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Fanfiction ► Unwanted Power


Darkness Princess

Paper Bag Heaven
Aug 24, 2004
St. John's
Hey everyone this is my first Rp so please comment on it ok? And please be honest, anyways its called Unwanted power, and I've got nothing else to say so here goes.....

Unwanted Power

Chapter 1.

I watched the sun rise over the deep blue ocean. This was the only peaceful place around my home.
“Hey Sinara, I can’t believe you’re still here” I looked up and saw a boy with short spiky black hair and grayish blue eyes.
“Well you know me, I like it here it’s so”
“So peaceful yeah I know” He said smiling at me and sitting on the soft brown sand beside me. The cool sea breeze ruffled his hair slightly and blew my own black hair around my face. “You do know that it drives me crazy when your hair flies around like that” He said staring at my hair.
“If it’s so annoying than I’ll just tie it back” I pulled a black tie from my black baggy jeans and tight my hair into a loose ponytail. “There are you happy now?” I said sarcastically.
But he didn’t seem to be listening instead he was staring at something far ahead which was slowly drawing closer, as it became closer I realized that it wasn’t like anything else I had seen, It wasn’t human for one thing, and it moved in fast jerking movements.
“Dark what’s that?!” I said in a panicked voice.
“I don’t know but I’m going to find out” Dark said getting up and moving towards the trees which covered half the beach.
Although he tried sounding as if it was nothing, he was obviously scared. Dark moved closer and the creatures seemed to have glowing yellow eyes and seemed to be made of pure darkness. Somehow or another I knew that they where called it was as if there was a strange voice in my head saying “Those things are heartless come to close and they’ll steal your heart, you must fight them, use your inner strength”
“Dark! We have to get out of here, and don’t let those creatures touch you!” I cried out but Dark took no notice and went on, the heartless where steadily increasing and more of them kept appearing.
“You must reach deep inside yourself to save your friend, before he gets swallowed by the darkness” The voice seemed to be whispering in my ear now, but it seemed stronger and more urgent.
“Dark will you just listen to me for once” I snapped before grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the water, she didn’t understand why but she knew that if she got to that strange glowing thing in the water which seemed to be increasing in size and brightness.
“ Uhh Sinara please don’t tell me you expect us to jump into that hole” Dark said sounding slightly scared.
I ignored him and pulled him on towards the water, the sound of our trainers crunching small sea shells and still I ran until I was waist deep into the water. I stepped into light with Dark still clutching my hand.
“Good work soon all will be revealed to you, just wait” And with that the light brightened so much that I had to close my eyes and held on tighter to Dark’s hands, with my free hand I felt something heavy replaced by the air, it felt like a hilt of the swords she held during fight training. Before she could think about it anymore everything went black,

Ok *takes deep breath* what do you guys think?


Darkrooms and safelights
Mar 19, 2005
Sitting inside the viewfinder of a camera, watchin
Have you ever put this on fanfiction.net? It feels as though I've read it before, and I go there a lot. ANYway, I like the idea and where you're going with it, but you make it too brief, to sudden, with nothing in between. Patch it up, and I'll love it! Keep writing! Oh, and, by the way, my Muse does have a sister. I'll give her to you if you want. ;)

Darkness Princess

Paper Bag Heaven
Aug 24, 2004
St. John's
Sorry for the double post but I finished my next chapter and here it is.

Chapter 2

I woke up still holding onto Sinara’s hand. I looked at my best friend who’s black hair was completely tangled and her normally green eyes where closed. Her other hand was clutching a deep black sword which looked like a key, but the hilt was a deep maroon, on the sword was a long red zigzagging line which stopped at the hilt. I looked at in surprise and tried pulling it out from her hand, but she was clutching it too tightly. “Sinara, Sinara are you ok?” I said shaking her slightly, but she seemed out cold. I than noticed something digging into my back so I twisted around and saw two more key like swords. Only these where different one of the was ice blue with a crystal like hilt, while the other was the mirror image of Sinara’s sword only this one had black on the hilt and red on the sword with a black line running through it.
“Dark, where are we?” I heard Sinara’s voice and jumped. “Sorry for scaring you, but where are we?” She looked slightly scared and I suddenly calmed down and hid my own fears.
“I have to be strong for her now, I cant show her how scared I am” I looked at her then stood up and paused to pick the two key-like blades, and wished for a place to keep them, the swords as if reading my mind disappeared. “Ok that was weird” I muttered. I reached and Sinara up “Hey are you ok?” I asked and looked her over checking for any bruises.
She smiled and said “No I’m fine but I’m more worried about where we are” She said looking around. I then realized that I hadn’t even looked at my surroundings.
We where in some kind of alleyway with barrels scattered around. Brownish colored buildings loomed over us, and I knew straight where ever we where it wasn’t Kiniko Island. It was definitely another world like the ones he read about.
“So, what next?” I asked Sinara started to walk out of the alley towards some kind of streets.
“I don’t know, I guess we explore and ask around” She said walking besides me; I noticed her sword wasn’t in her arm, it had disappeared like mine. “So what do you think happened to our home?” she asked me trying to sound casual but there was a slight tremor in her voice, I knew she was scared it showed no matter how macho she pretended to be.
“I don’t know that’s what we’ll find out” I said trying to sound nonchalant. But I felt worried, as we turned the corner we saw a square filled with people and strange creatures, there where these little cream-colored things with red little balls on their heads supported by an antenna like thing. “Ok those are really freaky, they look like deformed teddy bears” I said to Sinara, she laughed then tugged at my arm before walking into a store. I followed her straight away, not wanting to lose the only familiar face I knew in this area.

“Sora you done stocking up yet!” I looked up at my best friend Riku a teenage boy with blue eyes and platinum colored hair who now wore a blind fold to cover his eyes as the light hurt him, this all of this because he had been swallowed by darkness once but now his path was light, just like mine.
“Yeah Sora we gotta go now!” Said another voice that came from Kairi a teenage girl with dark brown hair which reached her shoulders and dark blue eyes. I looked up at her familiar face and felt that pang in my heart as always, Kairi was my best friend and the one girl I would always love.
“Ok, Ok just a minute, I’m almost done” I said sounding annoyed while I packed up my bag with a potions and a few other we would need.
Just then the bell which announced another customer rang and I turned around to see two teenage kids, one a boy with spiky black hair and dressed in faded black pants and a grey sleeveless T-shirt. The other a girl with long black hair which she kept tied up in a high ponytail she had white pale skin and emerald colored eyes. She was dressed in black baggy pants and a black tank top. Something shiny on her stomach caught my eye and I realized it was a diamond stud pierced on her belly button.
“Sinara, do you think we should ask these people where we are?” The boy said to the girl. The girl, Sinara replied “Uhh yeah I guess so” Than she looked at me and asked. “Hey umm excuse me, but we where wondering what is this place and how did we get here?”
My first thought would be that it was destroyed by the heartless, but that was impossible the heartless where long gone. “Well firstly this place is traverse town and you probably got here because your hearts where powerful enough to survive your worlds destruction. But by what it was destroyed I can’t tell you unless”
“Unless the heartless have returned once again and the world borders have been destroyed” Riku interrupted me.
“Hey are the heartless, shadow like things with yellow eyes which move with fast jerky movements, and umm don’t you feel something weird going on with your heart when they come near you, as if you have to run away at all costs” Sinara said speaking as if she remembered it happening.
“Yeah they are” I said surprised at her amount of knowledge.
“But how do you know this” Kairi asked her sounding just as surprised as I was.
“It’s simple” said Riku he paused than said “The heartless have indeed returned” .
“Ok slow down a sec. are you telling me those weird shadow like things that attacked my home, have come back, come back from what?” The boy interrupted Riku.
“Ok listen up, this may sound completely strange but its true, the heartless are creatures which where born from darkness, Ansem is the one who made them. Ansem was once a great scientist but his thirst for power and darkness turned him evil. He was once greatly respected by his home world. His home world is hollow bastion”.
“The heartless first appeared when Ansem started experimenting with people’s hearts. This experiment caused the people to lose there hearts and disappear. What replaced the people where those creatures which destroyed your home” Riku went on for me.
“The heartless’ true mission is to search for the heart of every world and then take it, when they do this the world gets destroyed with everything on it”
“So are you telling me that our home Kiniko Island is destroyed, our families and friends all gone?!” Sinara said interrupting Kairi
“I’m sorry to say so but yes, only those with either the strongest of hearts or wielders of the Keyblade make it out” Riku said looking slightly sad at this.
I looked at Sinara and the boy whose name I still didn’t know and noticed that they both kept their eyes firmly on the ground as we said this to them. I wondered at their history and how they managed to survive the destruction of their worlds. How did they survive? And why did they end up here of all places?”

Another chapter finished, hopefully someone will read it.