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View in the emos eyes

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Where's my fluffy?!!
Jul 4, 2005
Right, i'm leaving on the roads that lead to my fl
This is a view in the eyes of a emo.
Dedicated to keybearer00
OMG! Nobody understands me, i try to tell them but i can't get past my unneccessary crying! Screw the world even though it has nothing to do with my poser life. Instead of actually sucking it up, i'm going to home to listen to my outcasted music in hope of it conveincing me that i actually am depressed and not just striving for attention. Oh look a knife. I'm going to end my life with it so i can relieve the world of my essence even though nobody knows who the f*** i am. (pauses) I can't do it because i'm emo and emos are not hardcore! so i'll just use the butter knife in hopes that the scratches pull of as actual cut bruises so people will believe that i almost met death. I don't have anything else to do so i'm going to bug the shit! out of people on the forum! BYE!
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