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Using The Book of Prophecies for future worlds



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Nov 25, 2016
Sora, Donald and Goofy have to go inside the Book of Prophecies ala Dream Drop Distance. Instead of the worlds being based off the past, have them be based off the future.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides takes place 15 years after At World's End.

There's The Little Mermaid 2 as well that takes place 10-ish years after the first movie.

I feel like it being in the Book of Prophecies also brings a loop hole for Pixar's weird canon rules. This is an illusion of the future, so in theory: SDG could go through the plot of Toy Story 3 or 4.

This would allow us to revisit the Caribbean and Atlantica when both worlds don't have much left to tell.

Does anyone have worlds they'd like to see that would only be possible via The Book of Prophecies? The only other world I thought about is the Star Wars Sequel trilogy if Episode 6 ends up being in KH4.


Be Wiser Than the Serpent
Nov 4, 2012
Interesting idea for it to be used in a way that allows them to time travel without breaking other rules. I hope they do use that idea!

One of my big dreams related to the Book of Prophecies was one I had before KH3. Following 3D and thinking Maleficent would be getting her hands on the book during the various Disney worlds while Xehanort is off doing the whole Lights v. Darkness thing, I thought it would be interesting for Maleficent to create her own world. Sort of tied into her searching for another castle to be her residence, too.

Anyway, I thought the Book of Prophecies would elevate her power to where she's actually a threat to Sora again. The world would be very similar to End of the World or Symphony of Sorcery, very dream / nightmare-like, and she would revive dead villains to fight Sora as bosses from room to room or area to area, that likewise had elevated power than they ever had before. Think of it as sort of like the Data Battles for the Disney boss fights. Perhaps even have several villains fight together defying world-specific rules that they would have been bound by (Scar not being able to speak human, Jafar needing the lamp to be genie, Ursula needing water to "swim," etc.). Maybe the multiple iterations of Pete (Steamboat Willie Pete, Prince and the Pauper Pete, Musketeers Pete, KH Pete, etc.) could exist at the same time and fight you together, lol. And maybe other combo boss fights: 1. A Shan-Yu, Hook, Barbossa sword-fighters battle, 2. Sorcerer Jafar, Hades, the Evil Queen, Scar, and Maleficent, 3. Dragon Maleficent, Giant Ursula, Genie Jafar, and Chernabog. Lots of different possibilities.

I thought of it as being the final Disney world tying up that side of the storyline before the final original world where the Xehanort Final Battle stuff would happen.