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Fanfiction ► Twilit Road to Dawn

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Caution: coarse language, cheesy scenes, random moments, and excessive sarcasm. You have been warned. Also, sorry for any grammatical errors that may occur. Also, there may be minor spoilers near the end of the story. Feel free to make any comment or ask any question. ^_^

Chapter 1: Beginnings

I liked my life. Why’d they take that away? How could they do that? How could they be so… so heartless?

I was on the beach, it was a beautiful day, and I was getting a good tan, I might add. Then, from nowhere, a storm appeared over the water. I was packing up because me + storm = not a happy Crystal. I was heading for my bike (I’m only 15. I don’t have my license, just a permit), when this shadow moved toward me. I mean, a shadow actually moved! A little shadowy blop-thingy. I was curious as to what it was, so I walked towards it. A little black creature with bright yellow eyes popped up! It looked creepy, so I ran. Who the freak wouldn’t? Just then, a dark figure came from nowhere and slayed it. Then another shadow appeared in front of me, and I felt something hit my head. Maybe I fell or—…

Reality was calling. I felt the soft sheets under my body, the fluffy pillow cradling my head. I sat up, looked around the room… and froze. In the corner was a man robed in black. He had a hood on, so I couldn’t see his face. I knew it was a guy because of his posture and the sound of his voice.

“Nice fighting. You really knocked ‘em dead,” he said with as much sarcasm as he could put in. Which, I have to say, wasn’t that much.

“Yeah, like I planned on getting attacked by shadow thingies,” I shot at him. Who was he to remind me that my fighting skills… need work? He didn’t know me. I’d never met him before in my life… right? He stood up and handed me a bag of munny. I didn’t take it. He put it back into his pocket and sat down again. He just sat there. Staring at me, er, facing me (stupid hood). Creepy.

“So, uh, where are we?” I asked the weird creepy dude.

No answer.

“Where’d you come from?” I ventured.


“What’s your name?”

Still no answer.

“My name’s Crystal.”

No reaction.

“Ya wanna answer me? Or show any other signs of life?”


I gave up on that little interrogation and got out of the bed. The guy did nothing. He has great mannerism. I went to look out the window and saw trains moving on a track to a station, and then going off somewhere else. After a while I got bored so I headed toward the door. The plus side was that I figured out the guy wasn’t glued to the chair. The down side was he wouldn’t let me out.

“Can I have a look around?” I shot the guy a dark look thinking he’d let me through. My thinking’s been really screwy lately.

“I can’t let you,” he said. He didn’t even say it like he was regretting it. That means he’s not under orders.

“Then why can’t I?”

No answer. Annoying.

I turned to go back to the bed to lie down. He went back to his chair. Perfect. As soon as he sat down, I bolted for the door and ran into the hallway. The dude got out into the hallway as soon as I got to the end of it. I didn’t go outside, though. I didn’t know my way around.

“Are you always this complicated?” he asked, his voice dripping with weak sarcasm.

“Only when I don’t get answers,” I shot at him. His shoulders fell and I think he smiled, though I couldn’t tell with the hood over his face.

He went back into the room. Me, being my stupid curious self, followed. He was in his little chair in his little corner. No surprise there. I sat down opposite to him and waited.

“Okay. I’ll give you answers if you give me some,” he said at last. I had no clue what he meant by me giving him answers, seeing as I was totally clueless to what the heck was going on, but I told him yes and repeated my questions.

“We’re in Twilight Town’s hotel,” he began, “I came from a place that I may never be able to go to again. My name is… Ansem. You can’t have a look around because you suck at fighting and your clothes aren't right for this world.”

I looked down at my clothes. “What’s wrong with them?” I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt over my swim suit.

“Okay, maybe I see your point,” I said.

“Good. We’ll train sometime in the next couple days and leave in a few weeks.” He started for the door and added, “I’ll be in this room if you need me. Good night.” And then he closed the door behind him.

* * *

I couldn’t sleep that night. I never can when my subconscious thinks that something important is going to happen in the morning. I was tossing and turning in my bed when I suddenly got up to go do something. Then I thought, for some reason, about going in the next room to get a glimpse of Ansem’s face. It was really weird that he paused when he said his name, like he had to think about it or something. That name seemed strangely familiar, but I couldn’t place it. Oh well, I thought. Maybe it’s nothing.

I went to the door and opened it without a sound. I did this easily because I always did it at home when everyone was asleep to perform various mischievous activities. Anyway, I snuck up to his bed, again very stealthily, thought I couldn’t see anything since it was so dark.

I reached the bed and turned my flashlight on (where'd I get the flashlight? I don't even know), covering most of it so that there was only a little sliver of light showing, and turned it on the bed. I was puzzled. There was nothing in the bed. I took my hand off the flashlight and cast its light around the room. Nothing. Still puzzled, I turned back to the room to try and get some sleep. I was almost to the door when I heard voices. Curious, I went the opposite way and put my ear up to the other door.

“…don’t know if she does, or is, but we’ll find out sooner or later, okay? Maybe she can help wake Sora up.” Sora? Who’s that? I thought.

I knew that voice was Ansem’s, and I also knew who the other voice was.
“Just give him some time.” This voice was high and squeaky. “Maybe Sora will wake up on his own...”

“How do you know?! He may wake up in years!” Ansem cut in. I was trying to work this out. Ansem was talking to… Mickey, and he wants to wake up someone called Sora from a… coma? So confusing.

“Give him, and yourself, time. That’s all it usually takes.” Yep. Definitely a coma.
“Yes, Your Majesty,” Ansem said, and the conversation was over. That last tidbit of information kind of shocked me. King Mickey? Where’s his kingdom? Disney World, Orlando, Florida? Or was it the one in Paris? I gave up trying to analyze the info and went to bed.

* * *

The next morning, I woke up and combed my hair. For some reason, I didn’t think it was all just a dream. I guess maybe because I wasn’t in my normal room? I got dressed and knocked on Ansem’s door.

“Wake up, sleepyhead!” I called.

No answer.

I rolled my eyes and went in.

“Hello! Time to get up!” I said as I walked in. Ansem wasn’t there. No big surprise. Something on the bed caught my eye. It was a pouch with a note next to it. The note said that Ansem went to do something, he’d be back soon, and that I should go buy breakfast and wander around a bit. I went to the café to buy me some breakfast, but I couldn’t read the menu, I’m embarrassed to say. I gave up and went back to the shop lane-avenue-place-thingy to have a look at Twilight Town.

Twilight Town’s a really cool place. After a while I got tired of looking around and headed back to the hotel. I was nearly there when I heard someone clear their throat behind me and a hand placed on my shoulder. I’m sorry to say that I squealed, and jumped a little (who wouldn’t?), when that happened. I turned around and saw that it was Ansem.

“Do you like scaring me half to death or is it just me?” I asked him.

“I just thought that we could go back to our rooms together, that’s all,” he replied with a shrug. I didn’t know how he got anywhere near me, and I didn’t care, so we headed out. When we got to our hotel rooms, he gave me long black robes, black pants, and high-heeled boots. Where the hell did he get those? No idea. How the hell did he know my size…? Let’s not get into that, okay?

“Do I have to wear the heels?” I asked, looking disgustedly at the boots.

“I thought you’d like them, seeing as you’re a gi—,”

“Don’t even finish that sentence, sexist. I’m a tomboy. I don’t like the whole girly-girl crap.” I said before he could continue. “I’d like to have the kind that you have on, please.”

“Alright. Fine. I’ll get you another pair,” he told me as he went to his room. About five minutes later, he came back with boots exactly like his. Again, in my size (creeper?).


“Can I burn those?” I asked, pointing at the heels.

“No,” he laughed. He gave me some privacy while I got changed into my new clothes. When he came back in, he asked whether I wanted to go to a late lunch, early dinner. I said “Duh. I’m starving” and we were off. At the restaurant he told me something that I knew, in the back of my head, was coming.

“We’ll be leaving for a different world in a couple of weeks. Maybe longer.”

“Cool. Where?”

“Well, I haven’t decided yet. Though you might need something to help protect yourself, and I have just the thing. I’ll give it to you when we get back to the hotel.”
When we finished our meal, we headed back to the hotel. There, Ansem told me to wait in my room while he went off to his room to get my coolio-awesome-thingy-mabob. He came back carrying a coolio-awesome-weapon-thingy.

“Is that a—?” I asked, pointing at it.

“Sword? Yeah. I thought it’d be helpful if you had a weapon.”

I thought about it and thought it’d be a good idea for me not to be a damsel in distress. Plus, I knew he was really saying “Here’s a weapon for you to get out of trouble with yourself so I don’t have to come to your rescue. Kay?” I didn’t care, it was still cool.

“Just a couple questions for you,” I began, “and it’d be great if you’d actually answer them.”

He sighed and said, “Shoot.”

“One: Who will be teaching me how to use this magnificent weapon?”

“I will either this evening or in the morning.”

“Two: Where?”

“No idea.”


“Three: Why will I need this sword?”

“That’s more than a couple.”

“So? The second one didn’t really count since you didn’t have an answer.” I smiled.

“Fine.” He paused a moment before pacing around the room. I could already tell that that meant long explanation, so I sat down. He paced for about five minutes and finally looked at me (I think. He was still wearing the hood).

“You remember those creatures that attacked you at the beach? Well, those things are called Heartless. They roam the worlds, seeking hearts to… well, I don’t know what they do, but the person who loses their heart turns into a Heartless. In addition to stealing the peoples’ hearts, they also try to take the heart of the world. Every world has a heart, which is a great energy that the Heartless are drawn to. If the Heartless find the heart of the world, then it disappears. I don’t know how, and I don’t know where it goes after it’s lost its heart, but I do know that some of the people that survive the destruction of their world ended up in a place called Traverse Town. But the worlds were set right by the brave Keyblade Master. Though now the Heartless seem to be back attacking the worlds again.”

Now, that was a lot of info. I just sat there, letting it all sink in, then I got up and went to the window, staring at the sunset.

“Was my world swallowed by the Heartless?” I asked him, almost not wanting to hear the answer.

“Yes” was all he said. I said nothing and just kept looking out the window. I was never really one to go bawling whenever sad news came my way, but tears were fighting their way into my eyes. I gazed unseeingly at the sunset.

I don’t know how long I was standing there like that, but Ansem suddenly said that he should train me before tomorrow, if possible. I wiped the tears that succeeded in getting to my eyes from my face and looked at him.

“Decide on where we’re going to train yet?” I asked, smiling as best I could.
“Yeah. The Sandlot seems like a good place to train.”

I had no clue where the Sandlot was, so I just kept quiet and got my shoes on as Ansem gathered up his things.

* * *

Note to self: Never train with Ansem again.

I don’t like Ansem’s method of training. He was brutal. The only thing I like about the entire training thing was my sword, which was composed of brilliant shades of aqua and turquoise.

“The Heartless won’t go easy on you. Why should I?” he would say when I complained. “And I think it’d be better if you could defeat any Heartless with just one blow.” I must’ve lost every time we sparred. How the hell was I supposed to defeat every Heartless? Though I have to admit, I was getting better. I even managed to whack him twice. After about the hundredth time we sparred (that night!), he gave the okay to stop. I collapsed onto the ground, panting. He (though I couldn’t see his face, his stupid hood was still up) didn’t seem to be sweating. He wasn’t even breathing hard.

“Why do you always keep your hood up? I’ve never seen your face,” I told him when the air finally came easily to me.

“Fine. If it’ll make you happy.” Then he pulled down his hood.

The first thing I noticed was that he wasn’t sweating. The second thing I noticed was that he was really (like, seriously) tan, his eyes were orange, and he had long, white/gray spiky hair, though he sounded and looked pretty young for a guy with white/gray hair.

After I got over seeing him for the first time, I finally said “Okay. Satisfied” and he put his hood back up (though I saw no point in doing so). I got up, sheathed my sword and strapped the sword across my back in a position Ansem told me would be the easiest to carry and pull out fast when needed. He also told me that I can summon it, and he’d teach me later.

“So now that you’re all trained up and ready,” he said, with just a hint of sarcasm, “we can set off soon. Maybe a couple more days.”

“Do you know where we’re going yet?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes,” he told me, “we’re going to Hollow Bastion. Also, you’re going to need a little more training with that sword, and you still have to learn how to warp.”

“Warp?” I asked, confuzzled.

“Yep. Watch.” He turned around, holding his hand in front of him as he did so. Then, after a few seconds, a purplish-blackish-pinkish bubble thing about the size of a door popped up where his hand was pointing. He walked up to it, turned around, and walked through it backwards. Then the thing vanished.

I walked up to the spot where it was and just kinda stood there, having no idea what the hell just happened.

“Like it?” Ansem asked from behind me.

“Dude,” I said, awestruck. Though more questions popped into my head, uninvited (stupid questions *shoots them to the ground ‘till they die*).

“Um… how the heck am I supposed to learn this?”

Ansem just laughed. I didn’t get the joke.

“I’ll need to teach you and train you.” Oh. That joke.

Yippee. More training lessons with Ansem.

* * *

Ansem disappeared. Again. This was, like, the umpteenth billion time he’s done it. I didn’t really mind, though, because it gave me time to practice with my sword and whatnot (plus the extra free time I got). If I didn’t feel like practicing, I could just wander and explore Twilight Town. It was one of these times Ansem just left me that I felt like taking the train (which I had never been on) to Sunset Station. It was beautiful there. Usually I spent the entire day there, if I could. My favorite part was Sunset Hill. Once I went there, just for a little relaxation, and let my troubles melt away into oblivion.

I was laying on one of the benches, staring at the sunset, when someone came up behind me, scaring the hell outta me.

“I was wondering where you went off to,” a voice behind me said. I wasn’t expecting it, so my heart kinda skipped a beat.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’re really love doing that.” I turned my head to the person standing there and, surprise, surprise, Ansem it was.

“Mm. You still have to learn to warp, you know.”

“Great,” I moaned, staring back at the sunset.

* * *

The warping lessons were super fun (ß and that, kids, is called exaggerated sarcasm). Ansem made me warp from an alleyway to our hotel room, and other things along those lines (guess how well I did: about a half-mile or so off). I think I finally got it after a couple of days, though I was still sort of iffy.

“I think you’re ready,” Ansem told me after I warped perfectly during one of the training sessions. “And you’ve gotten really strong. Facing the Heartless should be a piece of cake for you now.”

Those words gave me confidence (though I think that one warp he congratulated me on was a fluke… I was kinda thinking about going to a McDonald’s. The food here sucks). And then he added something I’ve been expecting (slash hoping) to happen for a while.

“We’ll be leaving for Hollow Bastion tomorrow.”

“Cool,” I told him, then I headed off to bed for some much deserved sleep.

* * *

“Okay, today we’re going to go to Hollow Bastion,” Ansem told me the next morning.

“Right,” I said. “So, how exactly are we going to get there? Hitch a ride on a shooting star?”

“Not exactly. We’re going to fly by gummi ship,” he chuckled a little unnecessarily when he said this (I don’t know why. Maybe because of the look of utter confusion on my face?). “It’s like a rocket ship, only considerably smaller.”
“And where are you keeping this amazing ship?” I asked.

“You’ll see.”

So we walked out of the hotel and started off towards the Tram Common. When we got there, we walked to the far wall where there was a hole that I could see led to the woods.

“We’re just making a little side-trip. I have to talk to someone about something, and you can practice using your new sword.”

Wow. Can we say vague, much? I had a confused/apprehensive look on my face, with a little tiny mesh of fear. Not a lot, just a little. So we walked through the woods and came to a house, no, mansion that looked like it was abandoned a while ago. Creepy enough? No, not really. We walked up to the gate, which had a padlock bigger than my head. I was wondering how we were going to get in when Ansem turned right and went through the wall. I kinda freaked out, so I warped to the other side. When I got over there, Ansem was shaking his head at me.
“Very good, but hardly necessary,” he told me, and he motioned me to come over to the place where he appeared to have gone through the wall. I felt like a complete idiot. There in front of me was a hole that didn’t look big, but was big enough to squeeze through.

“Great. Thanks for telling me.” I banged my head against the wall.

“Come on. Let’s go inside.” He sounded like he was trying very hard to restrain himself from bursting out laughing. We walked up to the door and went inside. It looked bad, but the mansion didn’t have the whole abandoned, scary, cobweb-covered look to it. Though there were piles of junk everywhere. We walked to a little model of a castle that was all crumbly when these things, not Heartless, things popped in out of nowhere.

“What the heck are these things???” I yelled at Ansem.

“Oh yeah. I didn’t tell you, did I?”

No dip.

“I’ll tell you in a second. For now, just fight your way through and follow me.”
He slashed at one of the things and ran up the stairs. I followed, whacking things as they came. We ran into the library, down some more stairs, whacking even more of those bad boys, when we finished them all up there.

“Okay, so what are those things?” I asked, panting and sheathing my sword.
“Those things are called Nobodies. They’re the other halves of Heartless,” he began. “You know that when a person loses their heart, they become a Heartless, right? Well, people with strong hearts also become Nobodies. The lesser Nobodies are controlled by higher Nobodies, which can think and act for themselves. The Nobodies in control call themselves Organization XIII. Six of the Organization’s members have been eliminated. We’re trying to get rid of Organization XIII for good.”

“Right,” I said, not getting any of that. “Just a couple questions for ya.”

“There always is.”

“ ‘Eliminated’? That sounds kinda harsh, and not to mention brutal.”

“Would ‘taken care of’ be better?” he asked me with sarcasm just oozing from every syllable.

“No, Mr. Let’s Make Everything A Joke. It’s worse.”

“I thought so.”

“Next question: Why are you trying to get rid of Organization XIII for good?”

He paused for a moment and said, “That’s need to know information.”

I knew there was no arguing with him (don’t know how. Just got that vibe), so I let it go. We headed down the stairs when Ansem told me something that was a real kill-joy.

“You need to stay here. I’ll be right back,” he told me, and then he headed for the door.

“Why can’t I come in?” I asked, sort of whining. I’m not a big whiner. No way. Not me… Did that sound even remotely convincing at all???

“Because you have to go to Hollow Bastion,” he said to me, as a teacher would a little kid who just didn’t get the problem.

“But how do I get there? Where’s the gummi ship? How do I drive said ship?

What do I do when I get there?” Don’t I have a way with words? And how ‘bout my questions? Think there’s enough?

“Fine, I’ll take you to Hollow Bastion. Hang on for a little while.” Then he went in and shut the door firmly behind him. I sat on those stairs for what seemed like forever, when he finally came out.


“What do you think?” I said impatiently, and we left. I’m glad to say that we didn’t run into anymore Nobodies.

When we got out of the Mansion, we headed back to the Tram Common and headed off to a place I’ve never been before (and I thought I went everywhere). I stayed quiet the entire way, just taking everything in (in case he wanted me to find this place again), when we suddenly turned off into a long alleyway. At the end of the alley there was another left, and also a ship I assumed to be the gummi ship. I stood there, and gaped at it (never seen a rocket ship). I was also wondering how the hell he parked this thing. I mean, the alleyway was tiny. Of course, I didn’t say all that out loud.

“You like it?” he asked with a slight hint of amusement in his voice.

I nodded dumbly.

“Do you wanna drive?” he asked, way too unnecessarily.

“I don’t answer stupid questions. Where are the keys?”

He laughed. “Hop in.”

* * *

I gotta tell you, driving the gummi ship is the most awesomest thing in the whole [insert exclamatory swear word of your choice here] world! (Pardon the language)
When we got in, I immediately went to the driver’s seat. Ansem told me all the gadgets and gizmos there were, and also how to use them.

“Um, you know that if I try to take off, we’ll crash and burn and die, right?” I asked in a ‘did you know’ kinda tone.

“Well, then you’d better let me do it,” he said to me, his voice shaking a little (I guess my description a bit too… much). I obligingly got up and let him take over. Once we were in space, he let me take over. I might’ve freaked him out a little with my moves, but we made it to Hollow Bastion easy enough.

“Remind me to never let you drive the gummi ship again,” he told me shakily (it’s not my fault. He let me). He was quaking like Jell-O, but I felt awesome. After a few minutes, it seemed like Ansem recovered a bit, so I began to head out into Hollow Bastion. It was nighttime, so I don’t think anyone saw the ship land into the secretly secret spot.

“Hang on. I got something to tell you,” Ansem called to me. I turned around and walked back, wanting to know what he had to say.

“Yes, O Jell-O-y One?” I asked him with a smile on my face.

“First off, I’m going to have to leave you,” he began. “I have some other things to do in different worlds.”

I handled this tidbit of news nicely…

“What!?! How the hell am I supposed to get along!? What am I gonna do here!? I don’t even know the first thing about this place, other than its name! What if I wanna leave? I don’t have a gummi ship! I don’t have cash!”
See? Nicely handled.

“Chill out, okay? I’ll give you munny. You can learn about this place by staying here and studying it, you know? Getting along is no problem. Just work. I think there’re some rooms for rent in the Borough,” he explained calmly. Then he gave me a pouch filled with munny.

“What about the gummi ship?” I asked, putting the purse away. “Do you have an extra one in your pocket? Or am I supposed to hitch a ride on a shooting star, like I thought before?”

“Find Cid and talk to him about that. He’s a computer wiz. Tell him the King knows that he has one and that you need one.”

“Cid. King. Got it,” I said, and turned to find a place to rest, when Ansem called me back. Didn’t he have somewhere to be?

“Couple more things.” Try a couple thousand. “You’re probably not going to get a place tonight, so I suggest that you go to the Crystal Fissure for the night. Go through the Borough, through the Bailey, take a left, and take the Ravine Trail until you come to a fissure with a lot of crystals in it. Now, there are a lot of Heartless on the way, so you can test your newly developed skills.”

“Happy, happy, joy, joy,” I said tiredly. Ansem ignored this little bit of sarcasm.

“Also, don’t mention anything to anyone about Riku.”

“Since I have no clue what you’re talking about, that will be no problem.”

“That’s all I have to say,” he concluded.

“In that case, I shall start this journey to the Crystal Fissure. Guess I’ll see you later, then,” I told him.

“Guess so.” Then something weird happened. He freakin’ hugged me.

“Um…” I said. Then he let me go and went to the gummi ship. I didn’t stay to see him take off. I put up my hood and started to the Fissure.
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XDD Love your sense of humor, mate. I'd quote mah favs, but I'm feeling lazy! :D

This thing's got potential. Kudos! :)

Looking forward to reading more...


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Wow, thanks! Here's more (I'll try to post it daily).

Chapter 2: Hollow Bastion

Okay, alone, in the dark night, not knowing where anything, anyone, or anywhere is. Nice first night out in a new world, eh? I walked through the Borough, where I saw a lot of rooms I could rent out the next day, and went on to the Bailey. I went through a big hole in the wall that led to some ruins. This looked like a good place to stop, minus all the Heartless there, which was probably the reason Ansem didn’t say to stop there. I followed the Ravine Trail and, what seemed like hours worth of Heartless butt-kicking, finally got to the Crystal Fissure.

It was really cool, and if I didn’t want to crash right then and there, I probably would’ve looked at the walls a bit more. As it was, I couldn’t go on much longer. At least, my body couldn’t. My mind was a whole nother matter. I made a little fire in a little alcove near the middle of the fissure.

As I lay there, looking at the fire, I thought about everything that had happened to me in the past month or so (I lost track of time). Why did the Heartless come to my world? Who’s Riku? Who’s Sora? Why am I here? Why didn’t Ansem just send me to Cid’s house for the night? I could write down a ton of other questions that went through my mind as I lay there by the fire, but that would take too long and you’d get too bored.

I think I fell asleep, but I’m not sure. I must’ve been because I heard something coming my way. I thought it was more Heartless, but it didn’t sound like Heartless. It sounded more like footsteps. The fire had already gone out, so no problem there. I saw a little nook big enough for me to hide in just a little ways off.

Unfortunately, it was on the other side of the fissure and toward the oncoming footsteps. I thought that if I moved fast enough then I could get there before the feet did. (Yes, I know. I could’ve warped. But I still hadn’t perfected it by then. Oops).

I did make it, but just barely. I guess I must have good hearing or something because just as the feet came around the bend I got into the little nook. The dude was wearing a robe, just like mine. I could tell it was a guy just by the way he walked. He had his hood up, to my dislike. I was starting to wonder whether or not Ansem got these clothes at the interspace GAP. Whatever.

Mr. Dude walked up to the remains of my fire and examined it. It was really dark, so I was safely hidden within my little nook. I thought, anyway.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” the dude said in a singsong voice. “I know you’re here somewhere, so don’t even think of staying hidden.” And then he cackled. Softly yet creepily. I remained quiet and hidden.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice,” he went on. That was the cheesiest line in the book. Geez. Still, he sounded like he meant it. So I stepped out of my hiding place, walked about five feet away from the guy (with an exit right behind me) and put my hand on my hip, trying my best to look bored (which was hard, considering my hood was up). The guy just stared at me. At least, I think he was. Oh well. Then he chuckled.

“You part of the Organization? Or did some fan open a shop full of Organization XIII merchandise?” he laughed. “ ‘Organization T-shirts for 7000 munny! Get ‘em while ya can!’ ”

Great. This guy was a comedian. Like the world needs more. I took a step towards the exit behind me. He took a step towards me.

“You’re not much for sarcasm, are you?”

Despite all the witty comebacks that were threatening to burst out, I stayed quiet as my Rocky (I know you all have one). Just another something I learned from Ansem. Another step back. The dude followed suit.

“What’s your name?”

Not a word from me. Another step. Another advance. He put his hood down (finally). The guy had very spiky, long-ish, flaming red hair. That was what stuck out to me the most (duh). His face was kinda pointed, and he had these clown things under his eyes.

“Mine’s Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?”

This guy can spell his own name. Give him a round of applause. Another step. Another advance.

“So, what are you doing way out here? Didn’t feel like sleeping near town?”

I shrugged. One more step back. Just a couple more paces.

“Leaving so soon? What, you not like me?” he asked in mock hurt.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to respond.

“Well, you did make a lousy first impression. You should really work on your people skills,” I answered with a shrug. “Oh well.” And with that, I turn and ran like hell.

“This is gonna be fun,” I heard Axel say behind me. I got to the far side of a big clearing thing and turned around. Axel stopped a little ways off from the entrance.
“Why does it always have to end in violence?” he asked melodramatically. Then he attacked me (yay! More guys are attacking me! Am I really happy, you ask? Uh… no). Now, I’d love to say I won, like really love to, but that would be a total and complete lie, which I’m trying to cut down on. Nope. He kicked my ass. Big time. I won’t go into all the morbid details, but I have to say I put up a good fight. So, he kicked my butt. Moving on.

After he beat me, I fell to my knees out of pain and exhaustion. Axel came up and looked down at me (yeah, that is awkward wording) and laughed. My hood was up still, but I gave him a look of incredible disdain (so basically a death glare). He kneeled down and asked, “Now you wanna tell me what I want to know? Or shall I beat you again?” Then he laughed a creepy, maniacal laughter. I’ve only known the guy for five minutes (yes, that’s how short it took to beat me) and I wished that he would find a cliff and jump off it cheerily.

You know what else? When you mix disdain, frustration, confusion, anger, and a bunch of other emotions like that, layer it with hatred, then sprinkle an adrenaline rush on top, you get a big energy boost. Not enough to fight a battle, say, but a good enough amount. With this newfound energy, I looked up at him, put my hood down, smiled, and said, “In your dreams, Clowny.” Then I proceeded to place my fist into his stupid smirking face. He didn’t even see it coming, the idiot. His face looked like it was conflicting whether to show shock or anger as the primary emotion… Guess it decided both.

I put my hood back up and headed toward the Crystal Fissure. I was so beat up, it wasn’t even funny, though the look on Axel’s face did make me feel a little better. Once I got to the Crystal Fissure, I knew I couldn’t stay there. Not in the state I was in. I couldn’t risk another Axel encounter. Luckily, I didn’t have much (just the bag of munny that Ansem gave me). So, I headed back towards town to see if I couldn’t find a place to sleep for the night.

I got past the Ravine Trail, Castle Gate, and Bailey without incident. When I got to the Borough, I saw a place that looked, to say the least, interesting. It had a roof that was shaped like a warlock’s hat, and there were a bunch of little gizmos around it. I went to go check it out, and, lucky for me, the door wasn’t locked at all. So I headed in (the people living there will hopefully understand).

It was a one-roomed house. There was a table on a dais, a bed right next to it on the floor, a computer, and tons of books. I mean, there were books everywhere; on the floor in piles, on shelves, on the bed, everywhere! It was the computer that intrigued me.

I went over to it and logged on. There wasn’t even a password. Talk about lousy security. There were a lot of documents on “The Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee” and what they were going to do for the worn. There was also a lot on the history of Hollow Bastion, Heartless, and Nobodies. I was curious, so I kept checking all the files in the computer (I can’t tell you everything, because that would take a long time to explain. There was also a lot of private files that belonged to Cid). After a while, I started getting bored and tired (I’m surprised I didn’t conk out as soon as I got there), so I logged off and found a little corner to sleep in where no one could see me. I woke up after who knows how many hours and started for the door when I heard someone open the door. I hid behind a large pile of books and waited. I saw Merlin (I recognized him from the movie “The Sword in the Stone”) and four other people. One of them, I guessed was Cid, got on the computer and logged on. Apparently I did a good job of not leaving a trace, because he didn’t seem to find anything out of the ordinary with his computer. He typed like he was playing the organ, which I found really annoying. I started debating after a while whether or not I should come out when, finally, they started talking.

“There are Heartless near the Marketplace. One of you should check it out,” said Cid.

“I’ll go,” said a girl in black, and she ran out the door.

“I don’t think she likes fighting,” said a guy with brown hair and a scar line across his nose sarcastically. Cid didn’t laugh. I hoped he had a sense of humor, otherwise I would’ve beaten my head against something.

I guess I should get out of here before I get busted, I thought. But how?



Dammit… I never did master the whole warping thing. Okay, think of coming out by the door, I told myself. I would’ve given myself a pep talk if I’d thought it’d help. So I made a little Me-sized warp hole and crouched up to go through… and almost fell flat on my face. My legs had fallen asleep and turned to Jell-O on me. I cursed at the circulation in my legs and basically stumbled/crawled my way through. Not fun…

♪♫ I made it. I made it. ♫♪ … Sorry…

Good news: I made it to where I wanted to go.

Bad news: I made it to where I wanted to go.

Pros and cons. Oh well.

I stepped out of my coolio Portal of Awesomeness and stood there while the others were totally oblivious. So, to help them know that I existed, I cleared my throat a little (but not like what Umbridge did in Harry Potter 5. Anyone see that?). They turned around looking so alarmed that I thought that the Grim Reaper was standing behind me.

“Hey, Cid, I need a gummi ship, and the King said that I could borrow yours, if it’s okay with you,” I stated. How’s that for informative?

Cid just looked surprised and confused. Then he got his act together and said, “Uh, sure. It’s at the Restoration Site.”

“Great. Thanks,” I told him, and turned to walk out, but someone just had to say something to ruin my getaway.

“Did you meet him?” came a question from behind.

I turned my head slightly and said “No,” and went to open the door. But noooo, that’d be way too easy for me. As I reached for the handle, the door opened. I cursed the fact that I can never make a clean getaway and stood off behind the door. I peeked around the door inconspicuously and saw a short kid with brown spiky hair wearing a black ensemble with a yellow X across his butt. He was talking to some of the other people (which took a while). I wasn’t paying attention because I was practically banging my head against the wall from boredom (I know. I do that too much). I finally decided to quietly slip out the door. Almost there…

“Hey! You from Organization XIII?”

Shit. I could tell someone said something, but I couldn’t make out the words very clearly. It was like someone with a lisp was screwing up their voice. I turned around and the first thing I saw was Donald and Goofy. Gee, I wonder who spoke…

“Well?” Donald asked. I wanted to smack him so hard. Must’ve been a sugar withdrawal thing. Or, you know, good food withdrawals… Or the night I had…
I don't know.

I shrugged.

Then I turned and left.

I wasn’t followed, so I headed toward the Bailey at normal speed. When I got there, I saw more black cloaked characters. There must’ve been about five.

“Heh heh. Mansex,” I said to myself. Then I stopped and wondered how I knew his name was actually “Xemnas”…

I tried warping myself to the Restoration Site where the gummi was. And guess what? ♪♫ I did it. I did it. ♫♪ ……Sorry… Again...

I got the gummi ship and headed to my next destination. What was my destination, you ask? Umm….
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Your story is really funny. One question though, why didn't Sora, Donald, and Goofy go after the person who they thought was apart of Organization XIII? I was just kind of confused at the end of your chapter. Oh well, great chapter again.

Sorry about that. ^^; It'll get explained later. The reason they didn't go after Crystal is mainly because I want to try to take out the parts where they attack first and find out the truth later. It annoyed me /so much/ when i was playing the game.

Chapter 3: Twilight Town… again

I was driving my borrowed little gummi ship, crazily fighting bad guys, wondering where I should go next. As I almost got blasted out of the sky (oh, you know what I mean), I thought “hey, why not go back to Twilight Town? That place is cool.” So I headed back to the first world I’ve ever traveled to.

As I was thinking about how cool Twilight Town was, Ansem, having the worst timing in the entire universe, darkly bubbled (another word for warped in my dictionary) into the gummi.

“I see you talked to Cid,” he said in that extremely annoying way of his.

“How do you keep finding me!?” I sorta yelled.

“Not important. So where you headed?” he asked, dodging my question. Fine.

“Candy Land. Care to join me?” I asked sarcastically, trying to either A) piss him off, or B) confuse him.

“Uh… What’s a Candy Land?” Yeah. I confused him.

“Twilight Town.”

“Oh, good. I was just going to suggest we go there. If it’s okay with you, that is…” Wait, what? Did he just ask me if I wanted him riding with me? Scratch that; what I should be asking is “did he seriously just value my opinion?” Weird… I thought he hated letting me drive…

“I thought you hated it when I drove.”

“Okay. I can go if you want me to…”

“W-wait. I do kinda want some company. And since, you know, you’re offering and all… Well… If you want to, then…” I hate it when I do this: act all girly-girl, stutter, shift feet (well, actually I was shifting in my seat), not being the stoic, tomboy I usually am… What the hell is this???

“Kay. To Twilight Town.”

“To Twilight Town,” I echoed.

“Can I dri—?” he began.

No way, Buster.

“I’m driving. I need the practice.”

Ooh, Barracuda.

I think Ansem desperately wanted to warp to Twilight Town (even though he offered to ride with me), but he didn’t. Was it the possible hell I might’ve given him had he warped? Or maybe he was just too lazy… Or maybe rainbows are made out of Skittles. Yeah, right. Guess what his reaction was: (a) He congratulated me on how well my driving was and how much I’ve improved, or (b) I needed to find a bowl fast or he’d stain the rug.

If you picked choice (a): you are the biggest schmuck ever. His reaction somewhat differed from that of the first time.

“Remind me again why I let you drive,” he said after his stomach settled down some.

“’Cuz I’m just so darn cute… And I woulda kicked your butt if you didn’t,” I stated as sweetly as I could.

“Oh… That’s why.”

“So,” I started to the Sandlot, “wanna go train some?”

“Sure, but let’s warp, okay?” he pleaded. I took one look at him, still shaking (my driving wasn’t that bad… was it?), and immediately wondered if he could make it walking.

Oh well. It’ll be good for him, a little suffering. Yep. I looked to see where we were. We were outside the hotel we stayed at before, which was way across town from the Sandlot. This’ll be interesting.

“Why not walk? The exercise will be good for you,” I said while heading in the general direction of the Sandlot. I had no idea where I was going, but I’d figure it out… eventually…

I turned around and saw that he was about to shoot me and fall over, not necessarily in that order.

“Fine. We’ll warp, Dear Weak One, but you’re opening it.” Am I being too nice to him? Ah well.

“Whatever,” he said, like the ungrateful person he is (plus, I thought I heard the words “thank” and “god”).

And after all that, I still didn’t beat him to death…

* * *

Have you ever just sat down somewhere in the middle of the night staring at the stars? Well, you should. I was lying on the ground at Sunset Hill, just staring at the stars. It was nighttime (duh), and very peaceful. Ansem had gone off on whatever again. No idea on when he would be back, though.

So many stars…

So many worlds…

But not mine. Not mine…

And while I was turning Emo, guess who showed up. Go on, guess.

Heartless? Nope.

Nobodies? I wish.

Ansem? Shoot me… Actually, shoot him. I wanted to shoot dark blasts at him, but, unfortunately, I restrained myself.

“Nice night for star gazing, isn’t it?” he asked. God, he sucks at getting to the point.

“Whatever” was my silver-tongued, rapier-witted response.

“Bad mood?”

“No. I was in a good mood… then you showed up.” I smiled a smart-assed smile at him, and in return thought I heard the words “smart-assed” and “ungrateful”… but that’s just me. Since his hood was up, I couldn’t really determine if he was amused or a little annoyed.

“Heh, you really don’t like me, do you?”

Didst mine ears deceiveth me, or did I hear a smile in that statement (hey, it makes sense to me).

“I don’t hate you. I just hate, exaggeration of “hate”, the way you pop up unannounced.” I propped myself up on one arm, facing him. He was standing next to the little clock-tower thingy, arms crossed. Doesn’t he want to sit, stay a while, attempt at making small talk and then blowing it?

“Ya wanna sit down?” I like putting things bluntly, as you should see plainly.

“Wow. That was blunt.” Apparently he’s good at picking up on these things. “Can’t. I have to be up at the Old Mansion soon.”

“Can I come?” I asked. I wasn’t bored, I just get this odd feeling of loneliness that I can’t explain when he leaves after an unexpected visit.


Pleeeaaasseeee???” I asked in my sweetest child-voice, putting on a puppy-dog pout for good measure.

He sighed. “Fine, but—”

“I’m not staying outside again. Nope.”

His body language said that he was about to kill me just then. “You’re the most annoying person ever,” he told me after about, oh, a minute.

“You basically described yourself in… six words. Bravo.” I was clapping when I said that. Too over the edge? Nah, didn’t think so.

But Ansem did. He didn’t say it, but it was written in white glowy ink all over his black face. Remind me again why we still tolerate each other.

“Just open a portal,” he said, not very nicely, I might add.

“What’s the magic word?”

“Please,” he said through clenched teeth.

“Thank you.” And with that, I got up and opened a portal that actually led to the place I wanted to go.

“You’re welcome,” I voiced, stepping through the portal. I thought I heard something crash behind me.

* * *

Tell me again why I agreed to go with Ansem? Just tell me. He takes me with him and then leaves me outside, even though I specifically told him I was coming in with him, while he talks to… whoever it is in there. When I’m alone I get bored. When I get bored, bad things happen. When bad things happen I get in trouble. When I get in trouble… What? Get on with the story? All right, all right.
I sorta blew a hole in the wall out of said boredom.

What the hell did you do!?!?!?” Ansem asked (more like shouted) when he came out. I, of course, was still shocked that I did that.

“Well… Uh… You see… Um…” ß His fault, not mine.


“I, uh, sorta got bored and, um, conjured a dark ball and, uh, started playing with it?” What? I was still in shock! Not to mention the edges of the hole were still kinda burning and it looked cool. I gave him this sweet, innocent smile that said “don’t hurt me, I’m cute =3,” and he caved (yes!!!).

“Just don’t do it again, okay?” he sighed after staring at the hole for about ten minutes.

“No problem… So, who’s your friend?” Morbid curiosity is the worst thing in this world, let me tell you right now.

“DiZ. I help him out sometimes,” he explained after a pause.

“With odd-jobs?”

“Yeah. Something like that.”

“What’d he want?”

“He wanted me to do another job.”

“What’s the job?”

Okay, I know I was reaching my limit, but curiosity just gets the best of me sometimes.

“Do you have to know everything?” he exclaimed. Okay, maybe I went over my limit.

“Yes,” I answered right away.


“Um… so, where are we headed next?”

We are going nowhere. You are going to stay here while I go do something else somewhere else.”

Uh… Ouch.

“It’s my driving, isn’t it? I knew it!”… Meh.

“No. Well, yeah, but you need to stay here and train a bit more. You don’t want to get beaten by Axel again, do you?”

That jerk!!! How the hell did he find out!?!

“How the hell did you find out!?!”

“I was there, remember?”

“No, I don’t recall you being there at all, jerk!”

“The memory is precious. Take care of it.” Then he opened a portal.

“What are you saying!?”

I was seriously thinking about conjuring a dark ball and making his mid-section see-through, but I decided not to. “Why?” you might ask? Because he saved me (then insulted me later). And I didn’t want to repay him by making him have to plaster up his torso. Guess I’m just sensitive that way.

Well, no point in hanging around here anymore. That is, if I didn’t want to get yelled at by DiZ for blowing up his wall. Onward!

“Guess I’m going back to Hollow Bastion,” I said to myself. “To the Angelmobile, Rocky!”
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That was AWESOME!!! I so love your Crystal character; she is just too funny. You should do a sequel to this. You sholud do a story about, some years down the road, Riku (after he loses his Ansem form) and Crystal being engaged, but they have to defeat a great evil before they get married; think of all the fights they would have. Anyway, enough of my crazy rambling, great chapter again, and I look forward to more.


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Having a cup of tea.
That was AWESOME!!! I so love your Crystal character; she is just too funny. You should do a sequel to this. You sholud do a story about, some years down the road, Riku (after he loses his Ansem form) and Crystal being engaged, but they have to defeat a great evil before they get married; think of all the fights they would have. Anyway, enough of my crazy rambling, great chapter again, and I look forward to more.

Thanks. Um... I'm actually working on the sequel now... Scary part is, you got most of the plot right...
OMG YOU'RE PSYCHIC!!!!!!! =O Anyway, since Chapter 4's so short, here are the next /two/ chapters.

Chapter 4: Hollow Bastion… for a second time

I should probably go more places… Oh well. I go where I go. And there was just something about Hollow Bastion that said “come back. It’s awesome here,” which is true, but I like Twilight Town better. Don’t know why. Maybe because it suits me better?

Okay. Enough rambling. Time to digress. As I was walking innocently through the Marketplace, I got pummeled into the ground by flying squeaky toys.

“Hey! Who you calling squeaky toys?” they exclaimed.

Unfortunately, I also have a nasty habit of thinking out loud, which I just did.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean it,” I explained. “And you are?”

“Huey!” said the one in red.

“Dewey!” shouted the one in green.

“And Louie!” yelled the one in blue.

Guess what, they were all ducks no higher than my thigh.

“Yeah, thanks for impaling the ground with me,” I said in mock gratitude (not in a mean, bad way) while rubbing my arm.

“Sorry. We were on our way to the Dark Depths,” Louie explained.

“The Dark Depths, huh?” I asked, intrigued. “What would three young ducklings such as yourselves want to do at a place called the ‘Dark Depths’ when you have shops to run?” I pointed to the empty shops in the square.

“That’s exactly what I want to know,” said a Scottish-y voice from behind them. I turned to see another duck. Aren’t ducks supposed to go ‘quack-quack’ and swim in a pond or a lake or something and eat bread crumbs from creepy old ladies sitting on the bench?

“Uncle Scrooge!” all three of them exclaimed. I didn’t stay for the lecture, I wanted to know what was so special about the Dark Depths. One thing I did know was that the little ducklings couldn’t come. Oh well. I feel better alone.

* * *

I hate Heartless. Exaggerate the word ‘hate’ to its full extent, multiply that by, like, infinity, and you’d still fall short of my level of hate.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Well, I got to the Dark Depths…

That’s good, right?

“Who are you?”

I think I put ducks right next to Heartless. Maybe.

You (probably) guessed it. Short kid, Donald and Goofy were there, looking at the old castle in the distance.


“Hey, you’re from Organization XIII!” said the kid.

“Yeah! You got the black coat and everything. Right, Sora” Goofy added. Okay, so the kid’s name is Sora. Fantastic.

“Ju—,” I began, but the duck-who’s-not-supposed-to-talk interrupted.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Just because I’m wearing this doesn’t mean I’m with Organization XIII,” I explained.

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Another thing to put on the list of things to hate: people poofing up behind me. I turned around and saw a guy with blue hair and an X right in the middle of his forehead. A name popped into my head: Saïx. How did I know this? No freaking idea.

“What are you talking about? I’m not with Organization XIII,” I said to him.

“You mean you don’t remember?” he asked slowly. “Pity. Just like Roxas.”

“I don’t remember because I was never in it!” I shouted at him.

“Whatever you say. The Organization told me to remind you of your mission. Now go!” And with that, he left in his little Portal of Confusion and Lies, leaving me utterly confuzzled and filling the other three’s heads with lies, which was probably his intention… but why?????

“What mission?” the Sora asked me. See, the thing is, when you ask a question, you wait for an answer. Not with Sora. Nope. With him it’s probably “Okay, ask the question, then while they’re pondering, attack,” because that’s basically what he did, the little bugger.

But I wasn’t pondering. I was ready. Wanna know why? If not, oh well, you’re hearing it anyway. All I could think was “I’m not going to lose again.” Plus, Ansem said to train, and this qualifies in my book. Anyhow, the battle wasn’t that hard. It only took about ten minutes. In my favor. He used most of his forms (which I should so totally have), but I must be stronger than I thought.

Sora, on the other hand, was not a happy Keyblade Master.

“So what does the Organization want? The Keyblade?” he asked angrily. Side note: I’m not complaining, but why don’t people here bleed when they get beaten up? Whatever.

“Kay, let’s get a few facts straight: 1) I’m not with the Organization, no matter what that jerk Saïx says…” I tried to lay it out for him quickly, but noooo


“Shush! Not done. 2) I know that taking the Keyblade from you would be futile. 3) In case you’re wondering, I didn’t attack you, you attacked me. Why? Well, I was hoping you could tell me.” I waited for my explanation.




Apparently I wasn’t getting one.

“Okay. Have fun finding your friends on your own.” Huh? Where’d that come from? I didn’t know where this kid’s friends are. I barely know where my “friends” are (is Ansem my friend? What about DiZ? I know Rocky is. =3).

“You know where they are?” Sora was on his hands and knees, with a pleading look in his eyes. “Please, where are they?”

Since I had no idea where his friends where or why I even said that (and now felt guilty about it), I opened a portal behind me and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Wait!” shouted Sora.

I needed to get out of there and figure out where the hell that came from. I didn’t know where I was going, or what I was doing, and I didn’t care. I just up and headed for the first place that came to my mind: Home.

You know what I got? A big blop of darkness.

“Well, I guess my home really is gone,” I said to myself. So, when I thought of home, I got darkness; emptiness; nothing; nobody. I looked down at my clothes. Then I thought of Organization XIII. “Why did you give me these clothes, Ansem?” I asked no one. “Why? Is it because I’m a Nobody now that my home is gone? Why do you wear them? What are you hiding?”

I was crying by this point (tears of anger and sadness). I hated it there. I usually never cry about anything. But I come to this place, this universe, and start balling like no tomorrow (which there very well may not be for me).

I had to get out of there. So, I conjured a portal and didn’t even think about where I was going to end up next, I just wanted out of there.

You’ll never guess where I ended up…

Chapter 5: Halloween Town

How did I end up here? No idea, but it was cool.

“Guess I’d better make myself more presentable,” I said, looking at my all-black clothing. I could’ve just left it as is… Nah. So I changed my appearance. I didn’t mean to, but I changed myself into a vampire (maybe ‘cuz vampires are awesome???).

Okay, I admit it: I hate Halloween (and yeah, I know I hate a lot of things). For all you people going “WTF!?!?!111? HOW CAN YOU HATE HALLOWEEN!??!?!? Yada yada, blah blah blah, etc,” it’s really quite simple. You see, I never got the whole “dress up for Halloween as a green thing with warts and bad breath (though for most of you, the breath is an everyday thing [BURN!!... Okay, done now]), free candy that looks disgusting (i.e. amputated body part chocolate) bull.

Moving on.

Yeah, there were a lot of Heartless, which I tried to ignore, but they just have to be like “Ahhh!!! We’re gonna get you!!!”… Freaks. Then I came to a door the shape of a Christmas Tree set in an actual tree…

Yay! No more Halloween!

I opened that sucker up and jumped right in head first.

Candy Cane Lane. Cheesy, I admit, but Christmas tromps Halloween everyday of the year. I went to Santa’s Workshop, because I thought it would just be a nice little visit to Santa’s, you know, to get some presents, see if the beards real, etc. Why did I even think that, with my luck?

“He’s not here,” came a voice from behind me. I turned around to see a guy in a black robe. “Nice fangs,” he said to me.

“You took Santa? For what? To punish all the little girls and boys?” Creeps, Organization XIII. Every one of ‘em. And I don’t even know most of them.

“Not who I was talking about,” he replied in a very snarky, over arrogant, unpleasant way. Does no one respect me?

“Then who were you talking about?”

He didn’t answer.

“Right. So, who are you?” *shoots curiosity*

He put down his hood, gave me a stupid smile, and said, “They told me you might act like Roxas, but you two are like peas in a pod.” He sighed. “Demyx. Organization XIII’s number IX.”

Yeah, he’s a freak.

“Yeah, you’re weird,” I told him. “And I’m not in Organization XIII. And who’s Roxas?

“Oh, don’t be like that.” He sounded like a fudging Care Bear. “We just want you to come back to us.” Yeah, to help you ruin all the worlds. Jeezit.

“Thanks but no thanks, Care Bear. Save it for someone who cares,” I told him in a bored tone. Saïx kinda messed up the whole “Come back to Organization XIII! It’s great!” for me. Then he pulled out a little slip of paper and read something from it:

“ ‘If the subject fails to respond, forceful actions required.’ Okay, simple enough.”

Uh oh.

“Oh shit,” I said numbly. I knew this guy had power, even though he looked like a wimp.

“Oh yeah,” he said with a sick amount of pleasure that elevated my heart rate a little. When you’re playing a video game or something, you’re sometimes like “Yay! We get to fight 1000 bad guys! Bring it!” In real life your first instinct would be “Oh, fuck…”

This was my second instinct. My first instinct was “Get rid of that mullet!!” What can I say? I hate mullets (say nothing).

“Get ready to rock, baby!” he shouted. Okay, he did not just call me “baby.” He. Is. Dead.

Then he pulled out this sitar (which sounds more like a mythological goat thing than an actual instrument), and little water-hims came at me.

“Dance, water! Dance!” He shouted this for the entire fight. I seriously hate every aspect of this guy. Well, after a while and a hell of a lot of annoyance, I began winning… yay…

“Take that, bubble boy,” I said after I kicked his sorry little ass. He didn’t say anything; he just ran away. There’s the wimp I know. Better him running away than more people showing up.

“Nice work,” someone complimented me from behind. “Well done.” Me and my big mouth. Wait a second… I knew that voice. That voice can spell its own name: Axel. I turned around, simultaneously getting into battle position, just waiting for him to come and attack.

But he didn’t, which kinda confused me.

“Oh,” he realized, “you want me to fight you. I see…”

“Not ‘want’ so much as ‘am waiting for you to viciously attack me like last time,’” I replied with as much loathing as I could.

“That hurts.” He put mock pain into his voice. “Well, it’s not coming, I can assure you.”

“Like your assurance is comforting. What do you want?” I still hadn’t relaxed my position. Not yet. Not until I knew what he was up to.

“I just want you to help me with something, that’s all,” he told me with a shrug.

“Sorry. Demyx and Saïx already tried,” I said to him venomously. “You can try to persuade me, though.”

“Nah. I don’t really need your help for what I’m planning on doing, though your help would make it a lot easier on me.” Axel’s hood was up, so I couldn’t really see whether or not he was smirking at me. What he said, though, did get my damned curiosity going.

“Okay, I’m taking the bait. What do you need help with?” Yeah, yeah. “Curiosity killed the cat” crap.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out… if you join me.” He said this with the cockiest attitude ever: arms crossed, relaxed position, snobby tone of voice. Made me wanna kill him… That, and the fact that he used the most idiotic phrase that drives me crazy.

“Meh,” I casually replied.

“I’m guessing that means ‘no’. Okay. You’ll live to regret it, though.” Loser. Then he started walking away.

“Fine” I called after him, walking away also. “You Organization creeps do whatever you want. I don’t care.”

“Who says I’m with the Organization?” I heard him ask softly behind me.

“Huh?” But he was already gone. I really do not like that guy. First, he beats the crap outta me, then he expects me to help him with some mysterious job. Yeah, like that’s gonna work with me. Well, the joy that I had to go and see Santa was gone and a bunch of Heartless were still roaming around just waiting to attack me, so there was really no reason to keep going to Santa’s workshop.

“Where’d I park the gummi ship?” I asked myself.

Oh, come on.

“Dammit!” I yelled. I’d left the gummi ship at Hollow Bastion after fighting Sora. Damn! Now I was gonna have to use up much needed energy to warp back. I hate this.

“What’s wrong now?” he asked.

Why? Why?

“You have the worst timing on the planet. You know that, right?” I said while turning around.

“Which planet? There’s billions.” Ansem leaned against a tree, happily waiting for me to tell him what miseries life had just cruelly thrown at me. Smart-assed—

“Never mind. I just want to go.” I was really stressed out. Four guys just unexpectedly came out of nowhere to start messing up my mind, not to mention Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

“Okay. I’ll take you. Where’s the gummi ship?” He started walking toward me.

I said nothing.

He stuck his hand inside his stupid hood and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Then he sighed.

“How’d you get here?”

“Grew wings and flew,” I almost (almost, but didn’t) shouted. “What do you think?”

“Okay… Where’s the ship?” Did he think I crashed it?

“I didn’t crash it, if that’s what you’re thinking.” I could almost feel the relief. “I left it in Hollow Bastion after I fought Sora.”

Bye, relief. Hello, confusion.

“You fought Sora? When? What happened?” WTF!? Now he shows emotion.

“Yes. A couple hours ago. He started it… technically… That sum it up for you?” I knew it didn’t, but I didn’t want to get too specific unless he wanted the specifics.

“Is he alright? Are you alright? Who won? And what do you mean by ‘technically’?” Holy geez. Apparently he did want the specifics.

Now who has all the questions?” I pointed out.

“I would like them answered, if you don’t mind.” Okay…

“Fine. I don’t know about him, but I’m fine, thanks for caring. I don’t think anyone won, really… and I don’t want to talk about the ‘technically’ part.” There. That sums it up… almost.

“Okay… why didn’t anyone win?” he asked. For a guy with all the answers, he seemed to have a lot of questions when it came to Sora. What does that mean?

“I kinda ran off during the middle of it,” I said quietly, looking at my feet.

“Why?” he asked gently. Maybe he really was there to watch out for me, in a totally annoying manner which I could do without most of the time. I could tell he wanted to comfort me, but he stood his ground, and I stood mine.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fine. Let’s go get the gummi ship.” For someone who shows up at the worst time, he’s sure good at showing up when I need him (if that makes sense, great; if not… reread later…).
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Firstly, I'm not psychic, I just have a really insane imagination. Secondly, great chapter again. This is starting to get really good; I really want to know more about Crystal's past and why everyone thinks she is in the Organization. Anyway, great job, and I can't wait for more.


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Second last chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 6: Back to Twilight Town

I never realized how much I owed Ansem. He saved me (more than once). He taught me how to fight with the spiffy sword he gave me. He gave me an outfit change (though it’s not really original). He taught me how to warp. He gave me a gummi ship (sort of). He gave me a lot. And I repay him with witty sarcasm… seemed fair to me.

Until now.

Even now he was helping me, when he could’ve let me fall on my butt and hope I would get back up on my own. But he didn’t. He opened the portal for me, and he drove the gummi ship for me (I didn’t complain, though it seemed like he was a bit relieved). There was little conversation. It seemed like he wanted me to say something; he even started to say something, but thought better of it and didn’t.

We were both stuck in our own little worlds, traveling to much bigger ones.

Apparently, Ansem couldn’t wait to tell me something. “We’re going back to Twilight Town.”

“Again? Is that your favorite world or something?” I asked, wondering why. This would be, like, the third time… I think…

“Yes, again. I want you to meet DiZ,” he answered, purposely oblivious to my second question.

“Finally.” Who was this ominous “DiZ” that tells Ansem what to do and when to leave me. Wait…

“You’re letting me meet him now? Why?” Stupid curiosity.

“Yeah. There’s something he wants to ask you.”

So I was going to meet the somewhat-sorta infamous DiZ, eh? Wonder what he wants to ask me…




I hope he’s not mad about the hole in his wall…

Oh well. Time to worry whether or not he wants to lecture/kill me later; we were in Twilight Town… again… yippee…

Something told me I was gonna get yelled at and/or skinned alive for the wall…
We landed in an alley near the Sandlot. There were some good memories here… for Ansem, who kicked my butt here for most of the times we trained-fought during my first stay in Twilight Town.

“Good memories here, am I right?” he asked, chuckling. Jerk.

“Laugh all you want. I bet I can beat you now,” I told him. I bet I could, too.

Besides him, Axel was the only one I’ve lost a fight to so far. I felt confident I was gonna get some payback.

“Is that a challenge?” he asked. For some reason, he seemed almost cheerful about the fact that I thought I could win. Time to analyze later, right now I have to have my head in the game. Don’t talk to me.

“You bet your sorry little ass it is,” I replied cockily.

He got into position. “Bring it.”

“With pleasure.” Let the match begin. Ding, ding!

* * *

God, I was so freaking stupid to challenge him! I almost won, though. I was off by this much.

“I believe you just lost,” Ansem said after he beat me.

“I just, uh, let you win,” I replied lamely. I mighta let him win, ‘cuz he’s old and stuff. I think he’s, like, 30 or 40. Wouldn’t want to hurt him at all… Nope…

“Uh-huh. You just keep telling yourself that, little vampire.” What was he talking about?

Oh. I was still a vampire… Oops...

“Heh heh,” I laughed, changing back into my comfy, unoriginal clothes. “But I did just let you win.”

Sure. Whatever you say.”

“Yes, cheese is good,” I responded. Uh… What?I was blacking out…

Most embarrassing part: I think I kept talking about cheese…

* * *

Where was I? How did I get here? Why is it all dark?

“Welcome, Crystal.”

Goddammit. I think it was Mansex… Does that man ever give up?

MY NAME IS NOT MANSEX, IT’S XEMNAS!!!!!” he shouted.

Uh, wtf? I didn’t even say that out loud… I haven’t said anything out loud yet.

“We’re in the darkness of you mind, Crystal. I can hear your thoughts,” he

Oh… well, then…

“So, are you gonna answer my questions?” I asked.

“Sure, why not? As I’ve already said, we’re in the darkness of your mind. You got here because I thought it was time that you knew I was here. And I’ve already explained, twice, why it’s so dark. Happy now?”

Holy fudge… so, what? I was being sorta possessed???

“Yes,” he answered. Man, I wish he would stop doing that. “Even as we speak, your body is fighting your friend, against your will, of course.”

What!?” I exclaimed. “Make it stop!”

“Sorry, but I need you to once again help me and the Organization, willingly or not. So I can’t let you leave here.” Wait, “once again”? What?

He made a dramatic pause (god, he is a freak).

“Unless, that is of course, if you want to help us willingly, then you can have your body back.”

“Since there’s no pointing thinking this to myself: You are sick,” I said.

He sneered at me. “I’ll not only give you your body back, but don’t you want to see your family and friends again? How about your world?” That little bugger was taunting me. Ticking me off.

“Yes… But I see them a lot, in my heart, which you don’t happen to have, Nobody.” If I was ticking him off, he didn’t show it. Why can’t I control my emotions like that?

“Well, you may have a heart, but you did lose something dear. What about your friend? Ansem, is it?” I just wanted to wipe that idiotic, megalomaniacal, stupid, dumb, jerky smile/sneer off his stupid, dumb face. I don’t really care about if someone insults me (though it’d be nice if they’d stop…), but if they start insulting my friends, they pay. And he is not going to insult my friend (and yes, I did say “friend”… Don’t tell Ansem that, though…). He continued his stupid ticking spree. “Steeping himself in darkness just to—”

“SHUT UP! You are not going to insult him!” Yeah, I gotta work on my temper… Well, I tried, and it didn’t work. I started to attack him, but he easily blocked me and shoved me to the ground. I still needed some practice…

“Heh, pitiful. You really think you can beat me like that?” He pointed to my sword. “Did Ansem give you that? Or should I say—?”


“Oh, have we grown feelings for him?” God, I wanted to kill him.

But, just at the worst moment, my sarcasm kicked in. Is there an off switch? Or… something?

“‘We’? I don’t think I have…” Have I? “Maybe you have, but, you know… That’s your business.” Then, just to make things worse, I gave him to most sarcastic, evil smile I could muster up, then I got up, turned around and started walking, hollering, “Bye, Mansex!”

Yeah, that set him over the edge a bit…

He up and freaking jumped me. I swear. One second we were, like, ten feet apart, and the next I was on the ground (again) with him standing over me, pointing little light-saber-things at me. I turned around to face him head on. He had a scary, crazed look in his eye.

“Time for you to join your friends,” he told me. He lifted his light-saber and—

A flash of light…

A flash of darkness…

Just… a flash…

I was in fetal position, and Ansem was over me… Shielding me…

He looked alright, and that freak Xemnas was standing a little yonder looking confused and furious at the same time. His hands had electricity coming from them.
“How—?” he stuttered.

“You okay, Crystal?” Ansem asked me. Was that the first time he’s ever said my name? Feels like it.

“Yeah, I think so. Thanks.” I was still in shock. “How the hell did you get here? How’d you know I was about to get shish-kabobbed by his light-saber? How did—?” Ansem put his hand over my mouth.

“You ask way too many questions. You know that, right?” He took his hand off my mouth. “So, how’d you get here?”

“Uh, it’s my brain. And because of him.” I looked at Xemnas, who was standing there looking pissed because he got beaten and now ignored.

“Oh,” Ansem said. “Let’s get you out of here. I’ll open the portal this time.” Eh, come again? He was acting like Xemnas wasn’t even there (and you can just portal out of your mind? What craziness is this?).

“What about him? We just gonna leave him here… in my mind?” I looked from Xemnas to Ansem to the portal he opened.

“Just get in,” he told me (more like ordered, but playfully).

“Hang on…” I tried to get up. “Ow! Sitting, now.” I looked at Xemnas, opened a portal behind him, and shot a dark blast at him and his silly grin, which was just enough to knock him through.

“Serves you right, jerk,” I called after him. Then I looked up at Ansem. “Little help, please?”

“I don’t have to carry you, do I?” he asked sarcastically. I should really stop being so sarcastic around him. It’s not healthy… Plus it’s come back to bite me in the butt on more than one occasion…

* * *

What Ansem didn’t mention was that warping out of your mind and into your body was kind of… disconnecting. I think I blacked out again.

“What… happened? Where am I?” I woke up with the biggest headache in the universe and a gap in my memory. Fun fun.

“Glad to see you’re all right,” said a voice. It sounded distant.

Okay, 1) why do all the voices talk to me when I’m either in a state of total confusion or total inability to respond properly… or both? 2) why are said voices always male? Are there no girls out there?

“I wonder if she suffered any mental damage.” That was Ansem’s voice, so the other one must belong to DiZ… great, more men in my life. Joy.

“If I did, I’d still be mentally better than you,” I said (though it was the lamest comeback in the history of ever. In my defense, though, I woke up from almost being trapped in darkness not five minutes ago and felt like a herd of elephants found me holding a bag of delicious peanuts).

“Not your best, but good enough,” DiZ said.

“Yeah? How the hell would you know? You don’t know the first thing about me,” I shot at him, aggravated. Who does he think he is, pretending he knows how I function?

“I know you blew a hole in my wall,” he countered with a pinch of smugness added on. High-and-mighty jerk. I turned bright red and sat up to face him. He had red strips of cloth and some belts covering his head. His eye(s) were amber, like Ansem’s, and the little I could see around his eye was extremely tan, like Ansem’s.

“Enough, you two,” Ansem interjected. I bet he wanted us to keep at it, though, the git. “Isn’t there something you wanted to ask her, DiZ?”

“Maybe he just wanted to mess with my head,” I said annoyingly, leaning on my hands, looking at DiZ. Then I noticed what he was sitting in front of… He was sitting in front of a bunch of sweet looking computer modules. There were, like, maybe 10 or so screens. “Whoa. Nice computers,” I said, forgetting my anger towards him and his insensibility.

“Yes, that’s somewhat what I wanted to ask you about. As I understand it, you’re good with technology.”

“You understand correctly,” I gave him, standing and folding my arms, ignoring the splitting pain in my cranium. “But how do you understand correctly?”

He looked uncomfortable, like he was embarrassed or something.

From this observation I have deduced a few things:

1) Ansem didn’t tell him.

2) His obvious embarrassment meant that he got this information in a certain way that probably invaded sacred personal space.

3) Ansem probably didn’t know his method of obtaining the info.

These deductions created one question:…

What the fucking hell did he do!?!?!?

I’m guessing Ansem came to the same thoughts and conclusions as me, because he was facing DiZ awkwardly. That made two of us (plus I was kinda checking myself for anything... out of the ordinary).

DiZ looked at both of us. “When I was scanning your mind for traces of Xemnas’ possessing you, I discovered some useful talents that you have,” he explained.

Wait, Xemnas possessed me? I thought I just blacked out. Gah. I’ll deal with that later, for now, DiZ and his obliviousness to my personal boundaries.

“And I didn’t know this because…?” Ansem asked.

“Well, you were off, so I decided to see if Xemnas was still in her mind,” DiZ explained hastily.

“When did you do this?”

“A few days ago.”

A few days ago!? How long was I out?

“Uh, guys, how long ago did I black out?” I asked cautiously.

They both looked at me… then at each other… Apparently they nonverbally decided not to tell me. Too bad, they’re telling me one way or the other.

“Guys, how long was I out for?” I asked firmly.

Ansem answered. “About a week and a half, give or take a few days.” Wow.

That was easy…

Oh my god…

“And… Xemnas did that to me?”

“Somewhat,” Ansem said.

“Xemnas only started it,” DiZ started explaining. “After you got your body back, your mind was so tired from fighting off Xemnas that it sort of shut down to recuperate.”

“So, what? Was I in a coma?” I asked directly.

“You could say that. And your body was also tired, so that contributed to the time it took you to wake up.”

“Why would my body be tired? It was just a lifeless heap while I was in my mind with Xemnas, right?”



“Well, not exactly,” DiZ said.

“See, while your mind was talking to Xemnas, Xemnas was controlling your body, which was fighting me,” Ansem told me. “I thought he’d tell you that.”

“Uh… sure. Yeah, now I remember,” I fibbed (well, now I remember, but I had no idea what the heck they were talking about back then). I was numb… Xemnas took over my body? While he was talking to me in my mind? How?

“Can he do it again?” I asked straight up.

“Well, no. You shut him out for good when you pushed him through the portal out of your mind.”

“Good,” I sighed. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I was glad. But I felt like that wasn’t everything.

Unfortunately, they weren’t gonna fess up what it was.

“So, about the question you wanted to ask,” Ansem said to DiZ after a very awkward silence.

“Oh, right. Crystal, can you help me with something?” he asked.

“Um, sure. What do you need help with?”

“I need to finish a certain device that would turn hearts into data.”

“…Yeah, I’m good, but I’m not that good…” I told him.

“I bet you could do it,” he encouraged.

“Yeah, no. I’m good at making the TV work, and plugging the DVD player in. Or making a computer work properly, but not this. I can’t do this. Sorry.” I knew they had no idea of what I just said, but they were understanding.

“Ok. I’m not going to force you.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse us, there are some things I need to talk to Ansem about,” he told me.

“Why do I have to leave?” I complained. I always had to sit out whenever DiZ gave Ansem some stupid secret assignment.

“Because you are not involved in this,” Ansem said, starting to shoo me out.
“Is it about saving the worlds from darkness?”


“Then I’m involved.” I leaned against the wall. It seemed Ansem was about to bang his head against the wall.

“Is she always this stubborn?” DiZ asked Ansem.

“You have no idea.”

“I think you’re great too, Ansem,” I said.

He did a face palm.

“So, what do we need to do?” I asked DiZ.

“What makes you think that I’m giving you a mission?” he asked in surprise.
“Well, I know that whenever Ansem talks to you, he has to go somewhere, leaving me alone to fend for myself against Heartless, Nobodies, and various other nuisances,” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Oh. Right, well, I’m guessing it’s ‘you both’ now.”

“You're darn tootin' it is.” I got vibes from Ansem that said “Can I go kill myself now, please?” He's great, isn't he?

“Well, you both need to go to the World That Never Was and stop Xemnas once and for all. I’ll come, too.”

“Uh… kay. What about your little device thingy?”

“That’s why I’m coming. I only needed your help to do a once over and see if it was working properly.”

“Oh. Okay. Shall we go, then?” I asked while walking towards the door.

I’m driving,” Ansem said to me.

“Aww, why can’t I drive?” I complained.

“Because I value my life,” he responded.

“Oh, that’s why.”

“But before we go, I would like to speak to Ansem alone,” DiZ said. “This is non-negotiable.”

“Fine,” I sighed. I already got what I wanted: to be able to tag along. So I gave Ansem and DiZ a couple minutes.

* * *

As Ansem watched her walk out the door, he shook his head. She sure is stubborn, he thought.

“Ansem,” DiZ got his attention back. “There’s something that you absolutely cannot tell Crystal. Otherwise it will just confuse her more and bring more questions.”

“Okay, what is it?” Ansem asked cautiously. Less questions: good. More secrets from Crystal: not so good.

“I believe that Xemnas took some of Crystal’s memories while he was inside her.”

“I think she already knows that,” Ansem told him.

“I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about memories of before,” DiZ clarified.

“Why would he do that? How could he do that?” Ansem was really confused (though he knew what he meant about “before”). How was it possible for Xemnas to take her memories? He still had no idea how Xemnas even got inside of her mind. She just attracts trouble like a magnet, he recalled telling DiZ the second time he was forced to leave her. Leave her on her own, and something’s bound to happen sooner or later.

“I plan to look into this after we stop Xemnas. For now, let’s just not discuss it in front of her,” DiZ said. “Let’s not keep her waiting.” And with that, he picked up his device and walked out the door.

“I’ll help you with that,” he replied, even though he knew DiZ couldn’t hear him.
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Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Great chapter again. I really liked the ending. What memories did Xemnas (or Mansex) take form Crystal? Why can't Ansem or Diz tell her about them? So many questions, so little time. As I said before, great job, and I look forward to the next update.


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Chapter 7: Owari, Part 1

While Ansem was driving (even though I had offered to drive multiple times), I was off in my own little world thinking about how I got here. Okay, first Heartless invaded my world, no one ever told me why, though, when there were supposedly gates up separating the worlds. Then Mr. Secrets over there picked me up and taught me stuff while multitasking, doing secret odd jobs for DiZ (whom I still have to figure out), plus making me want to kill myself, taking him down with me. After that there was a mix of hating Ansem, getting lost, almost dying, meeting people who are surprisingly worse than Ansem, battling a clown (I still shudder at clowns) who has to spell everything and be sarcastic about it, and fighting over who gets to drive. That was just in order from tolerable to downright head bashing.

“So, where are we headed?” I asked the “driver,” even though I knew very well where we were heading.

“We’re on our way to the World That Never Was,” he explained for the umpteenth time.

“Oh. Why?”

“So we can defeat Xemnas. Isn’t that what you want after what he did to you?” He looked at me curiously. He and DiZ filled me in on what exactly he did do, and apparently he could hear the entire conversation between me and Xemnas, as my body was saying what Xemnas and I were saying to each other. After that I could vaguely remember the feeling of total, utter hatred and loathing directed at Xemnas.

“Well, yeah. I was just wondering, because it feels like we’ve been in this ship for forever,” I told him. “Since I’m not driving,” I added under my breath.

He looked at his watch (which I didn’t even know he had), and sighed. “We’ve only been flying for fifteen minutes.”

I decided to drop it for the sake of his sanity.

* * *

When we landed, we ended up in this really weird, dark, scary, creepy alley. It looked like we ended up back home, to a bad part of New York or something. There was a castle, though, floating over all of the buildings, and it was beneath a heart-shaped moon that had pink dots flying towards it. I sulked as we walked out into the open, thinking about my home. DiZ had already gone ahead to go test out his device.

“I need you to be very calm and cooperative when I tell you what I’m about to tell you,” Ansem said to me when we reached what looked like a really small Times Square in New York. “Got it?”

I rolled my eyes and stopped listening after he said the phrase “I need you to be,” but I pretended like I was going to be… whatever he wanted me to be…

“Fine. Shoot,” I said boredly.

He braced himself. “I have to leave you and go ahead to do some business that I don’t want you involved in.”

I stared at him for a second, wondering if he was for real.

“What?” I asked in a small voice, almost to myself. Jerkboy over there relaxed a little and put his hands on my shoulders.

“I’m really sorry, but we have to part company for a while.” It seemed like he was trying to console a little kid who was just told they couldn’t get what they wanted. I, though, was not a little kid who was just told they couldn’t get what they wanted.

I grabbed his arms and threw him to the ground in one swift move. Then I started yelling at him like I did when he left me at Hollow Bastion, plus a few more… colorful words and phrases.

Much to my surprise, Ansem looked shocked, like he didn’t expect me to throw him off me and freak out on him.

“Look, I said I was sorry, alright,” he told me after he got up and dusted himself off. “If I didn’t have to go and do this by myself, I’d bring you along. But right now,” he sighed and looked at me (luckily, for him, he didn’t put his hands on my shoulders again), “right now I think it’s just too dangerous to have you there with me.”

“Jackass,” I muttered under my breath.


“Nothing. I understand.” Then it was my turn to sigh. “What I don’t understand, though, is why you think it’s okay to leave me all by my lonesome in a world I have no clue about, fighting Heartless and Nobodies and who knows what else, while you go off and do something secretive that I have no idea about which might not be that dangerous to me at all. And if, only if, it is really dangerous, you’ll be there covering my hide and I’ll be there able to cover your hide.” I breathed in and out deeply to calm down. I wasn’t really angry at him, I was just really scared to be left out on my own again. Axel kinda ruined it for me. Plus I thought that my flawless logic might make him let me tag along.

Of course I didn’t tell him that. No, he’d just think I was a marshmallow and prove his point tenfold. I really felt like banging my head on the wall (yeah, I get it. I do that way too much).

“Whatever,” I finally said after minutes of awkward silence. “I don’t care anymore. Do what you need to do and I’ll attempt to stay alive.” Hopefully that guilt trip will work.

“Thanks. I really appreciate it.” He turned and walked toward the floating castle under the heart-shaped moon. Or, you know, he could be totally oblivious to my guilt trip.

“You’d better,” I said to myself.

* * *

This was just like at Hollow Bastion (only I knew that I couldn’t find a place to stay for the eternal night, nor did I want to), me fighting my way through the dark and scary world (kicking everyone’s butt, I might add), only this time I was headed toward the place I wanted to be at the most and the place I couldn’t get far enough away from.

I so wanted to defeat Xemnas for what the bastard did to me, invading my privacy and whatnot, but then again, what if I’m not strong enough? What if he kills me? What if I kill him? That’d be weird, and I don’t want to die. I mentally banged my head against an invisible wall and slashed a Nobody. I was already at the castle, so I guessed there was no turning back.

“Excuse me, kupo, but I was wondering whether or not you wanted to buy and potion,” I heard behind me. I turned around cautiously and saw a moogle. He was so cute. Must... cuddle!

“Sorry, what?” I asked, mystified. I walked closer to it and tried to touch its pom-pom, but my hand went right through it. I was shocked because it looked real, sounded real (I knew that one because it kept screaming “don’t touch my pom-pom, kupo” at me), but it wasn’t real.

It must’ve sensed my surprise (or saw it, I don’t know), because it stopped yelling and told me, “Oh, I’m a hologram, kupo. Since people kept trying to hug us and touch our pom-poms, as you seem to feel the urge to do as well, we decided to go holographic.”

I blinked a couple times, taking this in, then realized that he asked me something earlier. “What did you want before?”

“I wanted to know if you wanted to buy a potion, but now I feel cheap. See, a man came along a while ago and asked me to give you something before you went inside. My friends said that I should try to sell it to you. Anyway, here it is.”

He handed me a pouch with a note attached to it (even though he was holographic).

“Aww. Ansem isn’t such a jerk after all. Thanks.” I left and looked at the note:


I looked in the pouch and saw a bottle filled with green stuff. “Huh,” I thought. “A potion maybe? He isn’t so annoying after all.” Then I looked at the note. “He has really girly handwriting, though.”

I walked into the castle and was ready to defeat Xemnas.

* * *

Meanwhile, up at the Altar of Naught, Xemnas and Saïx were having a little chat. Wimpo y Jerko.

“So you gave it to the moogle, correct?” el Jerko asked el Wimpo.

“Yes,” Saïx answered.

“And you’re sure she got it?”

“Yes,” Saïx said again.

“You’re also sure that she has never seen his handwriting before?”

“Yes.” Saïx was getting impatient. What’s with all the questions? he thought. I gave the friggin’ moogle the note. Which took me forever by the way. He wanted to tell Superior this so bad, but he valued his life (err… existence?).

Xemnas took a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and studied it. After a while he chuckled a bit and tossed the paper to Saïx. Saïx was confused… until he opened the piece of paper. Then he became very embarrassed.

“This is—!” Saïx stuttered. Xemnas began to laugh hard.

“She’s right. You do have girly handwriting,” Xemnas told him.

Saïx grew red in the face and threw the paper down as he stormed off to Addled Impasse. “We have better things to do than insult my handwriting,” he said to himself when he got there. “Sora’s loose in the castle; that no good ‘Ansem’ is on his way, with the little brat Crystal following along, no doubt; and I bet Kairi managed to slip through the space between the bars of her cell.”

“Hey! Who are you calling a little brat?!”

* * *

After I got Ansem’s letter, I made my way up the castle, fighting Nobodies the whole way (they were tougher than I remembered). I was holding in there, but I didn’t have any potions except the one Ansem gave me. Note to self: make all berserkers extinct after killing Ansem.

I refueled at some of those coolio-awesome-bright-whirly-healing-light things. Most of the time, after fighting Nobodies or thinking emo-tistically, I was cursing Ansem and made several mental notes to beat him with a rock first chance I got. At one point, being less emo, I remembered that I should probably know where the heck I was… but I didn’t have a map…

Why didn’t you warp, Crystal? We know you can do it is probably what you’re thinking right about now. So why didn’t I warp?

Reason is that I was a little bit scared (shut up. I’m very scare-able). The last time I warped, I ended up in Halloween Town, and I despise Halloween. Then I met Demyx, fought him, maybe made him cry, met Axel again, got very confused, then Ansem came to get me. Not fun. Also, I didn’t know the castle at all, so I couldn’t warp anywhere I haven’t been even if I wanted to.

“Well, someone looks hopelessly lost,” I heard above me. I hate unexpected voices. Why can’t they just introduce themselves like the rest of the voices in the worlds?

“I hate you. You know that, right?” I told Ansem.

“Really? Guess I didn’t get it the first couple million times you told me.” I looked up to where his voice was coming from and saw he was on a balcony near the ceiling.

“Meh. Where are we, anyway?” Looking around I saw there were three levels: ground level (where I was), a little balcony strip above the ground off to one side of the gigantic room we were in, and the tiny little balcony where Ansem was.

“The Hall of Empty Melodies. Stay there, I’ll be right down.”

“Oh. The Hall of Empty Melodies. How cheery.” I shook my head.

He could’ve looked for a way down, or warped… Nah, that’s too logical for him. I knew he was considering jumping down… from way up there…

“Don’t ju—!” Too late. Just as I said that, he jumped down, landed on the second floor balcony, sprung off that and landed a few meters from me.

“See? Everything’s fine,” he reassured me as he walked toward me. I was relieved he wasn’t hurt, because then I wouldn’t be able to beat him with a rock.

I whacked him upside the head (which I had to jump a little to reach). “Showoff. You could’ve just warped.” Then I smiled. We headed further up the castle, then I remembered the potion and note he gave me.

“Thanks for the potion. I haven’t used it yet.”

He seemed (operative word being “seemed.” Damn hood) confused. “I never gave you a potion.”

“Yeah you did. Remember? You gave it to the moogle out front to give to me. There was a note attached. See?” I grabbed the note out of my pocket and handed it to him. As he analyzed it, I was wondering why someone would send me a note saying it’s from Ansem.

At last he spoke. “This isn’t my handwriting. This is way too girly to be mine.” He pulled a pen from out of nowhere and wrote the same thing below the original note.



I stared at the two notes. There was no way anyone would have such girly handwriting change so dramatically, even if they tried.

“Then who gave me this?” I reached into my other pocket and showed him the potion that came with the note. Ansem looked at it for a moment then stuck it in his pocket.

“Probably the same person who wrote this note.” There’s that sarcasm that makes me wish I didn’t use it so much around him. I’ve been a really bad influence on him. “For whatever reason, though, it can’t be good. Maybe I should hold on to this.”

I sighed. “Fine. Wanna go find the guy who did this, beat him up, then go and kick Xemnas’ butt?” I didn’t wait for an answer. I headed out of The Hall of Empty Melodies further up the castle.

“You are a very violent child,” Ansem answered anyway.

* * *

Once Ansem and I got to Naught’s Approach, we saw some guy with long blue hair and a giant “X” between his eyes who was obviously with Organization XIII. Something about him made me want to take up a bow and arrow and have a short target practice (me? Violent? Why would Ansem think that?). Though I guess he didn’t see us, because he was muttering to himself angrily.

“…little brat Crystal following along; and I bet Kairi managed to slip through the bars of her cell.”

“Hey! Who are you calling a little brat!” I yelled at him. Is it some sort of sport to belittle me?? He looked really familiar, but I had no idea where I would’ve seen him before…

He looked like I hit him with a rock or a stick or something (which I wasn’t opposed to doing, but there weren’t any rocks, and the only thing that I had that resembled a stick was my sword… Well…). He stared at me for a second, not comprehending, when Ansem shot him with an energy ball (like the one I accidentally destroyed DiZ’s wall with), then pinned him against the wall. Geez, and I thought I had a temper. Only one problem with Ansem’s plan: the guy can warp through walls.

“Aw, crap. He can warp too,” I said. Then I noticed that there were two girls standing a little ways off… staring at us. They had the crappiest fighting stance ever. One had brown hair and was wearing pink clothing (I think she was also asking the other girl if the guy had just called her anorexic). The other one had blonde hair and plain white dress-thing on. I wasn’t even going to bother fighting them.

“Come on. Maybe we can catch him,” I told Ansem. We were well on our way to catching the guy, who so rudely called me a brat, when the blonde one relaxed. Worse: she spoke.

“Nice to see you again… Riku,” she told Ansem calmly. The brown haired girl looked shocked for a minute, and, call me overly jealous, I got pissed off.

“Who’s Riku?” I asked Ansem, wanting some answers as to why this girl called him Riku, and how they know each other (though with all the secret missions, I shouldn’t be surprised).

But no one pays attention to me, let alone gives me what I want.

The brown haired, pink one came up to him and put his hood down. And he let her!!! When I first met him, I could never get him to lower his hood, but there she is, lowering Ansem’s hood, with him letting her, while I was standing off to the side, very confused and morbidly curious about whether or not they had a “history.” As if it wasn’t weird enough. Ansem looked like he was ashamed about her looking at him. (Inside he must’ve loved having three girls around him, with one being obnoxiously jealous).

“And let’s go,” I tried to coax Ansem into the warp hole I opened. “Away. To find the blue-haired jerk. Um… like, now-ish.” I got halfway in the hole, waiting for Ansem to leave the other two and follow me…

Which he almost did. As he walked towards me, a goofy looking dog came out of nowhere and made him back off. He looked at me then looked away, as if to say “I’m not going.”

“Fine. Guess I’ll catch up with you later.” And I went.

* * *

This time I actually ended up in the same world. I was in Proof of Existence. To me it looked like a graveyard with lights. There must’ve been about twelve lights: three were blue and the rest were red. There were also pictures of weapons on the squares of light, and I recognized a few. I saw Demyx’s sitar (stupid coward), whatever the heck Axel uses, and two crossed Keyblades.

I was really confused about the Keyblades (which were lit blue), because I thought there was only one Keyblade and it was in the tender-lovin’ care of Sora. Then I saw that there were two doors over blue-lit squares. Before I go on, let me tell you that curiosity sucks and you should never ever give in to it (unless it’s something you absolutely have to know about).

I was stupid and walked through one of the doors, ending up in Addled Impasse. It was a closed-in room with one huge wall made up of mostly windows. This room was ginormous, making the people in it look like action figures. In front of me were four people… actually, there were two people, me, and upright animals in clothing. I wanted to do a face-palm; the people in the room were Sora, Donald, Goofy, and the jerkhead from before.

I was also a little bit (microscopically) happy. Number two on my List of People Whose Butt I Must Kick (aka, blue-haired guy) and the Amazingly Dumb Trio (in retrospect, not so dumb) was there. It was like Halloween and… well, I don’t hate any other holiday so much as to diss it, so just Halloween.

Payback time. I put my hood up and strode up to Blue-Haired Guy, startling everyone.

“Who are you?” Sora asked me, cutting Blue-Haired Guy off from what appeared to be an insanely boring rant. I didn’t say anything; I wanted to watch them figure it out. So I just stood there, arms crossed… waiting…

…And waiting…

……And waiting……

………Okay, too boring.

“Give up yet?” I asked finally.

Oooohhhhhhhh!” everyone exclaimed at once. I did a face-palm.

“You interrupted my evil ranting,” Blue-Haired guy pouted.

“Whatever,” I told him dismissively. “What’s his name again?” I asked Sora. He looked at me like I was crazy, but answered anyway.


“Cool. Thanks.” Then I turned to Saïx. He stared at me with an “I’m not scared of you” sort of look on his face. Feeling angry at the incredibly rude comment he made earlier, the fact that he ran, and the way he was smirking like he was all superior (plus, you know, the whole “he’s in the Organization” thing), I summoned the sword Ansem gave me (I am not calling him Riku unless it’s confirmed by him) and went into my fighting stance.

“Wanna help me beat him?” I asked Sora.

He laughed a bit.

The fight only lasted a few minutes, plus Sora, Donald, and Goofy helped. We beat him. It’s just what I wanted. Little fact I didn’t know prior to this: beat a Nobody up with the Keyblade and they will die. More like fade into nonexistence, but still. Ceasing to be is ceasing to be.

“Kingdom Hearts,” Saïx gasped, reaching toward the heart-shaped moon, “why?” Then he dissolved into darkness, turning into black, purple, and pink smoke. I fell on my knees, every thought and emotion except shock gone.

“Uh, come on. Let’s go,” Sora told me, trying to get me to walk back to Proof of Existence. I could tell that Sora, Donald and Goofy were concerned about me, but I guess they still didn’t trust me after our last encounter. Oh well. Can’t have everything.

“No thanks. You guys can go.” I waved them away and just stayed on the ground. After I felt them leave, I cried a bit. When the tears were reduced to heavy shudders, I walked out of Addled Impasse.

* * *

After I left Proof of Existence, I didn’t really feel like kicking Xemnas’ butt. Sure, he had done some very unforgivable things to me, but if getting rid of him meant killing him, like I did to Saïx, then I wasn’t so sure I wanted to. I had never killed anything in my life (not mentioning the 4 squirrels, 7 bunnies, and 2 birds during Driver’s Ed), and killing two people in the same day sounds so nauseating. I still couldn’t get the image of Saïx dissolving into darkness, reaching out for Kingdom Hearts, out of my head.

Geez, this world is so unfair.

“Ansem, wait!” Sora shouted. Where was I, how the hell did I get here, and why was Sora calling for Ansem?

1) I had looped back to the topmost section of The Hall of Empty Melodies, where Ansem was before.

2) I must’ve gotten up here when I was thinking about Saïx and Xemnas. I need to start paying attention to where I’m going. I’m surprised I didn’t walk into a wall or something.

3) Why is Sora calling Ansem? Well, let’s find out.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Ansem, and the brown haired girl from before were standing on the little balcony in the middle section of the wall. Ansem was getting ready to leave via dark portal, but Brown-Haired girl was holding onto him (floozy).

Sad part is: I could hardly hear anything, which kind of pissed me off because I wanted to hear what the hell they were saying (damned curiosity and mood).

I could tell that this might take a while, so I sat down, put up my hood, and strained to hear.

“Riku,” Sora said, falling to his knees. I could tell that I had missed a big chunk of the conversation. “I looked everywhere for you. I tried so hard, but I couldn’t find you.”

“I didn’t want to be found,” Ansem (fineRiku) replied, looking at himself. “Not like this.” His voice changed when he said this; he sounded younger, like 15 or 16, and I really like the sound of it (though this made me much more confused than I already was).

Sora was crying at this point. So that makes the apology and crying; has this boy no testosterone?

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Donald exclaimed, pointing at me. Then they all turned to stare at the intruder: me. I pointed at myself, like “Oh, you mean me?” Everyone except Ansem (fineRiku) nodded. He just looked amused; his hood was down for once. I stood up and jumped down onto the opposite end of the balcony from where they were.

“You’re from before, aren’t ya?” Goofy asked in a, well, goofy way.

“Which time?” I asked him.

“That one time, before.”

That last time?”

“No, the time before that.”

“Oh, you mean that one time before last after the second time?” I smiled under my hood.

“Uh…” Goofy scratched his head.

“Okay, you’re done,” Riku told me, interrupting my fun.

“Fine,” I said sadly, while lowering my hood.

“Yeah, you’re definitely from before!” Goofy exclaimed excitedly. Donald sighed.

“So, um, what are you doing here?” Riku asked me.

“I could ask you the same thing, Riku,” I replied. He could obviously tell that I was going to give him hell if he didn’t give me a straight answer.

* * *

“No, you’re not,” Sora told Brown-Hair, crossing his arms.

Donald, Goofy, Riku, and I all scooted out of the way, and stood about five feet straight back from the middle of them.

Brown-Hair put her hands on her hips. “You are not leaving me behind again. If you and Riku get lost, like last time, I’ll be with you.”

“But, it’s dangerous, and there’ll be danger… and it’ll be hard!” Sora exclaimed, grasping for excuses.

“I know there’ll be danger, and I can help, if you think it’s going to be hard,” she said matter-of-factly.

“But I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“You mean: you don’t want me in the way, right?”

Ooh, she had him beat.

“Fine,” Sora sighed. “You can come.”

“Thank you.”

But, you have to leave when I tell you to.”


Sora looked like he was going to tear his spiky hair out.

“I’m trying to negotiate!” he shouted.

“And I’m going to stay by your side no matter what,” Brown-Hair told him calmly. I’m guessing Sora knew that she was coming one way or another, so he gave up.

“Nice job,” I said to Brown-Hair, walking up to her, standing next to her.

“Thanks. Who are you?”

“Crystal. Nice to meet you.”

“Kairi. Same.”

“So what’s his story?” I asked while pointing at Riku.


“Let’s go fight Xemnas, shall we?” Riku cut her off, pointing to the exit.

“Okay. Whatever,” I said, walking past him. “You are so giving me an explanation when this is over. And something shiny. Like Edward.”

I heard a groan behind me. Then, “What’s an ‘edward’?”
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