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Twisted mind of a Lyrical Assassin

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Jan 8, 2006
Longmont, Colorado
This Thread is dedicated to my emotions and my lyrical ability to translate my emotions into words.

Thanks for Dropping by

One of my own writing about the battle that I struggle with inside of myself
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God said:
Dear Jordan,

Things haven't been going so well, have they? You thought you could change, didn't you? You thought you were God, didn't you? You think she hates you, don't you?

You did this all to yourself. You ignore everyone, just so you can play your little self-pitying games. You spout stupid, ingesting bs just to piss people off, so you can do it all over again. You put yourself in this cycle of masochism-nirvana, and you're too much of a p**** to pull yourself out.

People don't even matter to you! Why are you so desperate to stay human? They're all play-things to you. You're not even writing this because you're hurt, or want help; you just want to pretend other people care about your inhuman metamorphosis. But, hey, I don't care- I'm YOU. You can play all the little games you want, because we never have to stop you. You mean nothing to us.

You want to be God? Look at me; I'm the God you want. Detached, sadistic, nihilistic- would YOU die for this? God or human, human or God, that's the debate you're pinning yourself to, pretending it matters. Oh, I could end all the suffering, but... Morality! Yes, yes, I need morality! BS, you won't ever be this free, you won't ever be this happy, you'll just be stuck dreaming to yourself, to me, to us, to everything you always said you hated.

I can wait forever. I'm the conscience on both of your shoulders; I'm those very shoulders; I'm the brain in your fugly little head. I can drag you through the shit all day long, and you just tell me when you want it to stop. Somewhere along the line, you will die; why not make it sooner?


Nelo Angelo

Enigma of Extreme
Dec 13, 2006
Some words to help overcome your difficulties brother.

“Be mindful of Allah and He will protect you; be mindful of Allah and you will find Him ever with you. Turn to Allah in times of ease and He wil turn to you in times of difficulty. If you ask anyone for anything, then ask Allah; if you seek help from anyone, then seek help from Allah. Know that even if the entire nation were to come together to do you some harm that Allah has not decreed for you, they will never be able to harm you, and if they were to come together to do you some good that Allah has not decreed for you, they will never be able to do that (as everything happens by the Will of Allah).
The pages have dried and the pens have been lifted (meaning that which has been written, will come to pass, so be content and learn from what has happened, and be not distraught and depressed). Strive for the sake of Allah with thankfulness and firm conviction, and know that in patiently persevering with regard to something that you dislike there is much goodness. Victory comes with patience, a way out comes from difficulty and with hardship comes ease.” [Muhammad (peace be upon him)]
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