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UMvC3: Green Goblin



Nov 8, 2017
UMvC3: Green Goblin

Voiced by: Dave Wittenburg (voice of Kefka Palazzo)

Theme: We're All Mad; Theme of Green Goblin

Intro: Goblin hops off of his flyer and gets into his fighting stance, where he's squatting and moving left and right.

Outro: Goblin crushes a pumpkin bomb (without it exploding) and flies off, stopping at the center of the screen moving left.

Victory: Goblin is riding his flier like a surfboard.


Life's no fun without madness!

Here's hoping I don't waste any bombs!

Well, well, looks like I have backup this time!

Win: Anyone next? Haha!

Win: And THAT'S why you don't mess with ME!

Win: Now if you'll excuse me, I have people to murder.

Off-Screen: I'm sorry, Norman Osborne isn't here to resist my influence; please leave a message after your death. Oh wait, you CAN'T! Hahahahahahaha!

Off-Screen: I'll bet my goody-two-shoes son would be here to disappoint me, as always. Why can he never be like his papa goblin?

Off-Screen: Run, run, run all you want! Sooner or later, I'll kill you so hard you'll DIE to death!....Wait, that made no sense.

(Vs. Spider-Man)

You're mine this time, Parker!

Spidey: How many times do I gotta beat you up, green bean?

Win: Could it be? Have I FINALLY defeated the Spider-Man?!

Spidey's win: C'mon, Norman. You should know better.

Off-Screen: I DID! I DID beat a Spider-Man! Victory against him is FINALLY mine! Now to go take care of Doc Ock, Venom, the Rhino....

(Vs. Non-specific Marvel Heroes)

If YOU'RE a hero, than what am I?

Win: Now we know who the REAL villain is! Ohohohohoho!

(Vs. Iron Man [with costume on])

That's MY suit! Give it to me!

Iron Man: I can still smell Norman Osborne's hair gel.

Win: Iron Patriot's coming back, baby!

Off-Screen: Now that I think about it, Iron Patriot was DEFINITELY the wrong name for this. Maybe when I get back to Oscorp, I'll rename it the Iron GOBLIN! Ha!

(Vs. Captain America)

Oh, say can you seeeeee?

Cap (vs. Non-specific villains): Surrender is your only option.

Win: That ought to spangle your stars, huh?

Cap's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Your kind's got no shot. Not while I'm around.

(Vs. Mandarin)

Off-Screen: I hear there's an alternate reality where you and Stark are teenagers! And YOU became good in the end; that makes me SICK.

(Vs. Blackheart)

What's wrong? Crying out for daddy?

Blackheart (vs. Non-specific villains): Do not interfere with me.

Win: Tell Mehphisto that he's NOT a real goblin!

Blackheart's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Now you'll remember not to cross my path again, fool!

(Vs. Deadpool)

And people call ME crazy.

Deadpool: Come and get some Ozzy! I'm ready for ya!

Win: Perhaps I should steer clear of you for a while.

Deadpool's win: You wanna take a shower, so you can wash your formula off ya?

Off-Screen (Deadpool): And ANOTHER thing! You have a son who fights crime! WITH SPIDEY! Why can't you be like your own son?

(Vs. Super Skrull)

Hey, Kl'rt! How's your queen been lately?

Win: Oh, that's right. I KILLED her! Hahahahaha!

Off-Screen: You're not even CLOSE to real goblins, if you ask MY opinion! You might as well have DESERVED for Galactus to consume your homeworld.

(Vs. Hawkeye)

Off-Screen: Try to catch me, Robin Hood! I'll go tell my Nottingham sheriffs to have you executed!

(Vs. Aqua)

Well, well, another little girl for me to capture!

Win: I think I'll have that key for myself! Haha!

Off-Screen: Pity your hair is blue. I would've enjoyed another trip to the Washington Bridge!

(Vs. Human Torch)

Hee hee! I'd ADORE some flames for my bombs!

Torch: I remember when Doom took over Reed's body....

Win: Thanks for the help, Johnny-boy! Ahahahahahahaha!

Torch's win: Glad I didn't set off TOO many bombs....

(Vs. Lord Raptor)

Off-Screen: Hey, now YOU'RE my style! Just lose the name "Raptor", alright? It's VERY misleading, if I'm honest.

(Vs. Firebrand)

Pathetic excuse for a goblin!

Firebrand: (This one's a bit dangerous....)

Win: Now you know what a REAL goblin is, copycat!

Firebrand's win: (NEVER judge anyone by their size!)

Off-Screen: Now to go after that steroid goblin in the other dimension!

(Vs. Kuja)

Off-Screen: Wow, you're not NEARLY as crazy as ME! Never show your face to me again, reject.

(Vs. Arthur)

Here's a goblin you WON'T slay, knight!

Arthur: Ah, a tricky devil has appeared!

Win: Here's praying your princess isn't blonde! Hahaha!

Arthur's win: Huzzah! Cleared without a miss!

Off-Screen (Arthur): It would appear that THIS devil was using ordinary gourds as explosives! I should be lucky that none of the OTHER demons I had faced were smart like that.

(Vs. Felicia)

Here, kitty kitty kitty!

Win: Aw, would you rather have been thrown into the kennel?

(Vs. Haggar)

Off-Screen: Why don't you let ME be the mayor of Metro City? I have the skills. I have the politics. I have the trickery! Hahahahahaha!

(Vs. Frank West)

I am DONE with the media.

Frank: Yep, you're psycho alright. (In zombie-fighting pose)

Win: Don't you DARE compare me to a clown!

Frank's win: So, uh....anything to do with Adam?

Off-Screen (Frank): I don't care how many pumpkin bombs you've got. I won't stop 'til I get pictures of Norman Osborne!

(Vs. Rashid)

Off-Screen: Looks like windy with a chance of DEATH! Any last words?

(Vs. Tenkai)

Out of the way, boring one!

Tenkai: You seem crazier than I....

Win: Booooooriiiiing!

Tenkai's win: How sad you are, having to bear two minds.

Off-Screen: Why not be crazy and NOT boring? Huh? Huh?

Off-Screen (Tenkai): Being calm on the exterior does not classify me as what you call "boring". Not to mention, I FAR exceed you in fields of grace.

(Vs. Chun-Li or Leon Kennedy)

Catch me if you can, officer!

Chun-Li: That's enough! Surrender now!

Leon: What a sad laugh....

Win: How about YOU rot in a jail cell for a change?

Chun-Li's win: I won't let evil go unchecked!

Leon's win: God help us if you got exposed to Las Plagas.

(Vs. Wesker)

Off-Screen: Why don't you try the Goblin Formula, Wesker? It'll do you SO MUCH GOOD! Hee hee hee!

Off-Screen (Wesker): You know, maybe I should take a look at this "Goblin Formula". It's bound to have some sort reaction to Uroboros....

X-Factor: Having fun yet?

One ally down: Less than worthless!

Two allies down: I never needed you anyways!

Light defeat: Will I....blow up with my own bombs?

Heavy defeat: Heeeeeeeuuuuuuugggghhh!

Time over: Bah! I was just stalling, anyhow!