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Nov 21, 2010
Mad-TOWN, Wisconsin
Year: 2556, Sept. 24th
"I couldn't remember why I wanted to go to the restroom alone again. All these visions in my head started when... he asked me to leave..." She got inside the stall and slid down the wall and brought he legs in and trying to hold it in, but the simple tears fell from her eyes down off her chin.
It felt like a lump in my throat, my heart won't stop pounding through my chest. I quickly unzipped my light hoodie. Then looked down the tiles as they were a perfect lines, and how some people think they're perfect.
"I'm never good enough for anything...especially for him..." another tear fell. Then she heard the door open. She quickly got up and pretend she was done by flushing the toilet. But instead of leaving the stall she just stood in front of the door, maybe waiting for something to happen of what the other girl was doing.
She didn't hear anything outside the stall, she began to doubt herself that she did hear anyone come in. Then after a long silence, she felt a huge cold draft coming over and under the stall. "What the--" before she could finish. A huge explosion took over the whole girls bathroom.

All I could hear was a huge buzzing in my ears from the explosion. I looked around as my eyes were trying to adjust to the dust around me. I quickly got up. "What happen?" The air started clearing up. I saw the disaster..."Who would do this?"
Then behind me was a hand on my shoulder, I quickly turned around and saw the Head Master Juro. He asked, "What happened here"
I looked around and saw where he was getting at. I'm all by myself and this explosion. "I don't know..." is all I could say.
The Head Master Juro then snapped his fingers and we both disappeared. We ended up in his office that only he and people he choose can come in to.
"Head Master Juro, please let me explain! I was in the bathroom--" He put up his hand to notify me to stop.
He also let his hand point to the empty chair in the room in front of his desk. He went around and looked out the window that is was pitch black outside. He finally spoke as he looked at me with his old tired eyes, "Look Lea."

I walked slowly over, I wondered to myself why would he offer me the sit on a chair he if was going to make me look at something. I took each step closer to him and the window, It just didn't feel right, I had a bad feeling. "Head Master, what am I looking for? As I looked over to the pitch black of nothingingness of a window. I scanned the whole view as I can and try t osee if am missing something obvious... nope nothing. I gave a big sigh.
"You still don't see it?" he looked over at me.
I shook my head, "No, is it a bad thing?" I clenched into my lucky bracelet I found when I was a child. I looked down on its beauty, it had a white emerald in the middle, it isn't diamond and it had five rounded spikes as if it was something honorable back then. I thought it was lucky because I could've died four times in my life...
"Lea..." Head master looked over at me again. "Take my hand."
I nodded and reached for his hand with my lucky bracelet with the other in my pocket. "What's wrong?"
"Everything, just everything. LEa, one day you'll be in this position, it will be the best and the worst feeling in the world to you." he said, and him just saying that, made my mind boggle. What did he mean.
"I'm confused."
"So was I Lea, but once you meet that special someone in your life, that's when everything you once had dreamed of, becomes a death run." he looked down and he a tear coming down his cheek. He then gripped my hand tightly. "Lea, promise me."
"Yeah..." I replied, hoping this whole thing would stop. My eyes were starting to hurt as I didn't know where to look anymore.

The next thing I know, I was in homeroom with everyone else in my class. Small fifteen students. Some were great people to be with while others were obnoxious jerks and stuck up.
I walked around to stall time before the session started. I looked around the room seeing everyone in some good clothes I'd love to wear and how they use their powers. Sometime times like this, it makes me wonder how we got here, was it fate or was it a force. In which out history it was a force.
In my head, "My name is Lea Korma, am 17, my power is Force fields and invisibility, am part of the Royal family of Korma clan, I posses the attribute of Love." I breathed deeply... "I'm I worthy..."

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