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Fanfiction ► Twilit Road to Dawn

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Essence of Elegy

How long shall you delve into time?
Oct 17, 2007
Well I haven't actually finished reading everything, but I can tell that you've got potential. The humor's a good addition as well. I won't be able to provide constructive criticism until I read everything, so for now you have my respect.

Keep it up!


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Sep 2, 2008
Having a cup of tea.
Chapter 7: Owari, Part 2

Well, this was a first: me traveling with people (plus a duck and a… dog?). I was happy, and had almost completely forgotten that I had killed Saïx, like I was about to kill Xemnas. So that was a good optimism booster. Plus I got to thinking about Riku. Why would he lie about his name? And why did his voice change when he started getting called Riku? Also, what do I think of him? Sure, I make him want to kill himself; he does the same to me. We’re totally just two friends that get on each other’s nerves with our excessive use of sarcasm. No romantic relationship at all. Nope… I don’t like him… He’s just some guy that saved my life several times over… And besides, why the hell would I like him? He’s way too old for me…… Right? …

Back to the group.

The only hindrance was the total uncomfortable vibe that I got from everyone. I didn’t really get why, though; I mean, sure, Sora, Donald and Goofy have a right to feel uncomfortable, with me hanging around, and maybe Riku… and also maybe Kairi… and me. I was feeling very uncomfortable with my unknown feelings about Riku. I was also the one that was leading our little group, so I’m guessing that might’ve contributed to the vibe. I hate leading, so I headed to the back and let Riku lead.

That didn’t help the vibe. At all.

Despite the fact that there were six of us, it was really quiet. Seriously. No one said anything. Riku was leading; Sora and Kairi were behind him, Donald and Goofy were behind them, and I was bringing up the rear. I would’ve given anything to break the silence, and I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one, but it felt like everyone here but Riku thought I was still the enemy, and they didn’t want to talk in front of me. Then I noticed something strange (well, stranger): there weren’t any Nobodies, or Heartless. I don’t know if the others noticed it, but I sure did, and it creeped me out… a lot.

“Hey guys,” I said when we reached Naught’s Approach, “where are all the Nobodies?”

They stopped and turned around.

“Well, usually, when we go to a different area, Nobodies show up, which they haven’t been doing,” I clarified.

Everyone looked around. Apparently they aren’t as observant as me.

“You know what this means, don’t you?” Riku said.


“… No, actually. Explanation, please,” I said.

He looked like he was going to fall over.

“I means that Xemnas is the only one left, so we have to finish this,” Sora jumped in. I thought we had already established that, but oh well.

“Look!” Donald exclaimed, pointing at Kingdom Hearts. I didn’t notice it before, but thousands of hearts were being pulled in like some magnetic force was acting upon them (well, I noticed the pink dots earlier). Here’s the thing Donald was probably pointing at: a beam had shot into Kingdom Hearts. The source was coming from somewhere ahead of us, and I thought I knew who/what was doing it.
“Let’s go!” I shouted, heading for the beam’s source…

Which was located a good twenty feet away from us. Not even, actually…

When we got to the top of Naught’s Approach, I saw DiZ (only his head wasn’t wrapped up anymore), and King Mickey standing next to DiZ’s little beam-producing device. DiZ had blonde, short-ish hair, a blonde beard, and his tan was gone. Eyes were still amber, but no tan.

“So I’m guessing it works, right?” I asked DiZ while walking to his toy. “Why are you doing this, again?”

“Well, Xemnas and the Organization were using the hearts they had collected to make Kingdom Hearts, right? They were using Kingdom Hearts for power, which is bad. So I’m encoding the hearts so that there is no Kingdom Hearts for Xemnas.”

I tried to follow and failed miserably. “My brain hurts.”

“Now there’s a surprise,” Riku commented as he and the others walked up. I death-glared at him. “Hi, DiZ. You’re Majesty.” He inclined his head at the King.

“Hello, Ansem. Everyone,” DiZ greeted back.

“Apparently his name is Riku,” I corrected, turning back to DiZ. “Did you know that? I didn’t.”

He was silent.

Silence usually means that they knew something and didn’t want me to know, but I figured it out anyway. Or that no one had anything to say… but the first one sounds better.

“You knew, didn’t you? Oh, let me guess, your real name isn’t DiZ, right?” I asked angrily. The way everyone I knew can just keep secrets from me, especially if it’s just a small one (like, uh, I don’t know, names), just set me off and made me feel like I didn’t belong. But it couldn’t stop there. Nope. It always has to get crappier.

DiZ was silent again.

I stared at him for a moment, not comprehending. Then I shouted, “You have got to be kidding me!” I was about ready to beat either my or Riku and/or DiZ’s head against something. “What’s your real name, then? Ansem?”

No one said anything.

“I give up,” I told them.

“Crystal,” Riku said soothingly, “we changed our names for personal reasons, not because we didn’t want you to know them. I know I would’ve told you… but I knew you would’ve badgered me until you got the whole story.” Then he turned away and mumbled under his breath, “Gee, wonder why I wouldn’t want that.”

“Jerk,” I counter-mumbled. I turned to DiZ, “So your real name is Ansem?”

“Yeah,” he answered.

“So how long is this going to take?” I asked, pointing at the heart-to-data converter, putting the name case behind me. Just then it started shaking violently. “Didn’t do it!” I said, putting my hands up. I got a lot of sideways glances from that. A maniacal laughter sounded around us, and Xemnas appeared.

“Foolish man. Did you really think you could stop the Organization? Kingdom Hearts is nearly complete. Nothing can stop it.”

“Xehanort: a foolish apprentice to a foolish teacher. I knew I should have thrown you and the others out when you went against my orders,” Ansem (not the Ansem I thought was Ansem; the Ansem that was really Ansem) replied.

I was getting more and more confused. Were there even more name changes? Or was Xemnas, since he was in Organization XIII, this Xehanort guy’s Nobody? If he was, then who was his Heartless? And why would Ansem address him by his former name? I started getting a migraine.

“I only finished what you were too cowardly to do. We all knew you’d fail. It was only a matter of time until we could take over.”

Ansem’s machine shook more violently, and we all knew it would explode.

“So long, my old master,” Xemnas sneered, and he vanished in a portal.

“Oh, shit,” I said.

“Come on, let’s go!” Riku shouted. Everyone except Ansem ran for it.

“Ansem, come on!” I yelled at him. “Get your butt in gear and move it.”

“I’m sorry, Crystal. I must do what my heart tells me to do,” he yelled back calmly, yet very sadly. I couldn’t accept that. I wasn’t going to lose a friend in addition to my world. I ran for Ansem, but got stopped by Riku.

“He’s chosen to follow his heart. There’s nothing we can do,” he said solemnly. I looked up at him, and realized that he knew Ansem better and much longer than I did. Nodding, I braced myself against Riku and tried not to cry.

* * *

When I woke up, it felt like I had been run over a few times by an angry rhino, then put into a washing machine, taken out and left to dry via the Mr. Freeze roller coaster. Making things worse, I realized that I was crying (curse this universe for turning me into a wishy-washy sap)… Oh, and I couldn’t see or breathe.
But that might’ve been because someone was on top of me.

I pushed the person off and did a mental inventory of any injuries. There were only a few bruises and nothing broken as far as I could tell. The others didn’t look as well. The person I pushed off of me I didn’t recognize. He had silver, spiky hair, an Organization outfit and a black blindfold on. One other thing: he was unconscious. Everyone but me was unconscious. I stood up and went to the spot where Ansem and his gizmo were before the explosion. Nothing was there. When I looked up at Kingdom Hearts, there was a huge hole in it and hearts were falling to the ground. Looking down, I saw that there were hundreds of Heartless and Nobodies creating a sort of mosh pit, trying to catch the hearts.

I didn’t see Ansem or Riku anywhere. There was no trace they had even been there, either. God, why didn’t I at least try to help Ansem out with his gadget? Or at least throw the thing over the edge of the castle before it exploded? I sat down and brought my knees up to my chest, burying my face in them.

It must’ve been a couple hours or so before the others woke up (I didn’t know. There was no discernable passing of time there). When they finally did wake up, I was still sitting down where Ansem’s gadget blew up, staring at Kingdom Hearts.

“So he’s really gone?” the guy I didn’t know asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. Then what he actually said registered in my confused and damaged brain. I got up and faced him. “No way. No. You can’t be—!” I stuttered. I looked at his face. “Uh, can you see me?”

“What? Oh!” He took off his blindfold and blinked a few times. His eyes were a beautiful azure color, but before they turned azure, his eyes were exactly the same color as Riku and Ansem’s: amber.

“Please tell me you’re not Riku. I can’t take anymore secrets,” I pleaded. “Especially this.” Before he could say anything, the others came up to where we were.

“Riku!” Sora exclaimed. “You’re back to yourself! Well, I mean, you were yourself before, but… Now you’re you, and…” Apparently he figured he wasn’t going anywhere with this and decided to shut up. Kairi came up behind Sora and hugged Riku.

“Glad you’re back to your old form,” she said sweetly as she hugged him. Riku blushed and I had a sudden urge to start throwing shurikens at her.

“So what’s the story here?” I asked anyone who would listen impatiently. Everyone turned to look at me, turned back to Riku, and then scooted off to one side to watch. Riku tried to go with them, but Sora kept him in my line of verbal fire (at least Sora was good for something).

“Well, uh… You see, the thing is, um,” Riku tried to explain, grasping for words.

“Story for another time?” I asked.

“You’re the best,” he told me, relieved. The others looked disappointed for some reason, like they wanted to see me blast an energy ball at him or something. Too bad, so sad, not going to happen.

“So what next?” Sora asked. Did he really not know the answer to that? Instead of waiting for someone to say “We have to fight Xemnas, the Organization’s last member,” I answered with “Let’s just go fight Xemnas” and started walking. “Nice outfit, by the way, Riku,” I added over my shoulder. He looked at his cloak and whipped it off in an overly dramatic way, revealing blue baggy pants, and a yellow vest. Yeah, he was the Riku I knew… Sort of knew…

“Showoff,” I muttered, shaking my head.

* * *

It wasn’t long before we reached the Altar of Naught. Here, the moon looked a lot bigger, but there was a little black nuisance floating up near it.

“Kingdom Hearts, I have given you the hearts you desired. Give me the power of darkness.” Xemnas reached towards Kingdom Hearts like he wanted to give it a hug. There may or may not have been more to his evil rant about darkness, but I don’t know because I didn’t care… at all…

“You’re not going to get away with this, Xemnas,” Sora said, shaking his Keyblade at Xemnas. Xemnas cackled evilly.

“What? Are you going to stop me?” he asked.

“Not alone, he won’t,” Riku shouted at him (making this the cheesiest battle of the cheesy comebacks ever), summoning a Keyblade of his own. I got really confused (well, more really confused). As I’ve stated before, I thought that there was only one Keyblade belonging to Sora. Then I saw that King Mickey had one, too. I got extremely more really confused, though decided to drop it for now and face the problem at hand: the Floating Jackass.

After a little more evil laughter, Xemnas vanished in a flash of bright, white light.

“Great, now where did he go?” I asked, annoyed. Just as I said that (do my questions have magical powers or something?... Dammit, nothing happened), a huge door sparkled into existence a little ways away from the edge of the castle.

“The worlds have opened a way to Xemnas. They want us to defeat him,” King Mickey told us. We all ran up to the door and went through, summoning our weapons (even Kairi had a Keyblade). Inside the door was just like an extremely dark New York. It felt as if we ended up back in the city below the castle. Only difference was that down there, buildings weren’t flying at us.

“Look out!” Sora shouted at us as he flew through the air, slicing buildings up.

“Holy crap,” I gasped. Nobodies came out of the buildings and started attacking us. The fight lasted a few minutes, then we finally got to Xemnas. He was still laughing like the crazy maniac he is. There was another flash of light, and when it was gone, there was a huge purple wall, tons of Nobodies, and no Sora.

“These things just never go away, do they?” I asked (rhetorically) Riku.

“What’s the matter? Too many for you?” he teased.

“It’s not that. I just didn’t want to share the fun.” And we leapt at the first unfortunate Nobody we saw.

When all of the Nobodies were defeated, the wall began to shimmer.

“Sora!” Kairi called, and the shimmering wall dissolved into light. We all ran up to Sora and asked him if he was hurt and where Xemnas went.

“I’m fine,” he answered us. “I defeated Xemnas.” Oh, good. I just totally missed my chance to have some revenge. Since it appeared to be over, we all walked back through the door.

“Let’s go home,” Riku said. “All of us.” He looked at me, and I knew that he wanted me to go home with them. With him. I was all for going to see his home, but here’s where the controversy was: should I go with them, or should I go back to where I came from, even though it might not be there, and most likely forget about everything that happened here?

Taking these odds into consideration, I went with them to the other side of the door. That much I could decide on, at least.

“Just how are we going to get home?” I asked Riku as we walked to the platform below. “The castle’s probably swarming with Nobodies/Heartless.”

“Easy. We’re going to warp,” he answered in a “duh” voice. “And we’re not taking the gummi ship because I know you’ll drive no matter what and I don’t want to put these lives in jeopardy,” he added, inclining his head to the others. They looked at me with scared eyes.

“Fine. You’re doing it, though. I have no idea where your home is or what it even looks like. I’ll probably just get us stranded somewhere, anyway.”

He rolled his eyes and tried to open a portal. But there wasn’t one. He tried again… and again… and again…

“Why isn’t it working?” he thought aloud.

“You’re not steeped in darkness anymore, Riku,” King Mickey told him. So why could I do it? I tried warping to the other end of the platform, but I couldn’t do it either. So now the question becomes: Why can’t I do it?

“So you’re telling me that you taught me how to control darkness!?!?!?!?!?!” I shouted at Riku. “Next you’ll be telling me that I’ve been kept in some secluded location that no one really knows exists except for a handful of people asleep for the past year, right?” That was the most outlandish thing that I could think of.

Riku looked at me for a brief moment then looked away, not saying anything. I stared at him, appalled that that might actually be true. I looked at everyone else and saw that they were just as confused as me… except for King Mickey, who looked a little ashamed. I didn’t like that look. I thought that the look should go away. Since I couldn’t get looks to leave, I just stood there and dealt with it…

“So, wh—what?” I asked Riku and King Mickey. I didn’t say I dealt with it well. “And this is not a story for another time.” They looked at each other and Riku began telling his story.

“Remember the day when Heartless attacked your world?” he began. Damn right I did. How could I forget? “Well, it was about a year ago; back when Heartless were tearing down the gates that kept the worlds separate.” That would actually make more sense; Heartless coming and tearing my world into confetti.

“Wait, I thought you said that the Heartless were back and tearing up the worlds,” I interrupted.

“That was so you wouldn’t get disoriented. DiZ’s, I mean, Ansem’s idea. Plus I know now that it also saved me a long explanation,” he said. “Anyway, you ended up in Twilight Town, where Ansem found you unconscious. He didn’t know how long you had been unconscious, or how long it would take you to wake up, plus he didn’t have very comfortable living spaces, so he put you in a pod at his mansion until you woke up.”

“Ooookaay. But if I was in a pod, why did I wake up in a hotel with the same clothes on as when my world was attacked?” Then I thought about what I said. “Don’t answer the second part,” I added quickly.

“Well, about six months ago, you started getting restless in your pod. Ansem, the King and I figured that you might wake up soon. So we brought you to the hotel, where we would take turns staying with you until you woke up. Turns out we were off by a couple weeks when we said you’d wake up soon.”

“You were in on it too, then?” I asked the King. He nodded, looking up at me. “Well, can’t do anything about the past. Guess we should head ‘em up, move ‘em out.”

“Wait, Crystal,” the King interrupted. “There’s more. Tell her, Riku.”

Oh. Great. I looked at Riku. He sighed and continued.

“While you were in the pod, a girl we know searched your memories to find out what had happened to you and where you came from. That’s why I asked the King if you would be able to wake Sora up. She was chaining him memories back together after Castle Oblivion.” That made a little more sense… to me. Poor Sora was looking even more confused.

“Did she find anything?” I asked Riku.

“Not much. Your memories were too guarded by your heart. She could only see your most recent memories before you were unconscious. That was it.” Serves them right. My heart’s memories are not something to be played with. “Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Riku apologized. Mickey looked like he was about to tell Riku that there was even more, but Riku just shook his head at him.

“What I don’t get is why you looked like you did when I first met you,” I told him. I could tell he didn’t want to tell me that story. Too bad. “It’s definitely another time, and I’m curious.” He knew he wasn’t going to get out of telling it, so he took a deep breath and kept going.

“I had to use the power of darkness, which included changing my appearance,” he told me quickly. “There’s still darkness in me, though, and I can never get rid of it.”

“There’s a little bit of darkness in everything,” I told him. “There’s a little bit of light in everything, too. It’s a Yin-Yang thing; you need both to be balanced. Otherwise, you’re this weird, lopsided thing with a black and white outlook on life.”

“Where there is darkness, there is light? How does that even make sense?” Riku asked, looking at his hand. It would make more sense if your head wasn’t stuck in emo-mode, I thought to myself. His hand suddenly clenched, and he said, “There’s no light in me. I can’t change.”

“Stop being so goddamned emo!” I yelled at him, rolling my eyes. “You don’t have to change; the light never left you. Unless you wholly turn your back on it, it will never abandon you. Idiot.”

We looked at each other for a moment (whoa, he got close), and he kissed me!

First thought: WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don’t like him!! Do I?...

Second thought: He’s good.

Third thought: … I think all thought shut down after that, ‘cuz I wasn’t thinking nuthin…

How long did it last? No idea. Did I enjoy it? You betcha.

“Uh…,” he said as we pulled apart.

“Yeah.” It wasn’t one of those awkward “ya thought the guy was a totally annoying jerk that you hated, then he goes off and literally transforms into another thing” scenarios. Nope. This was sorta “Huh. Who’da thunk it?” It was nice.

We looked around and saw that everyone was staring at us. We immediately turned bright red and looked away, laughing like “heh heh. We didn’t just kiss. What are you talking about?”

Suddenly (yeah. Even my mental questions [which are very sarcastic and meaningless] have the magical power) a warp portal appeared in front of us. Everyone turned to look at me.

“What? I didn’t do it,” I said. Then Pluto (the dog from before that randomly comes out of nowhere) came out of nowhere (zomg gaspeh) and bowled me over, running into the portal, barking. Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey followed him. Kairi walked up to the portal and started talking to it.

“Thank you, Naminé,” she said to it. When she said that, the blonde haired girl from before appeared (only she was sort of see-through). She smiled at Kairi, and then walked up to Sora.

“See? I told you that we’d meet again,” she told him. I had no clue what Sora’s done in the past, so I wasn’t really that confused. Sora, on the other hand, must’ve had a bigger migraine than me.

“What?” he asked.

“You said that we’d meet again, only we might not recognize each other,” came a voice from within Sora. Then a boy, just as transparent as the girl, Naminé, was, stepped out from Sora. He seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. Damn, it’s gonna bother me now.

“I did, didn’t I?” Naminé smiled at the boy.

Then there was some mushy “together” stuff, and Riku said to me, “Why can’t we be that close?”

“Because twenty minutes ago I thought I hated your guts, in a sarcastic, kidding way.” I smiled at him. He seemed a little hurt, but he’d get over it. Then the boy (I heard someone call him “Roxas”) came up to me.

“You know,” he told me, “you look really familiar for some reason. I just can’t think of where I could’ve met you.”

“Yeah, you seem familiar to me, too. But, given my past, I might’ve met you. Or at least seen you… somewhere…” It was true, too. I mean, I was kept in a friggin’ pod for the past year (which would make me… 16? Wow).

“I hear you,” Roxas laughed. He turned to Riku. “Take care of her. I don’t know why, but I just have this feeling that if you leave her alone for five minutes, she’ll get into trouble somehow.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve been there and done that more than enough times.” Riku put his arm around my shoulders. “You can count on me.”

“Okay, two things,” I butt in. “One: I’m hurt. I can get into trouble way faster than five minutes. And, two: what about the times I’ve had to save your butt? Hmm?”

Riku looked surprised. “What times?”

“Well, the time that… Wait, no. That was you. How ‘bout the one… oops, no… Uhh…” Of course, by then he was trying to keep from bursting out laughing and failing miserably. “Leave me alone,” I pouted, beaten. Everyone laughed. Naminé walked up to Kairi and took her hand. They both started glowing, and Naminé was gone.

Sora was just gawking at Kairi, oblivious to his own transparent friend.

“Hey!” His transparent friend said, getting Sora’s limited attention span to focus on him. “I’m still here, you know.”

“Oh, right.” And Roxas glowed into Sora. Sora patted himself (why? No idea, as per usual).

“Don’t worry. Nothing’s changed,” Riku reassured him. “You’re still you.”

“Let’s go,” I told Sora, Riku, and Kairi. “I want to see your home.”

Kairi smiled at Sora and Riku and went in. There was a weird noise and the portal began vanishing. Sora, Riku, and I tried to rush in.

“Sora! Riku! Crystal!” Kairi shouted, reaching for us. The portal closed. We didn’t make it in. I looked around to see if there was some way we could get down without going through the castle; I did not want to fight all those Nobodies.

“Maybe,” I suggested, “we could go down and get the gummi—Shit! Flying building!”

They both looked where I was looking and also saw a flying building. We all braced ourselves since it was too close to block. And, you know, it was a flippin’ building that was flying towards us at a high speed. The aim was off a bit and it hit just below the rim of the platform we were on.

“Okay. 1) That was close. 2) What the hell was that!!?” I exclaimed.

“It’s Xemnas,” Sora said.

“You said you defeated him,” I recapped.

“Just that one battle, apparently,” Riku chimed in. Great. At least I’ll be able to beat Xemnas up with my own two hands and trusty sword.

“Well, he missed us. All we have to do is go back through the door.” I had spoken way too soon. The platform beneath us started shaking violently and slowly started falling away from the door. We all fell down and tried to grab on to something… which didn’t work because the floor must’ve been waxed really well. I looked around to see if there was anything that we could jump on or something, then I saw it: a hovercycle.

I ran down the falling platform, planning to jump on it and try to drive it. Apparently Riku saw the cycle, too, because he was running toward it (either that or he was going to try to grow wings in two seconds and fly away). I leapt off the edge of the rail and landed on the cycle.

“Hop on,” I called to Sora, who was still trying to grab on to something. “I’m driving,” I told Riku, who had hopped on behind me. Nodding, he wrapped his arms around my waist and, after Sora got on, I drove us to where Xemnas was waiting.

Which turned out to be on a huge, flying, dragon-like machine. I felt my heart fly up into my throat, but gunned the throttle anyway.

* * *

We had to fight the damn flying dragon machine. It was really hard, too. Not only because we were in the air, but because Nobodies were popping in out of nowhere along with freaky lasers. I was about ready to tear something in half, and I preferred it be Xemnas.

After the annoying beast was defeated, we jumped onto a little open area at the front of the… ship? Xemnas was there, and his outfit was weird: he had, like, a suit of armor on, which was silver and gold with three-pronged crowns all over the place. He was sitting on a chair like it was a throne. Plus, on the sides of his chair, there were weapons. Every weapon I saw in Proof of Existence was there (only we had the Keyblades).

“Hey, Xemnas,” I greeted. Then I summoned my sword and tensed into my battle position. “Ready to lose?” Riku and Sora summoned their Keyblades and also went into battle position.

“It all depends on whether or not you’re ready to die,” Xemnas replied, the weapons on either side of him rising up seemingly on their own. And we fought.

Getting past the flying weapons to Xemnas was very hard, because every time I blocked an attack from one weapon, another one was right behind it, ready to strike. I looked over at Riku and Sora and saw that they were having better luck than me. Because they more than likely have more experience than me, I thought, blocking yet another attack. Finally the attacks became weaker and I was able to start whacking Xemnas with Sora and Riku. I was blocking and striking, blocking and striking, and then it hit me…

Xemnas struck me with one of his little lance things. It went right through me. I didn’t even know how Xemnas got me; I was zipping around him with Sora and Riku. I was slowly falling to the ground, or that’s what it felt like.

“No!” Riku shouted when he saw me (a little cliché, but still sweet).

Xemnas pulled the lance out of me and resumed attacking Sora and Riku. Riku looked at me, fading away, and kept attacking Xemnas with more force. My body was almost completely gone when I realized: he loved me. I knew he at least liked me from the kiss, but he truly, sorta deeply loved me. Then something else happened: I realized I truly, sorta deeply loved him too (even though for the majority of the time I knew him, I loathed him/had fun messing with his head). Funny what goes through your mind when your body’s fading away and you see the reactions of the people around you.

A few minutes after my body vanished, Riku and Sora beat Xemnas. Riku looked at the spot where I fell. “Why? Why did he have to—!?” he clenched his fists. “Damn you, Xemnas. Damn you, Xemnas!”

Riku,” Sora said, “it’s not over yet. We still have to end this.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” He started walking away, with Sora right behind him. I think Riku was crying, but I don’t know. I followed them.

We ended up in this really weird looking place. It was black, white, and gray. Xemnas, that bastard, was standing on the far side wearing a white cloak with a black thorn pattern.

“Aren’t you done yet?” he asked boredly. “You’d think that now that Crystal’s gone, you’d go and grieve.”

“Shut up!” Riku yelled at him. Good, I’m not the only one who gets pissed off every time Xemnas opens his mouth.

Then he immediately attacked, only to be stopped by Dusk. There were, like, a hundred of them.

“Have fun,” Xemnas said as he disappeared.

“You coward!”

Sora ran up to Riku and started kicking Dusk butt.

* * *

After that little battle, Riku fell to his knees.

“Riku!” Sora shouted.

Riku went emo again. “Why did she have to get killed? Xemnas is gonna pay for this.”

“Am I, now?” That jackass was back.

“I won’t let you get away with this,” Riku said to him. He stopped being emo and had a deadly tone in his voice.

“You’re going down,” Sora added. I mentally did a face-palm.

They promptly began another battle, which had some cool parts, like the laser dome (which was bad for Sora and Riku, but still insanely awesome). At the end of the battle, Riku got hit in the side, and I really wanted to go help him, but I knew that would be very bad. Then the battle was over. Riku and Sora shot a cool light beam at Xemnas (serves him right for what he did to me) from Sora’s Keyblade. There was some dialogue I couldn’t hear, but I knew they were debating on how to get out of there.

Here, I thought. Let me help. And I opened a light portal in the distance. I don’t know how I did it. I just felt it in my heart and let it out in the open for them.

And me being me, I followed them into it, the curiosity that I am somewhat famous for strutting its stuff.

Where did we end up? I have no idea whatsoever, but it was way cool (but at the same time really creepy). Only, the thing is, I ended up in a rock closet, while the other two were just behind some rocks.

“Where are we?” Sora asked. Riku looked around. It was nighttime, the moon was reflecting in the water, the beach was dark and surrounded by rocks, one of which I was in.

“Looks like the other side,” Riku answered. Sora either knew what that meant, or had no idea but went along with it anyway. “Take me to the water,’ Riku said gently. They went down to the water. I wanted to go with them so badly because 1) Riku looked really hurt. 2) I was getting a little claustrophobic in my hiding place. Now I know what Riku and Ansem (and whoever else) felt like while they were keeping secrets from me. The heck with it, I’m going down anyway.

I walked down to the beach to where they were and sat on the other side of Riku. I knew they were staring at me like “WHAT!? I thought you were dead!!!

I stared out at the water. “No, I didn’t die. Not really, anyway.”

They kept staring at me.

“So,” Sora said after an awkward silence, “why aren’t you dead?” He said this in a shocked, numb tone.

Riku slapped him.

“Hey! What was that for?” Sora exclaimed.

“You could be a bit more delicate,” Riku said. Then he turned to me. “Um, so why aren’t you dead?”

Sora rolled his eyes.

“Because I made a duplicate of myself before the battle and kinda hanged back to watch,” I told them, looking at my gloved hands.

They looked shocked.

“Oh…” Sora muttered to himself.

“Where’d you learn how to do that?” Riku asked. He seemed almost proud.

“Talent,” I smiled mischievously. Then I lay down on the sand. And we just stayed there… like that… for, like, ever. I had no idea what we were waiting for, so I just stayed like that, waiting for the other two to decide what we were going to do next. The tide came and I felt movement on my left.

“It’s for you,” Riku said to Sora.

“Thinking of you, wherever you are,” he read out loud. “We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky—one sky, one destiny.”

I looked out onto the water and saw a thin column of light, slowly growing bigger.

“Look. Light,’ I said. Then Sora mumbled something, had a realization, and jumped to his feet.

“We’ll go together,” he said to Riku, who looked at me.

“I’m right behind you,” I told him, smiling. We got up and walked through the light…

Which was fuckin’ terrorizing, by the way. When we walked through the Door to Light we fell straight down. I guess we hit some clouds or something on the way down, because I got soaked. And I couldn’t breathe. Again. I heard someone swim next to me and pull me up. We broke through the surface after a few seconds of swimming, and I saw Riku, thus I proceeded to blush.

“Thanks for not letting me drown,” I mumbled. He chuckled a bit.

Kairi called us, and Sora swam like a madman, well, more like a flailing moron, in the general direction of Kairi, almost drowning in doing so. I got dragged along like a buoy courtesy of Riku. Did he think I couldn’t swim or something? What would give him the idea that I’m just some helpless girl? …Don’t answer that…

* * *

Well, they were home…I was with them…With Riku…Here…In Destiny Islands…Which Riku gave me the grand tour of… So why wasn’t I completely happy? Oh yeah, I remember: because my world may or may not be gone still, along with my friends, my family, my stuff, all the cool hangouts I knew about, the car that I sort of was going to get, and everything else that was familiar to me that I cherished.

Yeah, that’s about right. But I did have fun in Destiny Islands. I went swimming, I’ve been getting a nice tan, I got a new pair of clothes, I’m now living with Kairi (because the adults think that it’s “better” than being in the same house as Riku [come on, they let us play on the island by ourselves… jerks]), and I get to see Riku every day. So far, so good. I’ve only been in Destiny Islands for a few days, but I still love it and think it’s amazing. The only problem is, I can’t get a single paopu fruit! Riku told me about them and has been teasing me that if I can get one then we can share it. Easy, right? Heh heh, not really (must be because gravity sucks and I have no arm muscles at all). Not a good enough picture? Look at this:


(Why, yes, it is a bit big. Oh well). As you can see, not fun… for me, anyway (Riku was just laughing and criticizing, the git). All was well in Destiny Islands. Too bad I didn’t know how bad my life could get in only a few short months. If you’re reading this, I’m probably in my cell with no clue as to how this is going to end. Oh, and if you see Riku, tell him that I love him and that I’m going to miss him. A lot.
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(claps) FANTASTIC!!!!! Great Job! I LOVED it! now what is going to happen with the cell thing? I sense a sequel is coming soon. (it better)


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(claps) FANTASTIC!!!!! Great Job! I LOVED it! now what is going to happen with the cell thing? I sense a sequel is coming soon. (it better)

Thank you, thank you. About the last part: *points to previous post*. I'm gonna post the prolouge to the sequel soon, so hang in there! =3
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LOLZ!!!! Omg you had me laughing the whole time Andillexe!

That was so awesome! And... there's more?!?! YAYAYZ!!


What? Laughing? The end part was supposed to be full of drama and having you crying!! Or at least feeling some sympathy towards Riku. =P

Yes, more. I couldn't just leave it as "happily ever after," now could I? Such is my sadistic and sarcastic nature. >3 Now, onto having you read my suspenseful (at least, that's what my sister called it 0.o) prologue to Rebirthing Midnight (name might be changed later, so keep a lookout for my sig).


I was running. I wasn’t sure what I was running from, but I was running like hell in the opposite direction of the creatures chasing me. The things behind me were very familiar, but I had no name for them. They were just these dark blobs that apparently had a strong urge to chase me. And there were a lot of the little buggers.

I had no idea where I was, but I didn’t care. All I really cared about was getting away from those creatures. The door was just ahead; I had to get through it. That door was the only way to get rid of the creatures. I didn’t know how, or why, I just knew. The creatures also knew this, thus they proceeded to run faster.

I was almost to the door when the one in front, the leader of this annoying band, tackled me through the door and into the dark oblivion. I struggled to get it off of me when I realized that it wasn’t there anymore. Something else had taken its place. This entity was darker, fouler.

Come. Join us.

I shuddered at the voice. A voice that was way too familiar for comfort. A voice that I despised. His voice.


The scene changed completely. It went from a blanketing darkness to a blinding white light. I was in a room filled with thirteen cloaked beings sitting on different levels of chairs. I was lying on a sort of dais in the center of the room. It was too bright, so I closed my eyes.

Xemnas’ voice filled the room. “A new member. She was wandering around in the city below. I believe she could be of quite some use to us.”

The others murmured, and then someone spoke. “And how do you know that?” This voice was familiar, too, and he got my blood boiling every time I thought about him. He was the first person I met in Hollow Bastion. That man could rival my sarcasm and kick my ass. His name was Axel. I wanted to reply to his question, say something clever and sarcastic with a big smirk on my face, but my body wouldn’t move. I had just enough will power to slit my eyes open and look at everyone.

“She might have a special ability, like you, me, or Larxene.” This person looked younger than the rest, sounded younger, too. “Or maybe she could be like you, Roxas.” I looked over to Roxas. His face was emotionless as he looked down at me.

Another scene change. This time I was hanging over a great abyss. My hands were gripping at the top of the cliff, and they were slipping. Above me was the young man from before, Roxas, and Axel. Roxas and the other guy were trying to help me up; Axel was standing behind them with their arms crossed.

“Axel! Get your ass over here and help us!” the guy shouted.

“Why should I?” Axel asked boredly. “It’s not like I got her into this.” Why was he saying that like I just got stuck in a hole or something instead of hanging on for dear life?! Besides, it’s not my fault I fell off a cliff. I think. I… actually have no idea how I got into this situation.

“Axel, Xemnas will be really mad if she falls,” Roxas said. “And it’ll be your fault.”

“Oh, damn!” Axel exclaimed.


“Not you,” Axel replied tensely. “We’ve got company.”

“Heartless? Hang on, I’m coming.” Roxas turned to face me, apology in his eyes, and let me go. I fell a few inches. The guy was struggling to keep me up.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I love you.” And I fell into the abyss.

I woke up screaming. That was the first night I had that dream.

There is the prologue. Yes, it is short. Yes, there can probably be more work done on it. Yes, it most likely will change by the time I finish writing the entire story. Yes, I talk too much. I probably won't post more of the story for a while... so... yeah. It's not as fun-loving and sarcastic as the first one, but it's still a work in progress. =3
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Riku(?) letting Chrystal fall, Some Org stuff (why are they alive anyway?) and... ooh. You. (words fail in madammina's frustration)


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Sweet Jesus Muffins of Holy Hell!!! What happens next? Who was the other person with Roxas and Axel? Was it Riku? Was it his NOBODY? Holy crap, please update soon; I so want to know what happens next. Oh yeah, almost forgot, great start to your sequel.

I'm creative, but I'm not so creative to have Riku's nobody show up out of the blue, or have Riku all of a sudden just in the organization. Besides, if it was Riku, Cyrstal would've just said "Riku." I feel a bit overestimated. And thank you.

Unfortunately, I really like waiting until the entire story's complete before I post it, and it's not done yet.
Please don't kill me. o.o
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