Vs. The Dark Hide



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Aug 3, 2015
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So perhaps this is not aptly named as I would like, because instead of actual battle strategies or discussion on the battle itself, I want to talk about the Dark Hide's place in official canon.
Now that we have an actual name to address it by, it feels like that much more integral of a monster in the story. But I feel like I've heard a lot of fans complain about the Dark Hide and its placement in the game, rather than a character like Terranort as the final, final boss.

But actually, I think it was a very appropriate battle.
Think about this: Aqua has just finished battling Terranort, whose theme, Dismiss, reflected the lost nature of Terra and the birth of the powerful darkness that Xehanort had now. Terranort's birth was the moment that Master Xehanort once again became a serious threat to the safety of the worlds.
It wasn't until he and the other apprentices began their experiments that the Heartless were born into the Realm of Light.
Part of what made the Dark Hide battle interesting was the way that they framed it. First, in that they showed Aqua's surprise and trepidation at the fact that what she was now facing was, in fact, not an Unversed. And the way that they showed the Dark Hide leap over her head, with wisps of darkness floating off it, was an intense way to frame the new power that this thing represented, darkness.

Whereas the Unversed are characterized as wispy and eccentric and unpredictable--appropriate for their status as negative emotion made manifest--and the Nobodies are intelligent and humanoid in scope, the Heartless are know to be bestial, acting entirely on instinct and are often shaped in the form of various animals. So, the fact that they framed the Dark Hide in this way was powerful foreshadowing on the nature of the new force that Sora and friends would be forced to battle in ten years.

It was also another one of those cool intrigue moments, where you look through the lens to the past and see what you had not known. With Castle Oblivion, the Chamber of Waking, Aqua's armor staying with Terranort, with whom it would later find its way to the Chamber of Repose. The Dark Hide was the first Heartless to appear in the series. That fact alone, without anything I just said, makes it an appropriate and dramatic segue into Sora and Riku's adventures.

So what do you all suppose? Good as the final boss?