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Fanfiction ► Tyson’s Journey

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Nov 30, 2007
I have been doing alot of writing and would like to share my Pokemon Fic I wrote with you guys. Before I contiue I would like to get good revies.

I got some reviews saying it was good and some ok. I''l try to work on the grammar if I get good reviews I'll start n chapter 3.

Tyson’s Journey
Chapter 1 Turtwig! Go!

The fresh scent of flowers filled air the as Tyson made his way towards Prof. Rowan’s lab on the outskirt of Sandgem Town. It was a beautiful day as many Pokemon were out today taking advantage of the good weather. Wild Bidoof were everywhere searching for food as a flock of Starly flew over head roaming the vast skies. Tyson continued to walk down the trail where he could see Prof. Rowan’s lab in sight.

Tyson could hardly believe that he was about to go start his on Pokemon Journey. He had read many magazines about trainers starting their journey and becoming expert Pokemon Trainers. His day had finally come to him obtain his first Pokemon and start his adventure. Tyson hurried along the trail to Prof. Rowan’s lab and finally came to a large white building. At the entrance of the lab was a tall elderly man with a white bread along with his bread he had white hair and was wherein a long white lab coat with brown pants. Tyson apache the man slightly scared of his appearance as he had a mean look on his face.

“Who might you be young men” said the guy with his deep voice.

“I’m Tyson from TwinLeaf Town” said Tyson nervously. “I came to get my starter from Prof.Rowan.”

“Well you came to the right place” said the man laughing at how nervous Tyson was. “I’m Prof. Rowan
Pokemon Researcher.”

“Your Prof.Rowan” said Tyson as he started to get more excited. “I read about you in books you look like nothing the books describe about you.”

A sweat drop appeared on the back of Prof.Rowan head as he heard Tyson go on talking.

“Let’s not waste time talking how about we get you your starter Pokemon now” said Prof. Rowan as he entered the lab.

Tyson quickly followed Prof. Rowan into the lab and was amaze at what he saw. Flashing machines were everywhere analyzing data and many of Prof. Rowan assistant were walking through room through room. Prof. Rowan led Tyson through many rooms as they finally came to what looked like a check up room for Pokemon. In the middle of the room was a small white table with three Pokeballs on it.

“Each of these contains Pokemon given to new trainers in Sinnoh” said Prof. Rowan. ”The Pokeball to your left contains Chimchar a Fire Pokemon.” “The Pokeball in the middle contains Piplup a Water Pokemon.” “Finally the last Pokeball contains Turtwig a Grass Pokemon.” “Each of these Pokemon have their own strengths and weakness so choose wisly Tyson” said Prof. Rowan

Tyson could hardly decide on which Pokemon to choose from as he looked aitches to choose one. Tyson wanted a strong and trustworthy Pokemon that would stand by his side. Tyson had finally decided he quickly pick up the Pokeball containing Turtwig the Grass Pokemon.

“I choose Turtwig Prof. Rowan” said Tyson happily.

“Good Choice” said Prof Rowan. “Through out adventures you will find many Pokemon through the region of Sinnoh. “So you will need these” said Prof. Rowan handing Tyson a small red device and 5 Pokeballs. “The Pokedex will help you Identify Pokemon you don’t know while Pokeballs help you capture them.”

Tyson place the 5 Pokeballs into his black backpack and his Pokedex into this black jeans left pocket.

“Well I better get going” said Tyson. “Thanks for the advice Prof. Rowan I’ll try my best to become a great trainer “said Tyson has he exited the room.

“Good Luck” Tyson said Prof. Rowan “Try not to get into any trouble.”

The sun was still shining as Tyson exited Prof. Rowan lab and was aitches to try out his new Pokemon. Tyson first stop was going to be Route 201 as he wanted to do so training there before heading to Sandgem Town. Tyson grabbed Turtwig Pokeballs from his pocket and tosses it into the air releasing a familiar white. When the light disappeared a small green turtle like with a brown shell and a leaf on top of its head was left in its place.

“Turtwig” said the Pokemon loudly. It quickly took notice of its surrounding as it seemed a little scared of where it was.

“It’s okay Turtwig there’s nothing to be afraid of” said Tyson. “I’m your new trainer.”

Turtwig started to get more relaxed as he was glad someone was with him.

“Turtwig” said the Pokemon softly.

“Alright Turtwig let’s get moving” said Tyson as he continued down the path to Route 201 with Turtwig quickly following behind.
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Nov 30, 2007
Chapter 2
Battle at Lake Verity! Save Mesprit!

Route 201 was a lush, green, wooden area surround by tall trees. Resting on some of the trees were flocks of Starly taking a break from the long flight journey they had taken. Bidoof’s were playing around the vacant trees making sure they didn’t disturb the Starly. Tyson and Turtwig walk along the trail leading deep into Route 201.

“There are sure a lot of Bidoof’s and Starly’s around Route 201” said Tyson. “I wonder are they the only Pokemon that live in this area but while will here we should get some battle practice in Turtwig.”

Turtwig who was completely bored out of its mind quickly responded to the command as it was searching for its target. Turtwig quickly scouted the area and found a Starly alone on a near by tree.

“Turtwig use Razor Leaf to get Starly attention” said Tyson

Turtwig started to sake his head wildly around launching a wave of sharp leaf’s at Starly. The Razor Leaf severely damage Starly but Starly some how mange to withstand the pain and launched at Turtwig with a wing attack. Starly rams its wing into Turtwig causing Turtwig great pain. Tyson knew Turtwig couldn’t take another Wing Attack since grass types were weak against flying types.

“Turtwig use Razor Leaf” said Tyson.

Turtwig mange’s to recover from the attack and launches another wave of sharp leafs. Starly was hit again by the leaves cutting its body even more. Tyson saw his chance to catch it. Tyson quickly grabs a pokeball from his pocket and tosses it at Starly. A red light absorbs Starly into the pokeball as it starts to shake around on the grass. After a few seconds the pokeball stops and Tyson knew he had caught his first Pokemon.

“Good job Turtwig” said Tyson happily.

“Turtwig” said the Pokemon happily.

“Okay Turtwig let’s keep going down Route 201 to see if we can find anymore good Pokemon” said Tyson as him and Turtwig continue down Route 201.

Tyson pulls off his black backpack and reaches inside for a small white and purple spray bottle.

“Okay Turtwig this might sting a little” said Tyson as he begins to spray Turtwig all over its body. Turtwig flinched a little from the powerful chemical in the medicine.

Suddenly out of no where a small fat and brown beaver Pokemon came and snatch the potion out of Tyson hand.

“Hi give that back” said Tyson angrily. Tyson tries to grab Bidoof but it quickly jumps out of Tyson reach. Bidoof laughed at Tyson attempt to try to catch it but Turtwig quickly tackled Bidoof causing it to drop the potion. Shocked by the sudden attack Biddof angrily charges for Turtwig with a tackle but Turtwig quickly moves out the way. Unable to stop its charge Bidoof ran straight into a tree and way badly hit. Bidoof slowly started to get up and was about to burst into tears.

“It’s your felt trying to steal others stuff Bidoof” said Tyson. “I don’t have any more potions to heal your wounds but resting in a pokeball well help.”

Tyson grabs an empty pokeball from his pocket and tosses it at Bidoof. A red light absorbs Bidoof into the pokeball as it starts to shake around on the grass. After a few seconds the pokeball stops and Tyson had caught his second Pokemon.

“Well let’s get going Turtwig” said Tyson as he placed Bidoof pokeball into his pocket.

Tyson and Turtwig continue through Route 201 fighting a few wild Pokemon battles along the way giving his team some practice.

“Nice job Turtwig you’re getting a lot stronger” said Tyson. “Keep this up and we’ll make it to the Pokemon League in no time!”

“Turtwig” said the Pokemon happily but was interrupted by a loud cry.

“What was that scream” said Tyson a little startled by the unsuspected cry? “Turtwig lets go check it out someone might be in trouble.”

Tyson ran along in the direction of the scream followed by Turtwig. As they ran their surrounding begin to change. Many of the trees weren’t in the area and the grass became a little taller. Tyson and Turtwig arrived at an open field and among it was Lake Verity. There were others besides Tyson there two men with weird looking outfits that had a yellow G on it and a girl holding a small purple and blue creature.

“Stay away from me and Mesprit” shouted the girl madly. “Whatever your trying do I want let you have it!”

“Well we’ll have to take Mesprit by force then Team Galactic needs it” said one of the men. “Go Zubat and Wurmple” shouted both of the men.

The two pokeball release a white like forming the shape of two small creatures when the light cleared Tyson could make out the figures clearly. A small blue bat with no eyes and a small red and white worm appeared ready to attack.

“Wurmple use String Shot to tie of the girl and Mesprit” said the man.

Wurmple started to release tiny white strings wrapping the girl legs and arm. The girl struggle to get free but the strings were too tight around her.

“This is it for you little girl Mesprit is ours for the taking” said the man laughing but was interrupted by Turtwig Razor Leaf cutting Wurmple and the strings off the girl.

“Who the Hell are you” shouted the man before getting kicked by Tyson and knocked out cold.

“Kid you’re asking for trouble if you’re going to interfere with Team Galactic” shouted the man angrily ordering his Zubat to prepare for battle.

“You’re asking for trouble if you go around messing with pretty girls” said Tyson while the girl was blushing a little. “Besides I can’t just set by and watch you creeps do this.”

Tyson quickly releases Starly from its pokeball ready to the Zubat.

“Zubat use your Bite attack to end this battle quickly” commanded the man.

Zubat quickly obeyed flying towards Starly ready to sink its teeth into its opponent.

“Starly use Quick Attack to get behind Zubat and then use Tackle” said Tyson.

Starly gained a sudden burst of speed and was quickly able to get behind Zubat and Tackle from behind.

Zubat thrown off balance from the impact and had a hard regaining control of itself.

“Starly let’s end this with a Wing Attack” said Tyson

Starly wings started to glow white as it gain speed to deliver the final blow. Starly smacked Zubat with its wing and sent Zubat crashing into the ground.

“This isn’t over kid” said the man as he returned Zubat into its pokeball and carried his partner away from Lake Verity.

Tyson quickly returned Starly to its pokeball along with Turtwig.

“You okay how’s Mesprit” said Tyson.

“It’s okay its just needs some rest” said the girl happily.

“Well you need to get out of here before they bring back friends” said Tyson as he help the girl up from the ground.

“We can head for Twin Leaf Town my house is there” said the girl. “By the way what’s your name?”

“I’m Tyson from Sandgem Town what’s yours.”

“I’m Sarah” said the girl as Tyson and her continued toward Twin Leaf.
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