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News ► Twisted Wonderland Have Come To The US



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Sep 15, 2017

Twisted Wonderland, a game developed by Aniplex and licensed by Disney Japan have come to the US at 20 January 2022 when it was released two years ago in 18 March in Japan. WIth Yana Toboso filling in quite the number of creative position of the game (namely, concept writer, scriptwriter, character design. Basically she is to TW is kinda like Nomura to KH, kinda), as well riding the Disney name, the game was a successful project in Japan, with over one million download and 29 billion yen/260 million USD revenue in one year, and is a success even in the US, passing the 50k download pre-registration mark before launch.

Concept, main story, and character designs: Yana Toboso
Supported by SQUARE ENIX
Development and management: f4samurai
Logo, user interface, emblem, and icon design: Wataru Osakabe
Backgrounds: Atelier Musa
Planning and distribution: Aniplex
Music: Takumi Ozawa
Opening animation: TROYCA
Audio production: HALF H-P STUDIO

Link to official site: https://disneytwistedwonderland.com/

The game is confirmed to have an anime launched this year on Disney+ Japan due to its huge success in Japan. it's also have an ongoing manga on Square Enix' magazine Gangan as well there is a light novel coming.

Many mistake was done to say this is an otome game, but it's not. Yes, it's a joshimuke game-game aimed to straight women, but it doesn't have dating element. Otome game is joshimuke, but not all joshimuke is otome

Gameplay: The gameplay is relatively simple , it is either rhythm game, or a turn-based strategy . There are four type of elements in the game, fire, water, flora , and cosmic. Cosmic is neutral, when fire, water, and flora forms a weakness/strong triangle with water beats fire, flora beats water and fire beats flora. Some cards/unit do better at tanking, another at tanking, some may even heal or debuff. You can bring maximum 5 cards into a battle. Each cards may have stat boost if you have a version of certain character in your part, and SSR cards can even do duo magic if you have the right character in your team. You can also grind the card's stats levels through the lessons, history , alchemy, or flying.

Pictured: Fighting Ace who have fire element active for the turn, and the units you can pick to attack per turn.
History lesson

Alchemy class


Flying class

Twistunes, the rhythm segment of the game.

Plot: The premise of the game is that in Night Raven College, this school of mages, you take on a gender neutral , unseen character , default name "Yuu" who got transported into this world with no preparation at all, stuck at the magical college with no way home, and to prove your identity, and assist the haughty mages in their personal life. Simply put, you're their unpaid therapist.

Different from Kingdom Hearts who the Disney characters are, well, the Disney classic themselves, Twisted Wonderland "twists" the Disney classic character, not only inspired from the Disney characters, but also take a spin from that characters, and designed to be young men, with the actual Disney villains regarded as hero of their own story. With exception of Malleus who is explicitly stated to be Maleficent's actual descendant, none of the boys are related to the villains/character they are twisted from. (maybe. See spoilers if you are fine with it.) . There are 7 dorms, said to be founded by each great seven with their own motto. Heartslabyul, twisted from Alice in Wonderland. Savanaclaw, twisted from Lion King. Octavinelle, twisted from the Little Mermaid. Scarabia, twisted from Aladdin. Pomefiore, twisted from Snow White. Ignihyde, twisted from Hercules. Diasomnia, twisted from Sleeping Beauty

Localization is only done through sub, there is no dub. the audio is still japanese. And as with most localization. some things are changed. For example, like Sam's (twisted from Dr.Facilier) design where they get rid of his skeletal theme, or ...some lines. I suggest you compare the official translation with the fan translations, like by ShelBB or OtomeAyui on Youtube, puriizu on twitter for events, and kanademusings on wordpress for main plot to see the difference and see which you prefer. Japan server is ahead of US server by 2 years, so while US only reach chapter 2, Japan already got into Chapter 6 part 2 1/2. Naturally, spoilers abound. And I will write that spoiler here, in case you are interested. And the part where this game is comparable with KH is also in the spoilers.

You can only play the students, including Grim and Ortho. List of the students and their dorms:

Heartslabyul, founded by severity of Queen of Hearts. Home to those who specialize in practical, basic magic, those in this dorm must obey the 810 rules of Queen of Hearts .

Ace Trappola (Twisted from 1 heart card) . A freshman with a penchant for taunting others and shirking away from stiff matters such as rules and regulations. Ace is a freewheeling student with an impulsive streak, and his impulsive and selfish actions often lead him into trouble. Underneath the veneer of a taunting troublemaker, Ace is a perceptive person with a loyal core.

Deuce Spade (Twisted from 2 spade card) A serious and diligent young man who enrolled in the College with hopes of becoming an excellent magician. Deuce aims to become a honor roll student and is determined to academically succeed, but he can be dense and tends to become swept up in conflict due to Ace and Grim.

Trey Clover (Twisted from 3 clover card) The vice dorm head of Heartslabyul. In comparison to Riddle, he's much more calm and relaxed, though, he do have his own mischievous side.

Cater Diamond(Twisted from 4 diamond card) A sociable and cheerful third-year student who is always up-to-date on the latest trends. However, he can sometimes be cruel. Basically the local eboy.

RIddle Rosehearts) (Twisted from Queen of Hearts)The dorm leader of Heartslabyul. Rigid and unyielding, Riddle is a strict follower of the Queen of Heart's rules and leads Heartlabyul with an iron grip. Short-tempered, unforgiving, and powerful, he is the feared enforcer of the rules.

Savanaclaw. Founded on tenacity of King of Beasts, this house is home to the athletes. Due to beastmen in Twisted Wonderland possess greater physical ability than humans, a good amount of students of this dorm are beastmen. This is not to say if you're a beastmen then you will automatically end in this dorm however, the manga makes it clear, and RIddle mentioned there is a cat beastman in Heartslabyul in one event. Because of their pride and greater physical capability, the beastmen of this dorm loves to exhibit said prowess by igniting brawl. long story short, this is the dorm of the jerk jock furries.

Leona Kingcholar (twisted from Scar) Born the second prince and holding the title of dorm leader, Leona does not possess a love for either position. While possessing high levels of magical power, he rarely puts in the effort to demonstrate it, and acts arrogant to those he views as lesser than him.

Ruggie Bucchi (Twisted from the Hyenas)Often found beside Leona, Ruggie takes it upon himself to wake his dorm leader and often acts as a caddy, fulfilling his orders. Ruggie is an ambitious and conniving person, not above using his magic to achieve his goals . Having grown up impoverished, he's always eager to eat and aims to become successful and wealthy.

Jack Howl (not clear from what or who is he twisted from) Amongst the athletic Savanaclaw students, Jack stands out with his exceptionally muscular frame and tall height. He speaks roughly and has little interest in socializing with others, but he holds a strong self-pride that affects his personal honor code.

Octavinelle. Founded on the mercy of the Witch of the Sea, this is dorm is known for their smart students. Rumour has it their dorm leader can grant wishes, and this dorm is special in that their common room is a cafe open to anyone in school. Have it always been that way?

Azul Ashengrotto (Twisted from Ursula)The dorm leader of Octavinelle and the manager of Mostro Lounge. He has a courteous attitude, but is also extremely calculating and greedy.

Jade Leech (Twisted from Jetsam)The vice dorm leader of Octavinelle and Floyd's older twin brother. He is a polite gentleman, unlike his twin.. Or so in the first glance. He is not any less mayhem-loving as Floyd, he's just more classy and passive aggressive about it.

Floyd Leech (Twisted from Flotsam) Jade's younger twin brother, said to be his opposite in every way. Unlike his calmer brother, Floyd tends to do things on impulse. Jade describes him as "temperamental genius" , his mood can swing at every moment and it affect his performance in every way.

Scarabia,founded on the meticulous planning of the Sorcerer of the Sands, is home of the resourceful, cunning, street smart students. They excel in astrology.

Kalim al-Asim (Twisted from the Sultan)The dorm leader of Scarabia. He hails from a wealthy family and is a childhood friend of Jamil. Cheerful and easygoing, he is the local sunshine of the cast, but even he has his share of traumatic past.......

Jamil Viper (Twisted tom Jafar)The vice dorm leader of Scarabia. He and his family have served the Al-Asim family for generations and he has grown up alongside Kalim. Competent and reliable , always assisting Kalim and clean up is mess. Is he really that reliable?

Pomefiore, founded on the hardwork of the Beautiful Queen. Students of this dorm are known for their beauty as much their exquisite standard of beauty. However, they work hard not just to polish their physical look, but in everything-physical strength, intelligence, and manners are all still important to this dorm. The perfectionist dorm. Yes, it's the dorm of the pretty guys, but not the dorm of the pretty dolls, it's the dorm of betta fishes. As much they excel in potions and charms, they will throw your fist at you if provoke them enough and isn't loser at physical events.

Vil Schoenheit (Twisted from Beautiful Queen) The dorm leader of Pomefiore. With an eye for beauty, he believes he is the most beautiful of them all. He loathes the idea of cutting corners, and will not tolerate it, be it on himself or on others.

Rook Hunt (Twisted from the Hunter) The vice dorm leader of Pomefiore. An elusive young man, he admires all things beautiful, including the beauty of his dormmates.. He appreciates everyone's individual quality and see beauty from anyone, basically he simps to everyone.

Epel Felmier (Twisted from the poisoned apple) A lovely, reserved and mysterious young man… at least, that's what his dormmates think. In reality, Epel is a village boy who favors sports and other "manly" things, as opposed to Pomefiore's daintier activities.

Ignihyde, founded on the preserverance of the Lord of the Underworld. Home to those who specialized in magical engineering, members of this dorm are so much of introverts you hardly see them at hallways.

Idia Shroud (Twisted from Hades) Textbook hikikomori otaku of the cast....but is that it?

Ortho Shroud( also not clear)Idia's surrogate brother. Though technically not a student at Night Raven College, he does everything with his "older brother" as they are enrolled together as a single student, similar to Yuu and Grim. In contrast to his "brother", though, Ortho has a bright, honest, and curious character. But what is he, actually?

Diasomnia,founded by elegance of the Witch of Thorns, home to those who excels in general magic, as in magic as a whole. They are not a slouch at physical events either, it's pretty much the OP dorm/the Chosen One dorm.

Malleus Draconia (Twisted from Maleficent)The dorm leader of Diasomnia. A descendant of the Fae and one of the most powerful magicians in Twisted Wonderland. While he has a distinguished reputation among the student body of Night Raven College, his aura and reputation make it hard for people to approach him.Sheltered crown prince of the fey, he lacks social interaction, not only between other races but also among fellow fey.

LIlia Vanrouge (Also not clear)The vice dorm leader of Diasomnia. He basically is the adoptive dad of all three Diasomnia members and raised them all like his children. He is ancient despite his cute look, and despite he's ancient, he makes sure he keep up with the update of technology and trend.

Silver (Twisted from Phillip's sword) . (Why does this guy look like Riku. And why this guy served the Maleficent guy. With that look.)man. Malleus's friend who acts like a protector towards him. A quiet man, but he seems to have trouble sleeping.He is much more reasonable than the fanatical Sebek.

Sebek Zigvolt (Twisted from Maleficent's lightning) A half fey and half human. An admirer of Malleus. He tends to clash with Silver in opinions an evne actions.

The school staffs:

Dire Crowley (Still unclear he is Maleficent or Evil Queen's crow, or perhaps both? )The headmaster of Night Raven College. He's the one who takes in the protagonist after they fall into Twisted Wonderland, giving them a place to stay and enrolling them in Night Raven College while he searches for a way to send them home.

Mozus Trein (Twisted from Lady Tremaine) The literary teacher at Night Raven College, teaching subjects such as the history of magic. He's a strict disciplinarian and owns a cat named Lucius.

Divus Crewel (Twisted from Cruella de Vil) The science teacher at Night Raven College, teaching subjects such as magic pharmacy. He also has a knack for fashion.

Ashton Vargas (Twisted from Gaston) The physical education teacher at Night Raven College, teaching subjects such as physical strength development and flight techniques.

Sam (Twisted from Dr.Facilier)The owner of Mr. S's Mystery Shop, a store on campus that sells a variety of products from magical stones to raw eggs.

Minor Characters With Known Twist Bases:

Neige Leblanche (Twisted from Snow White) : Vil's rival in the entertainment world, beloved by many due to his cute image. Student of the Royal Sword Academy.

Cheka Kingscholar(Twisted from Simba) Leona's nephew who adored him and aspire to be capable Spelldrive player just like him.

Farena Kingscholar (Twisted from Mufasa) Leona's older brother and current king of the Sunset Savannah. He does seem to care about Leona, though.

Artemiy Artemiyevich Pinker(Twisted from Chesire Cat). Childhood friend of RIddle and Trey. Due to his long name, he was called Che'nya. He can make parts of, or all of his body invisible. Another student of the Royal Sword Academy.

Ambrose the 63rd: (Twisted from Merlin, as in Merlin from Sword in the Stone) Current headmaster of Royal Sword Academy.

Plot Spoilers Up to Chapter 6 part 2 1/2

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Things that is comparable/connected to KH:

Spoiler Spoiler Show

That's a lot of info, and I wonder if admins will make sticky of this thread so I will just post the next updates of this game, be it on japan server or the english server, or if admin will just post the later updates from now on. For now, I just want to post a thread to discuss about this game.


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Stickied. Was wondering if anyone else here was playing it anyways :)