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Underground (OOC and Sign Ups)

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The Dream

Oh no, not me, I never lost control
Apr 5, 2008
Under this bed
A millions years from now, there was a war. It's not the third world war, the world didn't last that long, no, this war was world war 2000. That war was the final straw, that war showed us that god really did exist, that war made humans pay for their arrogant ways. We never thought it was possible, but it was.

One day during the war, a man with long golden hair decended from the sky in the middle of the battlefield, not just one, but in every battle field. All weapons were destroyed as he landed on the ground, people were shocked and scared. His words were demands, he wanted everyone one to stop the war or suffer the consequences, people didn't listen.

World leaders thought one or the other made a hologram an sabotaged the enemies weapons, just so they could get one or the other to surrender. After five month of arguing, the fighting wtarted again. The war intensified, and god didn't like it, that's when we had to suffer the concequences.

God desended from the sky and reaked havoc, men, women and children died on the battle field, we thought that was all, but the worst was yet to come. After a few days god came again and flipped the world over. People were now living under the groun they walked on. All the building were destroyed, but the lights of the city were unharmed. They gave us never light, but it wasn't like the sun.

People started to work on a new life style years later. Food was now grown upside down, being pulled by their roots from the oustide world, but never keeping a hole for anyone to escape. Technology could no longer work, god was afraid that humans might start their horrible wars with weapons again. Yes god might have allowed wars with old, medival swords, but this would never become world wide. The world has turned mideval and such things as kings, knights, squires, princesses and peasants are back.

Now, fifty years have passed and life has failed. People have succumed to disease, gone mad and die from those who have been mad. You have been selected to be in a team of average people to go out and find a way back to the outside world. It won't be easy, there have been sighting of strange monsters, porbably gods way of saying that it won't be that easy.

1. No rule breaking! (duh!)
2. No godmodding
3. No technology, just melee weapons.
4. No killing unless youasked the person you killed.
5. I want good paragraoh like posts, unless you make up for a short one in the next post.
6. Romance is allowed, but keep it pg13.
7. You can't make random things like life viles or such, it must be like a medival thing in way.

Rank in Society: (Knight? Peasant?)
Skills: (Three only)
Personality: (What are you like?)
Weapons and Equipment: (What do you carry? no guns, just things like swords)
Apperance: (How do you look?)
Other: (Anything else intruging)
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