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"Twilight Wanderers"



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Jul 15, 2005
I'll leave that up to your imagination...
*Wow I haven't been on here in a while! Well, here it goes!*

It's been a year since the Keyblade Wars have started, and already the members of the organization of XIII have taken over many worlds. Thankfully for Sora, he's gained some valuable help from a new organization called the "Twilight Wanderers". This order was formed to fight against the XIII, but Sora wonders can he really trust them....

*Note- The Twilight Wanderers should be limited to 13 members please for plot reasons, but other characters are allowed besides that.
Also, all members should have a keyblade, but you may also have another weapon if you want.



My Template:

Name: Ryu
Weapon: two keyblades- one dark named "Ruins" and the other light named "Salvation"
Appearance: shoulder-length black hair and green eyes with a black cloak
Personality: Mysterious in every way and speaks little. Although he doesn't talk much he does give wise advise.
Biography: Not much is known about Ryu to the others. But he is the leader of the Twilight Wanderers. It's said that he wants his own personal revenge on the XIII, but even that's not confirmed as true.

Name: Aira
Weapon: white keyblade with gold streaks on it named "Destiny"
Appearance: Light purple hair about waist length with purple eyes. She wears a long white dress with a white ribbon in her hair.
Personality: Sweet and kind, she is very determined.
Biography: Aira lost her memory about a year ago when the Keyblade Wars started and she was found in the woods tortured nearly to death. One of the Twilight Wanderers found her and they made her the 13th member. Now she follows them thankful for her life being saved.

*Okay, sorry about making two of my characters being in the Twilight Wanderers but there are still eleven more spots to be taken and I figure that's good enough. BTW: I would appreciate it if someone wanted to be Sora:) thx