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Traditional Media Rules

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Aug 6, 2004
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Lost in my own Daydreams; or a Box. :/
As always, rules are rules and we need 'em.

Do not steal. I repeat: DO NOT STEAL. Stealing is when you go and take a piece you found and claim it as your own. Stealing will open you up to many many many different flames, and finally a closing of your thread. :/

When you look at a piece of art, and decide to rate or comment, use CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. This is most often referred to as CC. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is when you look at it and find ways to help the artist. This isn't required, but is instead suggested and rather helpful. >^.^< Also, try and rate the pic. Don't have to if you don't want to.

Do not flame.
"That sucks" or "You're awful" are flames. If it's a bad picture, then give them some tips to help...or just don't post. :/ I'm sure you're familiar with the saying "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Well, it applies here. If you can't help flaming, just don't post. It makes everyone's life a little bit easier and a little bit happier if you don't flame. -.-

If you need help on how to put an image here in the FanArt area, refer the this link: http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=28272 It's on putting pics in your sig, but it works the same way. You get a hosting site but instead of going to Edit Sig, you go to here and make a new thread.

Graphics (like the tags in my signature), wallpapers (the stuff on your desktop), and music videos all belong in the graphics area, not here. Even if the picture in them is art drawn by you, it belongs in graphics. :/

Don't double post. And don't double up topics. If you have three pictures, instead of putting three threads, make one thread with all three pictures. Makes the place cleaner. ^^;
Another thing. If you have a lot of pictures, then put them as links. Don't put three pictures in one post, post, then post again with another three pictures. Put the links in instead of images.

Don't spam. One word in one post, is...well, spam. :/ Don't do it. =D If your post is considerably off-topic, I'll delete it. Which means no random tangents. O-o

Don't post art that isn't yours even if you give credit. It was allowed AT ONE TIME, but not now. People have been posting only art that is other people's, and it's getting annoying. From now on you are to ONLY post art that is YOURS. As in YOU drew it. The ONLY time that you can post another person's art is if you have copied and wish to show the original. That is the ONLY exception.

No reviving dead threads. A thread is considered dead if it hasn't been posted in for at least three months. If you do, your post is deleted (as well as ones after it) and the thread is closed. THE ONLY PERSON ALLOWED TO REVIVE A DEAD THREAD IS THE ARTIST (THAT IS, THE CREATOR) OF THAT THREAD. No one else. Artists, you can't double post though. o-o So be careful as to whether or not you post, cause you may want to return that thread and post a new piece of art

No inappropriate images. If it shows nudity: it's inappropriate. Too much gore (like some kid's head is cut off and it's nasty enough to make one throw up) is inappropriate. Yes, fighting and such is allowed...so long as it's kept PG-13. PG-13 is the key word here
Since I'm positive someone's going to ask about shonen-ai/Yaoi and shoujo-ai/Yuri, I'll clear it up right now. It's allowed. Again, so long as it follows the PG-13 thing, but it is allowed...don't flame them.

Since people have been complaining about the shounen-ai/Yaoi and shoujo-ai/Yuri, I'm going to ask that those who do post it put a warning in the title. Something that allows the clicker to know what they're doing. And since I'm sure some people don't know what they are..

Shounen-ai: A boy and a boy. Together. Holding hands. Perhaps kissing. It's the light stuff. Yaoi is the harder stuff and can even go up to actual sex and such. Yaoi is generally not allowed. :/

Shoujo-ai: A girl and a girl. Together. Holding hands. Perhaps kissing. It's the light stuff. Yuri is the harder stuff and can even go up to actual sex and such. Yuri is generally not allowed.

You are allowed to post original artworks! The art you put up does not have to be related to a game of any sort, so please don't be shy about putting in original pieces here! Many of our artists encourage it and we love to look at them! You are also allowed to request a picture in this forum, just make a thread asking for artists to make you a picture. Many of our artists will be thrilled to make the picture for you.
Thanks again.

Finally, have fun. As always, if any of ya mods have something to say or edit, knock yourselves out.
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