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Username Color and Moderator power chart

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Aug 6, 2004
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A lot of people seemed to have trouble knowing what each username color means, and what kind of power each staff-member has, so I thought I'd make this chart as a guide. Do not post your own thread asking for what they are.


In order of power and ranking:

Dark Grey: Administrator (The guys who run the site, they can do pretty much anything. The only person able to make members Moderators)

Red: Super Moderator (Can use Mod powers in any section, and in the chat. Has the power to ban.)

Light Blue: Regular Mod (Is assigned to a specific section in which to moderate, also moderates the chat).

Dark Blue: Advanced RPG team (Has full control of the RPG and can edit and change absolutely anything within the RPG at will, also has Moderator Power within the RPG section and other designated sections).

Light Orange: Main Site Staff (Content Writer and/or Graphics Contributor for the Main Site of KHInsider, has no power whatsoever on the forums themselves unless assigned so)

Purple: Chat Room Mod (Has powers only in the chat, and the chat alone. Has no power whatsoever on the forums themselves unless assigned so)

Green: Regular RPG Team (Has powers in the RPG section and other sections if designated, and inspects the RPG for flaws and mistakes, reports to the Advanced RPG team)

Teal: Retired Staff (Staff members who are unable to perform their duties and have thus retired from active work on the forums)

All colors above this line are considered Staff. There is a place at the bottom of your screen where you can find the staff called "View Forum Leaders."


Dark Red: Premium Member (Acquire 1000 posts to obtain this, premium members can close their own threads, access the VIP section of the forums, are allowed a larger avatar size and the ability to use Animated avatars, and can edit their custom user title)

Grey: Normal Member


The order of names and titles as a member:

0 posts: Heartless
10 posts: Disney Soldier
25 posts: Court Mage
50 posts: Keyblade Novice
100 posts: Ruler of Darkness
200 posts: Keyblade Wielder
350 posts: Organization Member
500 posts: Warrior of Light
750 posts: Twilight Knight
1,000 posts: Keyblade Master
Premium: Customizable


The #1 Rule to becoming a Mod:

You never ask, you get asked.


Mods: Feel free to add anything to this if you feel there's been something left out
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