons nobody ships to attack

The second battle is simalar to a gummi Ship Battle. Use Drain alot, this charges up the Energy for Mega-Laser. Use Laser when there are no lasers coming at you. Don't use Attack. You should treat this like a regular Gummi Ship Battle. So this is pretty straight forward.
End Of Xemnas Boss Fight (Part Two)[/SIZE]

Xemnas Boss Fight (Part Three)
Health: 1000
Attacks: Same Attacks But One Knocks FAR Back and Lasers
Anoying Abilites: Same Ones As Last Time

There is a short cutscene, but it dosen't really matter. You start up FAR AWAY in space. You AUTOMATICLY have glide so glide over to a building that is NOT moving. Dodge any other buildings by timing your jumps, drops, and glides right you can dodge them. Well anyways use the chain of reaction command to break the HUGE shield blocking your way to Xemnas. Then glide tword him and land near the throne. Start fighting with Session(Riku's Limit). Soon he will knock you back into space. Keep repeating this untill you beat him.
End Of Xemnas Boss Fight (Part Three)

Real Boss Fight (Part Four)
Health: 1500
Attacks: Dual Laser Sword Combo, Dark Beam, Lasers
Anoying Abilites: Teleport, Clones

Xemnas starts off with a HUGE chain of Dark Beam attacks. USe The Reversal command to dodge this. Then hit at him with Riku's Limit, follow up with a combo. When he clones himself look for the one who looks real and attack. Occasionally he will do another chain of Dark Beam Attacks, and the process starts all over again. After losing about 58% of health left he will TRAP SORA. Thus forcing you to take control of Riku. Xemnas creates a clone of himself to stop Riku. Along the way the clone will use a shield to block Riku. Use The Square button to use Dark Aura to stop him. Use this every like 4-5 steps. Then When you reach Sora USe the Rescue Reaction Command. When he has like 3 bars of health he will shoot a parry of lasers at you. To dodge Jump or Glide away. Then when he has like 1 bar of health left he uses a EXTREAMLY FAST AND RAPID LASER ATTACK. YOU MUST DODGE THIS OR YOU WILL DIE. TO DODGE PRESS THE X BUTTON AND THE TRIANGLE BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME AS FAST AS YOU CAN OR RISK AUTOMATIC DEATH. After this you just have to sit back for the short but cool cutscene and give the final blow to Xemnas.
End Of REAL Boss Fight (Part Four)

CONGRADULATIONS!!! You have beaten Kingdom Hearts2!! But I won't tell you the ending cause i said spoliers not ALL spoilers. (LETS HOPE YOU BEAT THE GAME WITH 100% COMPLETION OF JIMINY'S JOURNAL) if not with 100% you can load up from where you saved and do it. Then re-beat the game and see the special ending! All credits go to me and all of you for viewing this walkthrough.!Any questions post a reply and I will get back to you soon. Thank You for chosing this guide!! (Please leave a reply)
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Mar 26, 2006
congrats it helped in my proud mode even if ive beaten the game like 15times
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