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Lit ► Turkisss World: The Flying Liar by Ken Selwonk

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Jul 15, 2007
That first word in the title is spelled correctly everyone.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way let me explain to you what this is. Turkisss World: The Flying Liar is a children's novel released back in September I believe. Most of you probably just clicked out of here once I said "children's novel" because most of you aren't children. I understand. I'm 18 so neither am I. The reason I got the book is because the author is a friend of mine. I graduated from high school with him last year and if ya'll knew him then you would know he is an interesting fellow and the book would be interesting read.

Sure enough, it was. Its a nice short read. 16 chapters (plus a prolouge) and 124 pages. The world of Turkisss is a world he made when he was younger and him and his friends would pretend to be there and play and adventure in it. As they grew up, his friends did not want to play anymore (I didn't know him at that point in his life), but he was still interested in types of imaginary games like that. This as well as many other influences ranging from video games, movies, art, music, and books expanded his artistic abilities. He is a writer, artist, and musician (death metal mostly). Turkisss World is going to be a series of books. He already has another in the works right now. Not sure when its gonna be done though.

Turkisss is a continent containing five different countries. Turkisss is in a G, C, or e type of shape. The five countries are: Aswin, the Endless Forest, Serrcerress, the Great Desert, Darlock, the Haunted Swamp, Glacia, the Mysterious Tundra, and Valkuriss, the Magician's Playground. Not all of the countries are visited in this book. I believe only two are. The people of Turkisss worship a deity named Toorchar who lives in the Ocean. Lastly, everyone in Turkisss (and I would suppose on all the other continents as well) have colorful lights surrounding their bodies called Lerils which express different emotions. Blue is happiness, content, or calmness. Red is rage. Green is sickness, discomfort, or unease. Yellow is confusion or disorder. Orange is anxiety, excitement, or worry. Pink is love, weightlessness, or shyness. Mixed colors represent mixed colors. When lerils vibrate or shake it means that person is lying. Thicker Lerils mean the person is intelligent and/or expressive while thinner Lerils mean that person is physically fit. If a person's Lerils are fading or have disappeared it means they are dying or they aren't feeling anything. Most of that is covered in the prologue so I'm not spoiling anything really.

You can buy this book from xlibrisbookstore.com, amazon, and I think Barnes and Noble. My friend isn't going to college (he feels he has enough abilities and thoughts to get him through) so every dollar would help to be honest. I'm hoping ya'll will like this book if you actually decide to buy it. If you have a younger cousin or niece of nephew who is young then buy it for them. I bet they will like it. Its around 15 to 20 buck.
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